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– [Mom] Good job! – Just want my water. (laughing) – Who’s gonna carry their
drink around like that? – I want it shaken… (laughing) Not stirred. (laughing) (upbeat music) – Hi guys, welcome back to… – The You Tube Family! – Wahoo! – And we are The Adventurers! (laughing) – And today we’re going
to find out how many ways we can hold cups or glasses. What? So, David saw this on Bored Panda and thought we should try it. I’m a little nervous. – We’re gonna be recreating some photos. – Instagram photos of
people trying to hold cups in different ways
– Oh, yeah. – So, you want me to do the first one to give you guys an
example of how it’s done? Sure.
– Well, that’s the first one. – Alright, so, the first one… – Here’s the photo! Okay, now Dad’s gonna recreate it. – Okay, so the first one is they’re holding it just by the top. – [Group] Ohh. – [Jordan] Okay, that’s… – [Mom] Don’t drop that
or that glass is broken! – [Jordan] That would
be so stressful for me. – [Mom] Who can do that? How many people can do that? Who can break the glass on the counter? – Ty no don’t try it. – [Mom] I just hope the. I hope it doesn’t break. – It’s gonna break. – My turn. (mumbling) – [Group] Whoa! – [Mom] Okay not too
high, not too high man. – I’m sorry. – [Mom] Can you do it? – Wait, can you use your thumb? – Yeah you can use your whole hand. No! – [Mom] No! – Not your whole thumb just put the cup in your hand.
– Did you use your thumb? I can’t remember if you did. Okay who wants to go first? – Me! – [Mom] Okay Ty you try the second one. – So you just put your hand in?
– You have to drink the water. – [Dad] Just stick your hand in. – [Jordan] Okay now drink the water. – Wait I have to drink it? – [Mom] No. Could you imagine trying to drink that? How awkward. Oh you can. Oh okay! Who else wants a sip? – Not me, I’m not doing it. – [Mom] Okay next up. – This I feel like you’re so fancy. – Here it is. Here is me and here is Instagram.
(bing) – I feel like you have to
be so fancy to do that, you’re like, “Ooh I just
want a sip of water.” – Take a sip. – I’m a whiz. I just want my water
– That is so awkward. (laughing) (bing) – [Mom] All right. Bye guys. (laughing) – [Mom] Upside down thumb. – That is the most awkward
way to hold the cup ever. – [Mom] We need glasses. – That’s easy – [Mom] Okay so that’s easy. Let’s move on to the next one. Oh this one we don’t have
yet but we will get it later towards the end so if you
want to see that you have to hang around til the end of the video. All righty guys who wants to try this challenge next?
– Meee!!! – [Mom] You guys want
to try it upside down? – I do not want to do
it cause as soon as… Cause they could trap you. As soon as it’s on your
hand you can’t move. Cause if you move all the
water goes everywhere. – [Mom] Oh you’re doing plastic with them? – Of course Mom. – [Mom] Ummm, lets remove my phone. Upside down, upside down. Yeah, and look it’s not leaking it’s not spilling.
– [Dad] It can’t leak. – [Mom] Let’s just set it down. Ty it’s going to be all over your clothes.
– Can you just grab it? – [Mom] You want to sit in a chair? – It’s leaking! – [Mom] His hands… – [Jordan] It’s leaking! – [Mom] Maybe his hands are too little. – My turn. – [Jordan] Okay try it. (mumbling) – [Dad] Just put a seal
over it and flip it over. – [Mom] Okay now bring it to us. Can you hold it? He’s got it guys! He’s got it Look at that! (bing) Amazing! Good job Jake! Who else wants to try that? Jordan I think you’re up. – [Jordan] The master! I’m the master. – [Mom] This is pretty good guys. – Watch this. – [Mom] Ah! Wow so impressive. – What? You’re dripping water.
– It’s leaking. – I’m totally… It’s not leaking. – [Mom] Oh that’s what it’s supposed to do.
– Don’t – Pay attention! – [Mom] It’s bubbles. Oh maybe she’s got it. – Now you’ve figured it out. – Don’t pay attention. – Jordan! – [Mom] She’s got it, she’s got it! – [Dad] Where you going? – Toodles! (screaming) – [Mom] Next up, we
have the one for David. Can David do this one? – Oh yeah! I can’t do it because
I have a dress, so… – [Mom] And Ty has no
pockets, Jake has no pockets. I have pockets but
there’s not gonna be room in my pockets for a drink.
