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– Hi guys, welcome back to: – [All Together] That YouTub3 Family! – And we are The Adventurers. – And today we’re going
to be going into town because Dad and I, David
and I, have just got home from a trip and we don’t
feel like making dinner. The kids are burned out,
they don’t wanna make dinner, so we’re going to head into
town and grab some dinner. But while we go, we’re going
to take our remote with us and do the Pause Challenge! – Uh-oh.
– Oh my gosh, guys. This could get pretty messy, pretty crazy. I don’t know when the
pause is gonna happen, or who’s gonna be in control of the pause, so let’s go find out. – Okay, I’m gonna start off
the Pause Challenge first. Watch this, I’m gonna pause the kids. Hey, guys, pause. (laughs) Okay, so they’re all paused. See ya. Bye, guys. – Wait, no! – [David] Have fun! See Ya!
– No! – Bye. Should I unpause ’em or keep ’em paused? All right let’s have them come. Unpause. – [Jordan] Wait where are they? – Better hurry! (kids giggling) – [Jordan] Don’t pause again.
(laughing) – Alrighty, guys, we’re here. Ready to go get our food. Hey, Dad stole the remote. I was gonna try to steal the remote, rats. – [Jordan] Is daddy gonna get
the remote this entire time? – No, you gotta be quick,
though, to grab it. Can’t let him have the remote. ‘Cause now I have the feeling
someone’s not getting dinner, they’re gonna be stuck outside. Not gonna be me, ’cause
I’m walking ahead of Dad. I’m gonna hurry in. Ah, I’m walking.
(laughs) We’re all trying to get in so
we’re not the ones stuck out. – And, pause. – And, pause. – Wait, do I have to pause, too? – Nope, just Mom. – [Jordan] Bye, Mom. – Yeah, so have fun. – I’m gonna–
– Hold the door for everybody. – I’ll let too much cold air in. – All right, unpause.
(laughs) This is gonna be fun. – That’s not cool, man. I’m gonna get in trouble. – Hey, Dad. Dad, pause. Dad, pause. – [Server] Would you like your
brisket chopped or sliced? – [Mom] You’re paused, you can’t say. What are we getting chopped or sliced? – Brisket.
– Brisket? We’ll do sliced. We’ll do sliced. – [Server] And would
you like the fat on it? – The what on it?
– The fat. – [Mom] Absolutely. – [Ty] Unpause. – You’re unpaused. Okay, we just got the beef
brisket with lots of fat on it, which we know Dad hates. So David does not like that. We’re putting it on, this was awesome. Good Job, Ty. – Wait, one thing. I’m gonna pause you guys, pause. – [Mom] Oh, you just paused everyone else. – That’s payback to Dad
for pausing us outside and leaving without us. – [Mom] When are you gonna unpause them? – Um… – Um… – [Jake] After the video. – Unpause. – [Mom] Phew, now I can go around. – Jake just said that
he’s gonna get ice cream before dinner and Ty has the remote, and he’s looking like he might pause him, so I think we should just
watch and see what happens. – Hey, Jake. Pause. – [Jordan] He has to say pause, Jake. Oh my gosh.
– Unpause. – [Mom] Unpause, oh my gosh. – [Jordan] It’s still going. – [Mom] You almost had it. – Timber! – Hey, Jordan. – Oh, it’s mine now! – Jordan has the remote. – Pause, Jake. You were in a squat position, up higher. You gotta get in your squats. He’s literally, okay, let me show you. He went to go sit down and he’s like this, so he’s gonna feel the burn. You can’t have your ice cream,
either, it’s gonna drip. – Can someone help me get ice cream? I’m not tall enough. – [Mom] Yeah, it’s all
scooped at the bottom. – I’m not tall enough. – [Mom] You need to dump it out. – Sorry, Jake. Okay, unpause. – [Mom] We haven’t even had dinner. What is with this? You guys are having dessert first? – It says free ice cream.
– Dessert first? Hey, I wanna pause someone.
– No, you can’t have it. – [Mom] Pause Dad. Pause. Pause. Pause. – We’re still allowed
to move our face, right? – [Mom] Unpause you. – [David] I was gonna
say, there’s more food. – Well, I really, really
wanna eat this ice cream. – [Mom] It looks good, unpause. Unpause. Jake, I saw you, sneaky. – I was trying to slurp it
in, because it was so close. – [Mom] Food’s here. – [Jake] No, Mom, no. – [Mom] It looks so good. – No. No. – [Mom] Pause. Gotcha. Now you’re gonna be stuck there
while we all enjoy our meal. This is yummy Are you guys all filled
up on the ice cream? – No.
– No. – [Mom] How long can Dad hold that? I bet you want that bite, huh? Mmm, This is so good.
– Delicious. – [Mom] Delicious. Hey. – Unpause – [Mom] Did you just take the remote, Ty? – He unpaused me. – Little stinker.
– Are we forming alliances? – [Mom] I’m thinking so. – [Jordan] Guys, I’m gonna pause Jacob. Jake, what are you doing? – Gonna take a shower, why?
