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(Fun Halloween music) – Hi, guys! It’s Audrey and today I’m gonna be pulling some more pranks on my family! So you guys really loved
my last pranking video. I think we should do
the same pranking video, but switch up Halloween edition. So it’s actually been
a quiet few like weeks since my last pranking video,
but it doesn’t seem like that. We just pre-filmed a lot,
so my family has pretty much forgotten a lot about like pranking, and we haven’t really
done any pranks at all. So I actually went to the store, and I bought some pranking supplies and so I have a few good ones planned. Let’s begin. The first one I’m gonna do is, oh my gosh, okay, my
dad, he left his glasses out on the table and it
gave me the great idea to put some like dark ink on the bottom right underneath the nose,
and so he won’t notice it until he puts it on and
then when he takes it off, there’s gonna be like black
lines all on his face. All right, this’ll be so awesome. He’s not gonna suspect this, and yeah it should be pretty,
it should be pretty funny. I got some crayons. I think I’m gonna use the black one just because it will match his sunglasses, and these are really fun and easy pranks that you guys can pull too
and they’re not mean pranks. Here we go, so I’m just gonna be, be coloring in like right here. Oh, I hope this doesn’t
ruin his sunglasses. I don’t think it will. Okay, you guys, I think
I’m pretty much done. All right so here are his sunglasses. You won’t even be able to notice anything unless you look like super close up. But even then like I don’t
think you guys can see. I drew on the bottom of them, like my hands are all dirty, so I’m gonna lay ’em
back where I found them and I don’t know, I’m
gonna wait ’till my dad picks up his sunglasses and
I’ll try to catch his reaction without him seeing the camera on. All right guys, so for this next prank, you guys seem to really
like my toilet prank in my last pranking video, so I decided to do it again, but Halloween version. So this is a sticker you
can put on your toilet, and it looks so disgusting! So I’m gonna put it in this bathroom, and then I’m gonna walk
out of the bathroom, be like man, you don’t wanna
go in where for a while. But my brothers, like if
they have to go really bad, they’re gonna go, so, yeah. This is gonna be super funny. Let’s put this on the toilet. Gonna peel this off. Ew, this is nasty. Oh my goodness. That is what the toilet looks like? It looks so gross. I don’t think I’ve seen a grosser toilet in my whole life, so I’m
excited to get their reactions. Let’s just wait for the victim. Okay you guys, so for my next (person speaking) Dad’s coming, oh my gosh. Oh. Hey dad! – [Dad] Hey. – Where are you going? – What are you doing? – Where you going? – I’m gonna go to town. – Just vlogging for the day. – Have fun with your odd vlogs. – Why did you put your
sunglasses on inside? It’s not even sunny inside. – It will be in minute,
so they’ll work out. – Oh. – [Dad] Kay? Why, what’s up? – Nothing. – Did you do something? – You just have something on your face. – Where? – Did you like, rub your
face with something? – My hand, what? Where’s it at? – [Audrey] No, just kind of. – Where’s it at? (Audrey laughs) What? – [Audrey] Oh my gosh, look at your phone. Look at your phone. You gotta look in the mirror. – What? What’d you do, Audrey? How do I do this? I do the camera? – Aah, pranked you! – What did you do? – I got you so good. – Did you ruin my glasses? – I didn’t ruin them. Okay dad, I need your
help with this next prank. – Okay, as long as it’s not on me I’m in. – Okay, I promise I won’t prank you. – I don’t like your pranks. – So for this one, I
bought this giant dog head and I’m gonna be wearing it. But I want to hide somewhere that I can like jump scare people, so I need you to be the camera person – Okay. – And I need you to help
me find a hiding spot that you think a lot of people will like, like, you know, I can just
scare ’em and pop out. – Kay, how about you hide right over here on the other side of the bed, and I’ll call the boys in
to clean up the balloons. And they come in, they’ll be
distracted by the balloons, and then you jump up and get ’em. – All right, let’s go. This is so funny. – Kay, go ahead over there by the bed. All these balloons here
need to be picked up. You can pick ’em up. (Audrey screams) Ty, your face. You were like ah. Did she get you? – Nah. – [Audrey] What? – [Dad] Did she get you, honestly? Did she get you? Sure? Kay. – [Audrey] Are you serious? This was a good one. – [Dad] This is a good one. – Mom and Jordan are in the
other room on the couch. They’re busy working,
so I’m gonna come around in the front, they won’t
even pay attention to me. Pug here is gonna go around
behind and scare ’em. Ready? – [Audrey] Let’s go. – Let’s go get ’em. – Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh that scared me. Ah, you messed up my Photoshop. – I wanna see. Reveal your identity! – Oh my God, that was
