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– [Mom] She’s doin’ it, she is so fast! (kid cheering) (Dad laughing) Got our food. (upbeat music) Hi guys, welcome back to – [Family] That Youtub3 Family! – And we’re in the car, we’re headed to some place super fun for Fun Friday,
– Woo! – and we can’t wait to show
you, the kids do not know, Dad has told me what we’re
doing, but that’s it. – [Audrey] I have no
clue what we’re doing. – [Mom] Okay, so Audrey
saw a sign on the building, what are we doing today? – Indoor skydiving. Indoor skydiving. – [Mom] Are you excited? – I don’t know what to expect. (laughs) – I don’t have a hair tie, and this hair is gonna
get ruined. (laughs) – [Mom] Are you excited? – Yes. – [Mom] What about you, little man? – I’m not jumpin’. – (laughs) I’m not jumpin’.
– No, I’m not jumpin’. – [Mom] Who’s jumpin’
out of the plane first? – Woo-hoo! – I volunteer Audrey. (kid cheering) (Dad laughing) (kid exclaiming with glee) – [Dad] Alright, so everybody
is gonna jump inside of here and start flyin’, you guys excited? – Let’s go fly! – Yeah.
– Excited? Ty Ty, you excited? (Tyler groans)
(Jacob cackles) – [Jacob] Whoa! (laughs) I can’t keep up
with him, he’s goin’ so fast. – Wow. – [Dad] What do you think, Audrey? – Just watching, how does he do that? – [Dad] He’s practiced before, I think. Okay, Jake. – Your turn Jake.
– What, I? I’m first?
– What’s your thoughts? What do you think? – You gotta go in and do that. – [Dad] What are you thinking? – I’m a little bit nervous. – Nervous, Ty Ty?
– Nervous. – Nervous?
– I’m excited now after watching that, that was cool. – It’s gonna be awesome. (family members giggle) – [Dad] Any last words, any words of encouragement for our viewers? – Cowabunga. – [Dad] Cowabunga. (kids chattering) – Just leave that.
– Like that? – So it’s gonna expand in the tunnels? – [Mom] Yep, not too tight, just make it so that it’s not so noisy. – Mommy, that’s not very noisy. – I can feel it. – So you roll it, like, how? – [Dad] Yep, and then
you stick it in your ear, once you make it skinny.
– I can’t hear anything. – I know.
– I can’t hear! – Oh no, I can’t fit it, go! – [Dad] Make ’em really
skinny and stick ’em in. Did you hear me? – What? – I need some of these for orchestra ’cause we’re sitting next to
the trumpets when we play. – Yours? I hear a loud ringing sound. – [Dad] (laughs) You look like you’re ready to jump and fly, woo-hoo! – I’m so ready, I’m so excited.
– Aah, good luck. I’ll see you on the other side. – Awesome. (exciting orchestral music) – Okay, so they’re gonna do a round two, in this round two, they
go really, really high because now that they’re all pros. They’re right there behind me, they’re all getting ready to go, wave. I think they’re nervous,
because this time, they go way up in the air. This’ll be fun, Jacob’s first, then Audrey, then Tyler, then Jordan, and then finally Mom,
who’s afraid of heights, but yet she’s bein’
super brave to do this. So here we go, here comes Jake. (energetic electronic music) Alright, comment down below if you would do something like that. That was pretty crazy,
here’s Audrey’s turn. (energetic electronic music) That’s pretty crazy, so the instructor has to teach ’em how to do things, and he gives them sign language, like, this is good, this is relax,
this is cup your legs in, and this means straighten your legs, so let’s see what he does with Ty Ty. (energetic electronic music) Jordan and Mom left. (laughs) Alright, there’s one other signal, it means this, that means
to put your chin up. So, see if you see him do this to Jordan. (energetic electronic music) That was awesome, they did it, they conquered their
fears, they went flyin’. Alright, we’ll have to hear what they have to say here in just a second. – So we just got back from indoor flying, it was a ton of fun, what
was your favorite part? – When he, like, went
up in the air with you, and you were spinning around super fast (Audrey laughs)
except, I was drooling a lot. – I know, I don’t know
if you guys could see it, but I was drooling too, it was gross. – When I went up in the air
and spinning, I was drooling. – [Mom] How’d you like it? – It was awesome. – It was really fun, I think
one of the coolest parts was, is that he takes you all the
way up and spins you up there, and then, like, it’s like zero gravity, and then all of a sudden you come falling down, like, as if you were really skydiving.