– Pause! (laughs and taunts) Yeah, yeah. Looks like you’ve just been paused. Sorry, Jake! – Well, guess you can smell me stinky. – [Jordan] Ew, okay. You should probably go
take a shower, unpause. All right. – Alrighty guys, it’s morning
time and Jake’s about to get his breakfast before
he heads off to school. I’ve got the remote. I’m gonna go in and pause him
as he’s pouring his cereal. This is gonna be funny ’cause
it’s just gonna keep pouring. Okay, let’s hurry and go. Hey, Jake, pause. (laughs) Unpause. Hey, Jordan, pause. – Mom! – [Mom] Are you getting ready for school? – Yeah! I can’t move, though. My eyes are gonna start watering. My Mascara’s gonna dry out. Mom! – [Mom] Bye. – No! – [Mom] Okay, unpause. – Okay, it’s gonna dry out. – Okay, we’re here at the shopping center, Jake wanted to go get some snacks. I’m gonna pause him. Watch this. Jake, pause. Ty, pause. Ty, pause. I’m pausing you. You guys are gonna freeze. I think I’m gonna get some ice cream. My favorite. You getting cold? All right, see you, boys. Unpause. I should have left them
in there a long time. – Okay, we’re gonna get Dad
as he’s buying his corn dog. Ty, go get his remote out of his pocket. – Pause. – [Employee] How many wedges you thinking? – Should I unpause him? – [Jake] Make sure we
put extra ketchup on his? – Okay, should I unpause him? – What?
– Should I unpause him? – [Jake] Sure. – Unpause. – Anything else? – That’s all, thank you. – All right, you guys have a great day. – Okay, the boys just got their corn dogs. I’m gonna pause them, watch this. Pause. Lots of ketchup, boys. Unpause. Okay, take a big bite. I hope you like some
hotdog with your ketchup. – Yum.
– I do. It’s actually not that bad. – Okay, Jake is buying his own treats. I’m gonna pause him when they
go to give him his change and he won’t be able to take it. Shh. – Will you hold this, Ty? – [David] Pause. Unpause. Okay, Jordan’s over here
taking Instagram photos. I’m gonna get her with a pause. Ready? Here we go. (camera shutters) Jordan, pause. – Are you kidding? Mom, don’t take any more photos. You’re gonna bombard my phone. – I got it.
– Keep taking photos. She can’t move. – I can’t move! – [David] Watch for that
photobomb on Instagram. – While we’re here, you
can follow me on Instagram, @JustJordan33. – [David] Mute, Jordan. You’re muted and paused. – [Mom] Oh no, she’s gonna freeze. We gotta finish this shoot. Let’s get this photo shoot done. One, two, unpause her. – Unpause. All right, guys, we just got
home from the supermarket. That was funny, Jake was like
totally awkward when the lady was gonna give him back his money, so I figured I probably
better unpause him. But we came home, we got some fan mail. Look at this. – It says from one of your biggest fans. And they got it from Amazon
and it’s all wrapped up in this fancy, fancy
packaging, which I love. – [David] Ooh, that is shimmery. – So we’re gonna open this
and see what’s in here. I’m excited, are you guys
wanting to see what’s in here? – Yeah. – I wanna see, come here. – [David] Pause. Ty, do you wanna see what’s in there? – [Mom] What? – [Jake] Wait, am I paused, too? – Mute her, mute her.
– You and I are paused. – [David] Oh, mute and pause. – [Jake] Wait, am I paused? – [David] Mute and pause. – Let’s open it, Dad. – [David] Okay. Who’s it from? Or what did they bring us? – I can’t untie it. – [David] Pause. You’re paused. Jordan! – [Jordan] What? – [David] Come here. – [Jordan] You’re gonna pause me! – We have some fan mail for you, Jordan. Come check it out. Look, Mom’s still paused. Jake’s still paused. Here I’ll unmute you,
but you’re still paused. Unmute, unmute. – I wanna see! – [David] Ty, you’re still paused. – [Mom] I can’t even move. – [David] Hey, Jordan, open it, hurry. – Oh, it was my package.
– I can actually open it? I thought you were gonna pause me! – I wanted to open it! No it’s mine! – Let’s see what it is. – [David] What could it be? – [Mom] What is it? – I can’t open it. I got it. – [David] What is it Jordan? – Paper! – [David] Woo, don’t show
Logan, he’s gonna eat it. Get it, Logan. – [Jordan] Package! – [Mom] What is it? – Logan’s excited. – [David] Oh, wow. – [Mom] What is in that? Oh, Logan, hi.
– Something. – [David] Oh, Logan wants it now. – [Mom] Oh, it’s premium something. What did I see? Go back. Turn, I can’t see the box. No the other way.
– I need scissors! – [David] It’s upside down, sweetheart. – I don’t know what I’m doing. – [Mom] Turn it on the side. – [David] Unpause. – [Mom] Ty, turn it on the
side, I can almost read it. – [David] Is this driving
you crazy that you’re paused? – It’s driving me crazy, I wanna open it. – [David] Ty, pause. – [Mom] Cane something. – [David] Ty’s paused. – [Jake] Pause Jordan. – [David] No way, Jordan’s my buddy. – Yeah! – Please, please! – You paused me outside. – [Ty] Please. Dad. – [David] What’s it gonna be? Ty, you are muted. (all screaming excitedly) – [David] Look at that! – Ty, you can’t take it, you’re paused. – [David] Jordan, take it,
run, lets go, let’s go! – [Mom] Logan’s gonna eat it. – Run! It’s mine! – Oh my gosh, there’s
so much candy in there! – [David] All right,
three, two, one, unpause! (Mom screams) Woo, okay, guys, we hope that
you enjoyed this Pause video. Thank you for everybody who
had commented down below on previous videos
saying for us to do this. It looks like a super fun video. Comment down below on this video
if you would like to see us do more Pause videos. – [Ty] Pause! – [Mom] Oh! We got the candy! We got the candy, oh yeah! Candy for you, candy
for me, who wants candy? Candy! It’s raining candy! Who wants some? Candy for everyone! Candy! – Unpause.
– All right, unpause! – All right, thank you
guys so much for watching. Remember to like,
subscribe, and share, and– – Hit the bell! – And? – Make today an adventure. We’ll see you all next time. – [All Together] Bye! – Pause, pause, pause, pause! Yeah! (upbeat music)

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