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(cheerful instrumental music) – Hi guys, welcome back to. – [All] That YouTub3 Family. – Today is family game night. (children cheering) And if you remember in last
week’s Family Game Night we had you guys choose
which one of these games you wanted us to play. And the winner is. – Drum roll, please.
– Drum roll, please. (intense drumming) – [David] Splash Out! (family cheering) Okay, so maybe another time, Hydro Strike and Pie Face
Cannon might show up. Maybe, maybe not, we don’t know. But how about we play this
with the entire family? – Yeah. – I’m talkin’, the entire family. How about even with Audrey? – Yeah!
– You can do it! – Okay.
– Yeah! – [David] Let’s go drive
to see Audrey, let’s go! (Jordan cheers)
(record scratches) – Hold up, before we
leave I want you to vote on the next Family Game Night’s game. What do we have? – We’ve got Speech Breaker
and basically in this game, you try describing the scene as the game microphone jams your speech. – [All] Ooh. – This is Handimonium. – The tiny hands game. – Yeah, so this is where
you have little hands and you get to battle it out in charades with tiny little hands. – [David] Okay, or. – Hedbanz, the quick question game. – [David] Hedbanz, the
quick question game. – Nice, okay, so which one do you want? Vote ’em in the polls, comment down below. Let’s go play with Audrey! (family cheers) (lighthearted music) – We’re here with Audrey now! (family cheers) – And we’re playing Splash Out! This will be messy. – Wet. – Only if you’re the
last person holding it when the balloon pops. – [Jake] Oh, no. – No. (David laughs) – Okay, so this is like a hot potato game. There’s a water balloon inside the ball. It has a timer on it, and as soon as the timer
goes off the balloon pops and gets whoever’s holding it wet. And then that person is out. And it continues until there
is one player to the game, so a lot of people are going
to get wet in this game. Are you guys ready to play? – [Kids] Yeah.
– Let’s go. – [David] All right, I’m
puttin’ on my head protection ’cause I don’t wanna get wet. (lighthearted music) – [Katie] Okay, find your spots. – And. – [Katie] And go.
– Go. (timer hums) (water splashes) (Jordan screams) (group laughs) – [Katie] We did not see that coming. – Right off the bat? – [Katie] What, what was that about? – I’m soaked, oh it’s cold too. – We will now swap out. Jordan gets to be the camera person. I’m gonna take my chances. Oh boy, here we go. (lighthearted music) (timer hums) – [Jordan] Oh there it
goes, oh it did not pop. Who’s it gonna be? (gasps) Not Jake. – Pass it to me. – What am I supposed to do? (timer hums) – [Jordan] Oh no! Like it’s gonna be Dad, let’s see. (water splashes) (family screams) – [Audrey] Mom! (Katie screams) – I got splashed. By the way, you have to use cold water. So it’s cold, it’s very cold. (lighthearted music) – [Jordan] All right,
this is the next round. Audrey’s the last girl, oh no. – [Katie] Represent Audrey. Let’s see.
– Three, two, one. (timer hums) (Jordan gasps) – [Jordan] No, no, no! Is Audrey gonna make it, or one of the boys get out? Who’s gonna get out? – [Katie] I tried to get Dad out. – [Jordan] Oh, they’re all
teaming up against Dad. (Jordan screams) – It didn’t pop. – [Katie] It landed on the
ground, so we gotta redo. – [Jordan] Oh man, redo that round. – Wha-wha, wha-wha, whaa. – [Katie] Okay, they
teamed up on you last time. What is your game play now? – Okay, so if they do it again, my strategy’s gonna be as soon as I get it it’s gonna go right back
at whoever threw it at me, so be prepared. – [Katie] So this is
going to be like a war? – Yes. – [Katie] Back and forth battle. – Same strategy, two can play this game. – Same strategy. – I’m gonna do the same. – [Jordan] Oh, it’s gonna be Dad and someone else, someone else. Okay, two people. – Ready, set, go. (timer hums) – [Katie] Oh, he picked on Jake. – [Jordan] I have a feeling
Jake’s gonna get out this round. – [Katie] Well he just changed it. – [Jordan] Well let’s see. Oh, I could hear the water. Did not pop, oh it’s still goin’. – [David] It’s off to the side though. (water splashes) (family screams) – [Katie] Jake got it! He didn’t get very wet
though but it did splash. – Here are the remaining players. – My team name is the Dadinator. – The Audrinator. – The Tyinator. – [Katie] Wow, you guys are original. – So comment down below, whose team are you on for this round? (enchanted music) – Ready? – [Katie] Ready. – Set, go team Dadinator. – Go team Tyinator! (water splashes) (family screams) – My hand went in it. – Did it? Your hand popped it? – [Katie] Yes, if your finger lands in it as you catch, it pops. That’s what happened to Jordan. – [Jordan] Yep. – [Katie] Dad versus
daughter, who’s going to win? – Dad. – [Ty] Go, go Dad, go Dad. (timer hums) – You gotta catch it like right here. (water splashes) (family screams) – [Ty] Team Dad. – Yeah! (enchanted music) – We are all back and
guess who’s in the game, ponytail power, that’s right! – [David] Ponytail power,
what’s your name this round? – Tyinator. – [David] Tyinator. – Odd Stuff. – [David] What?
