Fall Treats | DIY Autumn Party Food Ideas

[MUSIC PLAYING] -Hey everyone, we’re
Bailey and Brooklyn, and today we are going
to do a fall treat video. Cause, yay, it’s
finally fall and we’re super excited for
the changing leaves, and the candles
and the pumpkins. -And the Halloween parties. -Yes, Halloween is one
of our favorite days. Yes, so for our next
few videos, we’re going to dedicate them
to Halloween and fall. -So today, we’re going
to be showing you how to make some of our
favorite fall treats. -To start, we’re just
going to show you how to make these cute
orange pumpkin drinks. -The first supply you need
is an orange soda bottle, a black Sharpie to
draw your pumpkin face, and some thin, green ribbon
to tie around the top so that it kind of looks
like the pumpkin stem. And then just a
basic pair of fabric scissors to cut your ribbon. -You’re just going to want
to take the wrapper off of your orange soda, take
your black Sharpie marker, and draw your weird pumpkin
face where the wrapper was. And the model for
my pumpkin face is actually going
to be you Bailey. -Why thank you, I’m
so honored to be the model for your pumpkin face. [LAUGHTER] -We are finally done
drawing our faces. -Here comes the revealing
moment, there it is. -There is your face Bailey. -I’m so beautiful. Looks so good. -Now you’re just going to
want to take your green ribbon and tie it in a knot
underneath the lid. -Did anybody else notice
that I kind of look like a candy corn today? -Just sayin’. You’ll just want to take
your fabric scissors and cut the extra ends off,
leaving a tiny bit hanging out. -And there you have it. You have your cute
orange pumpkin drinks. -For our next
treat, we are going to be making these
adorable fall acorn snacks. For your supplies, you’re going
to need some Hershey chocolate kisses, Nutter Butter bites,
and some normal sized chocolate chips. -Mm, yummy snacks. -To start off, you’re going to
take one of your Nutter Butter crackers. And you are also going to want
to take your Hershey kisses and dip that into a bowl
of melted chocolate chips. This acts as kind of
a makeshift frosting. And you’re going to press
this against the bottom side of your Nutter Butter
and you’re going to want to hold it there for
about five to ten seconds. After you’ve held
it there, you’re next going to take one of your
normal sized chocolate chips, and you are also going to dip
this into the melted chocolate chips. And then you’re just
going to press this to the opposite side
of your Nutter Butter. -Peanut butter and chocolate,
who doesn’t love that, right? -Exactly -And now we have finished
our squirrely fall treat. -Hope you enjoyed
our fall treat video, be sure to go check us out
on Twitter @BrookAndBailey, not BrooklynAndBailey, because
that’s too many letters, but BrookAndBailey, and
we’ll see you next week. -Bye. -See ya. [MUSIC PLAYING] -Chugging contest? Let’s see who can
drink it fastest. -I’m going to finish drink–
I’ve never done this before, only ever seen it in the movies. -Ready? -Oh boy. -Set. Go. -Burning sensation. -I win. -Burning. A lot.

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