– There’s a (imitates zooming). – Yeah.
– But it’s just a tiny fall, and then it goes back to,
like, spinning and then– – [Mom] But I didn’t
like the crazy spinning as much as just floating there. Would you guys want to go again? – [Kids] Yeah! – [Mom] What do you want to do now? – Rock climb!
– Rock wall! – That giant rock. – Yeah!
– You guys wanna go climb? Do you guys like this Fun Friday? – Yeah!
– We should do this every Fun Friday! – Every Fun Friday?
– It was fun! – Guys.
– Jake wants this when he has a birthday party, he wants to do something like this?
– Guys, I’m gonna climb on that,
– We should. – and then that.
– This is fun. – [Mom] You’re gonna go on this short one, and then up to the big tall one? – [Tyler] Yep. – Whoa!
– That’s a big difference. – You think you can handle it, bro? – [Mom] That’s crazy, I think I’ll watch you.
– I do rock climbing a lot. – You go rock climbing a lot? – [Mom] He’s skilled,
he’s got skills Audrey, so, you just watch him.
– He does rock climbing at school. – Okay, well…
– We have a rock climbing wall. – Yeah.
– It’s probably, like, that tiny though. (Mom laughing) Not that big.
– No, it’s all the way about, so not this, as high as this. – [Mom] Yeah, you think so? Alright. – [Jordan] This is gonna be fun, let’s go. (upbeat music) – [Mom] She’s spider girl! – My arms are so limp, like… – [Mom] Ugh, was that hard? Yeah? – Look, I have some muscles now. Boom! – [Mom] You went fast though, good job. – It hurts right here. – Yeah.
– I feel like I built some muscle, like, right here. – Oh, man.
– Yeah, my hands hurt from pulling your rope. (Mom and Audrey laughing) – [Mom] So, are you excited now? – [Audrey] It’s your turn! – Your turn.
– Uh… (laughs) (upbeat music) – [Mom] Whew. – It’s not buff enough, I’ve got some new muscles
– Feel it! – I didn’t know that was there. – I’m dying.
– I know. – [Mom] Was that hard? – It’s so hard.
– I only made it halfway, my hands were already dying the first time,
– Oh yeah, my hands are…
– ’cause I had to hold you. – Yeah.
– It, like, hurts, and then I had to go up there, and I’m like I can’t do it. – [Mom] Okay, so it’s 8:30. – 8:30, and we’re finally eating dinner. – [Mom] And what did you just order? – I just ordered deep fried pickles. – Woo!
– Yeah! (laughs) – [Mom] I hope they’re
taste better than the frozen deep fried.
– They will taste better, yeah, hopefully, they taste better. – [Mom] We got our food. – I got a calzone. – I got pizza, yum. – She got a lot of pizza. – That’s a lot. – Audrey copied my calzone order. (laughs)
– No, no, no, you copied my order, I ordered first, and then Dad was like, that’s a good idea. – I got mac and cheese. – [Mom] Mac and cheese, and? – I got corn dogs. – [Mom] Corn dogs, and pot roast. That’s what you can do when you eat out. – Nine o’clock at night, let’s eat heavy. – [Mom] (laughs) Yeah, right? We’re starving, I think our eyes are bigger than our stomachs. – So, thank you guys so much for watching, if you enjoyed this video, make sure you give it a big thumbs up, subscribe to this channel,
and comment down below. – What? – [Mom] I’m shaking, I’m so cold! – And comment down below,
what’s your favorite food? We’ll see you all next time. – [Family] Bye! (upbeat music)

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