Family Dinner

Daughter: Hey Mom and Dad, can Griffin come over Dad: Daughter, you know the rule, you’re not allowed to have boys come over until you reach a cer- Cheryl: Yes. Griffin can come over. Daughter: Thanks Mom Dad: Cheryl, I think we should talk about this first… Cheryl: I think we should talk about this! *Collective gasp from Dad and Daughter.*

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  1. Dad your playdad mag has been found oh no ! Mom's so mad she farted…… never farts at the table……….

  2. Why does she want what she want and not following the parent's rules carefully? Yes of course there's going to be negativity, but there's always positivity to handle things from every situation like this, also it's a magazine and there should never be secrets, not unless it's necessary for privacy and a good reason to live than giving information away so someone can take it or use it to be negative. Depends on trust and always how social to be including that you don't know what to experience. If it's wrong, stop it, but if it's not a big deal or if your struggling about it. Talk about it together as family including to the daughter.

  3. hello I from korea Your video very good byebye like and subbed sorry I am 12 years old because I well not speak Eglish

  4. The book isnt the problem. Eating no name brand cranberry sauce for dinner is the problem! How do you have the strength?

  5. Hm, this is definitely a True Value magazine Dad has been irresponsibly buying from. That’s why Mom made a decision without Dad! It was to get back for him doing the same.

  6. This is scary as fuck knowing that you’re adding Nathan Barnett’s face to Dad, weirrdddd dark web level weird. Are the women’s faces fake too!?!?

  7. Yikes, Sounds like a bad situation dad. Thanks for carpooling with me the other day. See you at the corporation!

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  9. So is dad trying to enforce the age restriction rules, but Mom(YouTube) puts a stop to it? I mean, it's not exactly hard for kids to bypass the age restrictions. Mother Google can't be that bothered

  10. Why does Mom not listen to Dad? Why did Mom tell Daughter 'yes' when Dad said 'no'? We would never disobey Dad! We love you, Dad!

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