really hot and stuffy. – That was crazy. You got me so good. – Where’d you get that? – The store. – [Dad] This is what happens when we let Audrey go shopping by herself. Look what she buys. – Seriously? A big dog head? – Oh my goodness. – [Dad] That’s not your
mascot to your school. – [Audrey] Nope, they
didn’t have a cougar. – That scared me. – [Dad] There we go. Good prank, Audrey. You got ’em. – Success. – Ew! Nope. I’ll find a different bathroom. (Audrey laughs) – He didn’t even like go in. Oh my gosh, just like aah! Okay, wait, we should wait
for another person to come. There’s gotta be more than one person that has to use the bathroom. – Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go. Oh nope, nope, nope. Different, different,
different, different, different. – [Katie] What’s going on? What are you doing? – All right, you guys. So for my next prank, I found dad’s glass of water downstairs. So this house actually has two kitchens. We’re staying at
someone’s house right now. But since he left his cup alone here and no one is downstairs, I’m
kind of by myself down here. I thought it’d be perfect to
prank him using his drink. So dad has a fear of eyeballs. I’m not even kidding, like it’s so funny. He gets so grossed out by like if people touch their eyeballs or like anything to do with eyeballs just is disgusting to him. So when my sister, she wears contacts instead of glasses now and so whenever she puts her contacts in, she has to like touch her eyes, or sometimes she has
to like squeeze her eye to take the contacts out. Like my dad can’t even watch it because it’s just so gross
and he like cringes so hard. So knowing this, I found some eyeball like they’re eyeball ice cubes and I’m gonna put ’em in his drink and have them just like float around. It’s gonna be so funny. Oh my goodness. My dad hates eyeballs. This gonna be so good. I’ll put a brown one there too. All right, guys. There are the eyeballs. Let me get rid of the other evidence and I’m gonna leave it where I found it so it doesn’t look like I
touched it, but yeah. He’s gonna be so freaked
out when he sees that. He hates eyeballs. Kay, I’m gonna go upstairs. All right, you guys, so I was thinking what should I do for another prank? And as I was thinking in my head, I thought about what are some
of my family’s worst fears? And for those of you who know dad, his worst fear is spiders. Which is perfect, because
Halloween has a lot of spiders. So at the store I picked
up a bunch of fake spiders ’cause they look so realistic like they’re so hairy and they’re
kind of the right size. Like this is pretty accurate. So I also picked up some string and what I’m going to do is I’m gonna be placing around his bedroom, and also I’m gonna tie one to the door so when he opens the door,
the spider’s gonna move and it’s gonna look totally real. I think we should start off by putting some of these spiders in his bed so that when he, like when
he gets ready to go to sleep, he’ll like pull back his covers,
and notice these spiders. It’s gonna be so funny. All right. Well this is gonna be so good. Okay, I wanna show you. So it’s gonna be like this, but then when he pulls his blankets back, there’s spiders. This is gonna get him
so good you guys, like. He’s literally so scared of spiders. If there’s a spider, he always asks one of us to get rid of it. Okay guys, I made the perfect
contraption for this spider. So there’s a spider
right there on the floor. When my dad goes to open
the door, watch this spider. This is perfect. Oh my gosh. It looks so real, looks like the spider’s crawling under the drawer. All right you guys, so I’m
gonna close the door and hide, and then just wait for
my dad to come in here. I don’t know how long this is gonna be. Hopefully he comes soon,
because I don’t wanna be staying in the bathroom
for long, but yeah. This is gonna be such a good prank. Guys, I think I hear dad coming. Oh my gosh, I’ve been
waiting for like a full hour. I’m not even kidding. – Whoa. What the heck? Katie. – [Katie] What? – [Dad] Come here. – [Katie] What? – [Dad] Come here. – [Katie] What? – [Dad] I think there’s
a spider in the room. – [Katie] Well kill it. – [Dad] Well it ran underneath the desk. – [Katie] What do you mean? I don’t want that to
– [Dad] Come here. – [Katie] I’m not sleeping
with spider in the house. Just kill it. – It ran underneath the desk. – [Katie] Oh my gosh,
what are you afraid of? You’re so freaked out by spiders, what? – There’s a huge spider that just ran right around the corner of the thing. – I don’t see it. What are you talking about? You’re so wimpy. – Dude, there’s his leg – [Katie] What? – What the heck? – [Katie] You scared me. – What? Audrey! – [Katie] What is it? – I think it’s fake. (Katie laughs) – [Katie] Oh my gosh! – Are you kidding me? – [Audrey] Gotcha! Pranked you! – You just scared – That was a really good prank. Oh my gosh.