– Okay! – Here’s the T. Girl pockets in jeans
are not even real pockets cause they don’t hold anything so like that’s not gonna work
– No way! (mumbles) – [Mom] Sooo! Oh you filled it with ice. – That’s what the picture shows. – [Mom] Does it show with ice? – So I’m using mom’s Hamilton cup. If this doesn’t work I’m
going to be super wet. – [Mom] That’s my Hamilton cup by the way. (laughing) (bing) – [Mom] Okay! – [Jordan] Oh yeah! – [Mom] Who seriously
does that though like “Hey I need to get my drink
and my burger and my fries. Oh I can’t hold all this
– Here. – [Mom] Let me just carry
my drink in my pocket. Really? Oh my gosh! I double dog dare you to
walk around town like that. I dare you to go shopping
– He sat down. – I’m going to go get the mail.
– In the mall. – Follow me. – [Mom] Well nobody’s out there. That’s not a dare. I want you to go shopping in the mall. – I’ll be like… – [Mom] Just walk around
and see how many people are pointing at it and worried. – I want it shaken. (laughing) – Not stirred. (laughing) – [Mom] Oh my god! Can you imagine if you
just acted normal like at an amusement park and
walked around with that? – [Jake] Oh man! – [Mom] That would be hilarious. Okay next one. Oh this is a really awkward one. Who want to try this
– Me! – [Mom] This is a paper cup – [Boy] Me. – [Mom] Oh wait. How are you going to walk with that like?
– You got to put your hands backward. Here you try it.
– I can’t do that. – [Mom] Well I don’t know what their… Oh my gosh! Their hand is like out.
– Their hand. – My hand don’t bend that way. (laughing) – What? – [Jordan] You have to be double jointed. – What? – You gotta like, go like that. – My hand doesn’t bend that way.
– Look Jordan’s doing it. – [Jordan] Not really I need to get my thumb over somehow.
– You all look scared. – [Mom] Jordan can do it! Yaaah!
– What? – [Mom] It looks so freaking weird. – [Jordan] Ah I can’t. You have to be like double jointed. Like if my hand was like this a bit more, then I’d be able to do it. But it’s not… Mine isn’t very double jointed. – [Dad] That looks weird. The angle you’re doing
that on makes it look like your hand is like literally backwards. That’s so weird.
– I can’t grab it! – [Mom] Ewwww! – [Jordan] I can’t grab it. – Can you do it? – [Dad] Can anybody do it? Nobody’s double jointed?
– Nobody else can. – [Mom] All righty. Let’s try another one. – [Jordan] No! – [Mom] That’s not planned. You’re doing it backwards. – [Jordan] These fingers – [Dad] You can’t. – [Jordan] And move it like that. – [Dad] It doesn’t do that. – [Mom] Okay this guy has
a whole bunch of ways. – [Jordan] So, um. – [Mom] Can you hold it
with your two hands out. – [Dad] Wait. – Pinkies up. Can you get it towards
you like you were going to take a drink? Oh my goodness. (ding) Oh my goodness. (slurp) – Okay yep you can. Can you do this one now? On top, go. Oh my goodness. – [Dad] And bring it up. – [Mom] Oh my goodness, it’s shaking. It’s a shakin’. (bing) (laughing) – Okay how bout this one? A double stack one. He’ll pick that up, that’s… (bing) – [Jordan] Easy! – [Group] Easy, easy. – Okay let me try this one. Because I’m wearing the hoodie. – [Dad] Oh there you go. – Oh yeah, just flip it upside down. – [Jordan] Uh oh! If this goes wrong. – I know, I’ll be soaked. Like this is not cool. He at least has a lid on his. (laughing) – Just thought of a neat idea. – Oh gosh. – [Jordan] This could go bad guys.
– What if somebody just goes – “Hey!” – No don’t. Okay, why is my shirt not. (giggling) – [Dad] You gotta hold it. (screaming)
(ding) – [Dad] Good, now take a drink. You’ll let that on Instagram.
– What if I had a straw? He had a straw. (giggling) – Here I could just
walk around and be like “Hey got my drink.” I gotta walk very, very careful.