– Odd Stuff? – [Audrey] Odd Stuff. – [David] Odd Stuff? – I don’t know. (family laughs) – The Master. – [David] The Master, here we go! (timer hums) – Mom you didn’t follow it. – Oh, I’m so stressed. – Why! (water splashes) (family screams) – Man, Odd Stuff is out, goodbye sista. (energetic music) – Alrighty, so Audrey
switched out for David, let’s take him down. – K, so we had to put a big balloon in, so I better get ready,
’cause I have a bad feeling that the girls are gonna try to get me. – This is the biggest balloon
with the most water so. – [Audrey] Wait, let’s see the balloon. – [Katie] It’s literally squished. – [Audrey] It’s squished in there. – [Katie] It is backwards. – [Jake] Oh my goodness. – [Katie] It’s bulgin’. – [Jake] Oh, wow. – [Audrey] That’s about to burst. K, you ready? – Ready here we go. – Let’s go Girls Team! – [David] What? (Katie laughs) (water splashes) (Jordan screams) – That was a strategic throw. He threw it way up high, so the impact would pop
the balloon, sneaky. (energetic music) Guys everybody comment down
below Girls Team rules. – No, Boys Team rules. – Boys. – [Audrey] What? – Yep, I’m going. – [Audrey] It’s goin’. – Win Katie.
– Dad does mom. (water splashes) (family screams) – [Jordan] Good time, man. – I stopped. It hit me. – [David] Right there, it
went just like that, bam. – [Ty] It stopped and then hit me. – [Jordan] That’s crazy. (energetic music) – Next round. – [Jordan] Oh no, come on Girls Team. (water splashes) (David screams) Yeah! – Mom, you threw it directly at me. – [Jordan] Got Jake. – I have a bad feeling
I’m gonna be Mom’s target on this next round. – [Jordan] It’s parent versus parent. – Who do you want to see more
David to win or Katie to win? – [Katie] Katie, Katie,
Katie, shout Katie. ♪ Katie ♪ ♪ Katie ♪ ♪ Katie ♪ (upbeat music) – [Audrey] Let’s go Katie! – Hot Potato. – [Jordan] Oh my gosh. – You threw it like right at me. (water splashes) (family screams) What? – [Jordan] David didn’t win. (girls cheering) ♪ Girl’s team ♪ ♪ Girl’s team ♪ ♪ Girl’s team ♪ ♪ Girl’s team ♪ – Oh, I didn’t have my hat on. – Girls Team for the win. – That’s why. – [Audrey] Well you can’t
always be the winner. ♪ Katie ♪ ♪ Katie ♪ ♪ Katie ♪ Alrighty, so make sure
to vote up in the polls or comment down below what you wanna see for
next Family Game Night. This was a lot of fun! – Yes! – Or would you like to see balloons filled with different things like
say confetti, or sparkles. – Oh, maybe we can play
this with Gertie and Therma. Comment down below if
you’d like to see that. – Alrighty, thank you
guys so much for watching. Make sure to like,
subscribe, and share and. – [Tyler] Hit the bell. – Hit the bell, wow. – [All] And make today an adventure! We’ll see y’all next time, bye. (energetic music)

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