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hey everybody and welcome to fortunately
I’m fortunate so I’m gonna be unfortunate and others gonna be unfortunate and then
we will switch, one day I was eating a cupcake and it smashed on the ground I can’t eat
it. Yes you can’t you can just pick it up and then cut off the top and add some more frosting.
But all the frosting was eaten by me for the cake well then why don’t you make
more because all the ingredients have disappeared to the world and there’s
nothing else to do well why don’t you go ask ask some neighbors or some
ingredient well I’m afraid I don’t have any neighbors in the area it’s just me
and wide open clean nobody yeah and then take a ten-hour trip and go find some.
I’m afraid it’s more than a 10-hour trip it’s 1000 hrs. you mm our trip then make some healthy
frosting. There is no healthy frosting unless you want to mush up grass? Well
why don’t you just eat the cupcake without the frosting. Because the cake is
disgusting my mom made it Oh! Why don’t you scrape off the thruster
and just put on your cupcake cuz you’re so cruel. Well and sorry but there is the cat
hair and I’m allergic to cats but you have cat he is a hypoallergenic cat but
I had my neighbor’s cat over and now there’s allergenic fish thingy, cat hair oh
now we are gonna switch and I’m gonna be unfortunate and Ellie will be fortunate, okay you start EM. no, you’re oh yeah I’m okay so I was going to a
birthday party and want it and when I got my food I accidentally hit my plate
and it went everywhere well you can always grab a new plate of food but that
won’t work because there’s not enough left it’s a birthday party there huh
there are too many people well then you can scrape it off another person’s plate
that’s just me but you are me you’re now we’re gonna
play translate the translatable okay okay so Eddie is it no you’re the
reporter led a reporter oh yes I’m the porter
she’s the translator and this is the untranslatable perfect thing and is it
true that you like to eat plants he said that he likes some of them but sometimes
puke if he eats well then why do you eat it if you’re gonna puke it he said
because every plant looks delicious well then the best thing you can do is
never eat a plan again and only eat cakes and cupcakes and candy he said
that he doesn’t like candy healthy things Walden you can eat cucumbers and
lettuce and asparagus and baked beans he says that he only likes grass that makes
him puke I don’t know and that’s all for today make sure till you like and
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you never and if you do that your video again you

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