– Until somebody goes. – Until somebody goes… – That’s scary. – Hey! – Next one. – I don’t feel good. – Okay. – I got this one. Oh! – Jordan’s got this one. It’s… (laughing) – Basically… – Why’d I volunteer for this one?
– Take this one – And suction it to your face. – I can do that. – No! – Put a little bit of water in it though. Put a little water in it.
– Why out of all of them – did I choose this one? Hey you said.
– I didn’t eve like think. – I don’t know, I wasn’t
even thinking and then… I didn’t even know what it was
until after I said that so… (laughing) Okay.
– Wanna put water in that one? – There is water, look. – All right let’s see. Oh don’t want to wet my phone.
– Real deal water. – I just wiped that up. – Well there you go. Hey, my question is. – And then you have to take my phone.
– I don’t think my face – is big enough for this cup. There’s a hole at the
bottom between my chin and my neck so I don’t know
if this is going to work but I’m going to try it. – Well her chin and everything’s in there. You just have to like… – Bwip! (laughing) – I don’t know what she’s doing now hold my phone.
(screaming) – It got down my shirt. (laughing) (screaming) – The girl in the picture she’s just like casually playing on her
phone, watching t.v. and have her drink. – This is cold water. – [ Jake] I’m going to
do it with this cup. – Okay. (ding) – And hold my phone. (camera clicking) – Like “Oh I’m just…” (laughing) – I can only hold it for so long. – Jake’s got it with that paper cup.
– Wow! It’s hard because
– That was hard. – This this a heavier cup. Okay who wants the next one? – Me! – This one’s a little bit freaky because you’re
– Me! – Just like reaching your
hand in and using the back of your fingers to… – Of this? – Grasp it and pull it up.
– I got it. – Like this? – [Dad] Okay, Jake’s gonna try it. – Oh, he got it.
(ding) – This is like never easy. – [Mom] Like that. – [Dad] Yeah but let’s
see you drink out of it with your hand in it. – Ohhh! – Who’s gonna carry their
drink around like that? Like hey I just wanna
– You! – Get a drink and stick
my dirty hand in a… – No If you’re in a
rush and you’re like… Here’s a scenario. You’re like “I gotta hurry into the car. First grab the drink.” Go!! – That’s great, you can drink. – Run! And then you don’t have
to worry about it spilling because you’re hand is
protecting it and like providing a cover over the water. Of course you’re just gonna spill.
– Of course you’re never – Gonna want to drink out of that. Eww. – I didn’t drink anything. – Give me the heebee jeebies. Okay.
– What’s the next one? – Next one is the soda can challenge. – Oh no! – Oh this his hard because this is really full.
– Can I do it? – I’m going to dump a little
bit out cause that’s like… – It just has water in it. It’s recycled. – That’s really full. So all their doing is taking their finger – [Ty] Okay. (ding) – [Mom and Ty] And hold that up. – Oh mom, looks like this is easy. – Ty’s got it. Good job. – I want to do it. – Good job. – Can you drink with it like that though?
– Yeah. – I could but – What are you doing? – I could but I don’t want to. – Well you were out in the
sun too long sun bathing on the beach and the
palms of your hands got little bit sunburned. (mumbling) – You’re just going to use your finger to drink your cold drink. – Ow, I’ve been sunburned. – Let me just take a drink. – But I still want a sip of water. (giggling) – Or soda. – I’m going to try to drink out of it. – That’s so awkward. – And dirty water. You got it. Okay so the next one is
this girl who is using the force of her pinky
power to pick up a glass. (ding)
– Oh boom shaka laka! – Pinky power You guys got it. I though that would be really hard. – It’s actually not as hard as you think. – [Mom] I want to try. – [Jordan] It’s actually not that bad. That isn’t bad.
– See? – It’s like… – It’s pretty natural now drink out of it. – What is that, gravitational pull? (woop) – It’s just like your natural gravitational pull.
– Well no it’s just like – Your forcing, your just… – Gravitational pull. Or gravitational pull.
– I’m trying – to get scientific here. It works. – But isn’t gravity something that pulls it down and your… – What is going on with this guy? It’s like it’s a floating cup. Can you make the cup
look like it’s floating? – Yeah you want to see this? It’s right here. – How… Wait, not just take a cup. – Like this. I think he went like this. I think he went like this.