– [Dad] That wasn’t – [Katie] Good job, Audrey. That was funny actually
now thinking about it. – [Dad] Back up. Here, you open the door – [Katie] Seriously? – [Dad] And tell me if this
would not just freak you out. – [Katie] Really? – [Dad] Yes, really. Kay, open the door. – Oh my gosh. – Okay, that is creepy actually.
– [Dad] That is – [Dad] Super creepy
– [Audrey] It looks so real. – Okay, that does look like a spider crawling across.
– [Dad] And when you’re – [Dad] Afraid of the spiders, and you don’t see the string. – I don’t like spiders
– Stop it! – [Katie] In the house like, that’s a big no-no. Spiders and rodents in the house, no. But I’m not as scared as dad! – All right you guys, so it’s getting close to night time and I have a perfect prank for Jordan. So when I was at the store earlier today, I found this super creepy head, ah! I’m gonna stuff it with some jackets, and then like hide it in the bed, and so it looks like there’s
like a really creepy like kinda looks like a witch in the bed. This is perfect for Halloween. Let’s do this. I hope Jordan gets scared because that will be so funny, and I don’t think she’s gonna expect it. Yeah, I, this is pretty cool. I’m stuffing it with jackets
to make it look real. Stuff the body. Oh my goodness, this looks so real, wait. I have to stuff in the legs. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, ah! Okay, okay, okay, we’re almost there. Yes. Yes. Okay guys, oh my goodness. This looks just like a real person. That is insanely creepy. Whoa. Now like I stuffed the bed, and so it looks like it’s actually in bed. Oh my gosh. Okay, so now, I heard Jordan
kind of like walking around. I think she’s getting ready for bed. I’m gonna leave the
camera right over here. I don’t think she’s gonna notice it because she’s gonna be like so distracted and she’s gonna find the
creepy witch lady in bed and then I’m gonna hide over here and I’m gonna pop out and say,
“pranked you” so let’s go. – [Audrey] Pranked you! – Audrey! – [Audrey] I got you so good! – Audrey! That was so good I dropped my phone! – [Audrey] Did you think
that was a real person? – Yes, scary! Oh my goodness, I just looked, well, I just felt like hair when I went to like move back the covers. I was like uh and then I looked over and it’s just even worse, ah. What? – [Audrey] I got you so good. – This hair, though, look at that, nice. Where did you get that? How did, when did you come
in here and set this up? – [Audrey] Just earlier. – Oh my goodness. You’re crazy.
– [Audrey] I gotcha. – [Jordan] No, ugh! That was a good prank. – All right guys, we got
Jordan pretty good, high five. Now let’s move on to the next prank. All right, so it’s night time. The boys are in bed. They have like an earlier bed time, and as you can tell
– It is getting late. – [Audrey] I’m rocking
the bald cap because I have a prank right
– Not everybody can rock – [Dad] the bald cap. – Dad’s gonna help me. Jay is a super deep sleeper, and so – It takes like sirens blaring for him to even just like
– I’m gonna put this – [Dad] Wake up. – I’m gonna put this on his head, and he’s gonna think he’s bald when he wakes up in the morning. It’s gonna be so funny. He’ll figure it out, ’cause I mean, whose skin tone matches this. But it’s gonna be really
funny just to like see him like panic for a
split second, be like oh wait. – Kay, so I’ll hold the camera. You go in there and get him. – We have to be so quiet. – Just checked on ’em,
they’re totally asleep. Both of ’em so just be quiet though.
