Fall Party Game Ideas for Family Gatherings (FUN FOR ALL AGES | Part 1)

hello friends are you ready for fall and
Halloween party games this is part one of a four-part series hi my name is Shawn
if we haven’t met before I am a mom of two who had a full time job planning fun
events for kids and now I stay at home and have fun with my family with my 2
year old and my 11 year old and yes today I have 4 fall themed party games
for you to play with your kids at your fall themed party so let’s jump into
today’s video here we go to play these games you are going to need some maple
leaves like these I bought at my local Michaels craft store a pumpkin we used
this fake pumpkin but it would be even more fun with a very large real pumpkin
mini pumpkins game number one is called maple leaf
tag you are going to need your maple leaves go ahead and put tape on the back
of maple leaves probably three or four leaves per person would do you can
play this game is fun with as many as three or more people the more people you
have playing the more fun it is here my husband and son are demonstrating this
game we stuck three maple leaves on their back and the goal was to see who
could capture the most maple leaves off the back of people in a certain amount
of time the person who collects the most maple leaves by the end of the game
wins that game for the second game you are going to need your mini pumpkins
one pumpkin per player place that pumpkin on each player’s foot and their
goal is to see who can race to get the pumpkin to the finish line whoever does
this the fastest is the winner the pumpkin falls off your foot and you have
to start back at the beginning game number three is called ring the
scarecrow you’re gonna need a hula-hoop for this game as well as a scarecrow go
ahead and put your scarecrow in the ground and see if players can take the
hula-hoop and ring the scarecrow it’s a lot harder then you think but a lot
of fun game number 4 is called pumpkin pass
here’s where you’re going to need your large pumpkin and a lot of players the more players
you have the more fun this game is divide your players into two teams give
each team one pumpkin the goal is to pass the pumpkin from one end of the
line to the other by passing it over your head and a team who does this and
the fastest is the winner I look forward to seeing you in my next three fall
Halloween videos if they are already up I will link them in the description box
down below if not they are coming I’m gonna pop a video or right here for you
to watch knit thumbs up it’s the best compliment you can give me subscribe if
you want to hang out with me more see you my next video thanks

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  1. Looks like fun worth fall___ing for lol
    Jk super cute ideas ❤️❤️❤️ that Charlie Brown broll!!!! Cuuutttteeeeeee

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