– No. – He’s like. (screaming) – You’re going to do
a freeze frame, ready? – Abracadabra! – Ready, ready. – What on earth. How do you? – All right I’m going to try it. Here we go. (ding)
(gasping) – [Jordan] Yes we won! – Hurry, hurry, hurry. I can’t hold it much longer. (screaming) – [Mom] How are you doing that? How are you making the cup
– Let me do it one more time. – You ready? Ahhh! – [Jordan] Whoa! – [Mom] Whoa guys, it’s
literally floating. (screaming) – [Mom] How? – I don’t know, that’s crazy. – [Mom] How did he do that? Can you guys do that? – My best time I’ve done is this. And you can freeze frame it okay? – [Mom] Freeze frame. Freeze frame. (laughing) – [Mom] It’s not working. Jake can you get it to gravitational pull? – One second. – [Jordan] Gravitational pull? What is with you and gravitational pull?
– Oh I don’t know. – [Mom] Maybe I thought
he was just using… – I can make it gravitational pull. (laughing) – [Mom] Nice, okay. – Okay what’s next. – [Mom] That was hard. Next one is this guy just
casually having his drink and on his phone. But he’s just like awkwardly
holding the cup like… (spilling) (gasping) – [Jake] Mom. – [Mom] Can’t see. All right you do it. – You just hold it like this? – [Mom] Yeah. – You just hold it like this? – [Mom] Yeah. Just awkwardly like
(bing) – [Mom] Drinking and playing on his phone. – Like this? – [Mom] Yeah. – You know the next time I
go out and eat with friends I’m going to do this and see if they notice anything.
– Yeah if anybody – [Mom] Says something. – Social experiment. – [Mom] Use these ways when
you eat with your family next use these… – See if they notice and
see if they say anything with their reaction. – [Mom] How many days can you go using
using a different – Method each time. – [Mom] Until they say
“What is going on with you?” Okay, who’s up for the next challenge? – Me! – [MOM] David gets this one. You have to get a mug. (laughing) He can hold it. – Oh it’s other one. – [Mom] Oh no. – [Jordan] Mine, mine, mine, mine! – [Mom] I’d only put a tiny bit of water. – [Jordan] That’s the Finding Nemo mug. – Mine. – [Jordan] Mine, mine, mine. – So you just… Oh boy! – [Mom] Don’t break the mug. – [Jake] Keep your hands underneath it. (screaming) – [Mom] Hey! He’s got it.
(ding) – [Mom] My baby’s got it. There he is. Good job! – [Jordan] Wow! – [Mom] Oh tricks. Okay guys. Next one, Jordan this is your task. You have to do it. You have that school mug. Put a little bit of water in it. That’s from our Disney cruise mug.
– A little bit. From Pirate, am I right?
– Oh yeah. – Make it a party. Whoo! – [MOM] Are you ready? Jordan has to do this. – I’m not double jointed
really though, okay. – [Mom] You’re the closest in our family that could even do this. You got to only one finger I think. – Oh. One finger? – [Mom] I don’t know what’s going on with her crooked, bent finger. – No. Hold it like this?
– Maybe the others are… (ding) – [Mom] Okay. Is that? Well maybe you can put
the other fingers through but can you make your
finger bend clear backward? (smirking) – [Mom] How far back can
you make the finger bend? – [Jordan] Not very far. – [Mom] Okay guys, guess what? That’s it. That’s all we have
– Whooo! – [Mom] Do you have any
other creative ways that we could hold a cup, glass,
soda can, bottle, mug. – Yep. I’m gonna try these In real life.
– This is crazy. You guys let us know some
new ways down in the comments how we should try doing this
cause I think it’s funny and if you try this on
your family or your friends let us know too.
– Kinda like a prank. – Yeah how many days can
you go without them like saying something?
– Saying anything. – There you go. There’s your challenge. – Try and be as subtle as possible. – But be careful. Don’t use glass.
– Don’t break, yeah. – Use plastic or paper cup. – Yeah. – All righty that’s it for today guys. Thanks so much for watching. Make sure to like,
subscribe and share and… – Hit the bell. (ding) – And make today an adventure. We’ll see y’all next time. – Bye! – All righty guys, last challenge. You guys were waiting for us. The styrofoam cup challenge. This is a great way to
hold your cup when you got your hands full. (grunting) – What on earth? Yeah, just like (ding) (upbeat music)

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