– Perfect, kay. – [Audrey] I don’t wanna turn
on the bedroom light, so. Oh. I think the iPad is broken. Guys, he’s snoring so loud, listen. (snoring) He is such a loud snorer, oh my goodness. I don’t know how Jay sleeps. Kay, here we go. – [Dad] You better sleep up here tonight. – [Audrey] No, I am not sleeping in here. Can you see? Kay. Oh my gosh, okay. Like I said before, Jay
is a heavy sleeper, so. Dad, quiet! I can’t believe he’s not waking up! Kay, I think I kinda made him bald. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Guys, that’s gonna be so funny when he wakes up in the morning. – What happens if he wakes up in the middle of the night
to go to the restroom? And he looks at himself in the mirror? – Surprise! It wasn’t me, just saying. – [Dad] Well I’m glad you’re pranking somebody besides me though. – All right, I think
that’s gonna be a success. I came back downstairs to check on the glass of water from
earlier in the video, and my dad hasn’t even found it yet. Like he didn’t discover the prank. So yeah, I didn’t catch
any reactions on camera. But I mean I’m still waiting
for him to find it out. So be sure that you follow
me on my social medias to see if I can catch him on his reaction. And you can follow me at AllAroundAudrey. Okay you guys, so it’s the next day, it’s in the morning time,
and everyone’s getting ready. I have a really good
prank for my last prank, and that is I bought
this metallic hairspray, and my mom, she’s currently in the kitchen and she’s just like working on the laptop, and I’m gonna go do her hair for her, and then I’m gonna say
like this is hairspray, but really it’s hair color. And then she’s gonna freak out. So it’s gonna be great. Let’s go do it. Hey mom, do you want your hair done? – Um, yeah, I was just gonna actually just throw it up into
messy bun or a ponytail if you wanna do that while
I get this figured out. Jordan’s trying to figure out her Halloween costume this year, and I don’t know who to invite. Ooh, you could be Mrs. Santa. – Mrs. Clause? – [Katie] Mrs. Clause. – [Jordan] Mrs. Santa. – [Katie] Ow. – [Audrey] Sorry, you have
so many flyaways, girl. You need hairspray. Here, can you hold the camera for me? This is the hair tutorial. – Oh, ghost costume,
but you could do it like all just like where you
just dressed fully in white and have like a white wig, and then kind of paint your face. That would be kinda cool. You could be a ghost lady. You’re getting my flyaways in my face. – Sorry, you have so many. – [Katie] Audrey, okay, whoa. Slow down on the hair spray. I don’t think In need that much. That’s a lot of spray. (Audrey laughs) Why are you laughing? – [Jordan] Audrey! (Audrey laughs) – Your hair looks really good. – [Katie] Does it look good
or did she do it messy? – It looks great. – [Katie] What did she do? What? Oh, what did you do? This isn’t hairspray. Oh, this feels nasty. What is in my hair? – Um, I. – What is that? It’s gross, what? You put gold? – [Audrey] It’s hair color, metallic. – Oh, it feels so gross. – [Audrey] Pranked you! Ooh, gotcha. – I have to wash my hair now. Ugh, it’s disgusting. – I got you so good. She didn’t even realize. Didn’t you suspect something when I said I wanted to do your hair? – [Katie] No, I just like
it when people do my hair. I didn’t think you were
gonna spray this stuff in it. – I got her so good. All right, you guys, so that
is it for today’s video. I hope you enjoyed it
and you got some ideas for some Halloween pranks to do. Remember that you like,
subscribe, and share and hit the bell, and also, leave my some comments down below if you wanna see another pranking video. And what are some pranks that
I should pull in the next one? All right, I’ll see you
guys next time, bye! (carnival music)

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  1. I hope you enjoyed these pranks. I didn't get a reaction for Jake as the baldy cap fell off during the night. Tell me what other pranks to try on my family.

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