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(upbeat music) – Hi guys, it’s Audrey and today I’m gonna be pranking my family! Woo woo woo! So, it’s actually a week
before I move out to college when I’m filming this, and I thought it would
be fun to do some pranks before I leave. Get ’em one last time
before I’m out of the house. So I prepared 10 pranks, I only showed 5, but I mean 10 pranks, to prank my family today and tomorrow. I’m in the car right now because we are actually
going to be meeting up with some other YouTubers tonight and maybe I can prank them too. But my first prank is
going to be a car prank. Let me show you. So no one in my family
knows any of my pranks, and I’m super excited for them to see this because they don’t even
know that this is going on. It’s not prank week for anyone, I just decided to do this. My first prank involves
Gollum from Lord of the Rings. What I’m going to do is
I’m going to tape Gollum to the side view mirror, and when my dad or mom drives the car, they’re going to be really spooked. Let’s start taping him. Okay guys, so with a little bit of tape and some magic I got him to go on! This is gonna be so awesome! It’s almost perfectly fits. I mean you can see a tiny bit of glass, but basically it fits perfectly. So when I walk in the car and I sit down like a normal driver, this is how my parents are gonna be. So they’re just gonna be sitting in here and then when they look
in their side mirror to turn or look behind them,
that’s what they’re gonna see! Ah! It’s so creepy because it looks like he’s reaching out to you. Oh my goodness! I can’t wait for them to see this, this is gonna be so funny. I don’t think they’re
expecting this from me so, yeah let’s go and get their reaction. Okay guys, so my family is still inside. It’s taking them a long
time to get out here, but I thought, well this isn’t
part of the prank war but, I have some Cling Wrap here. I thought it would be funny if I cling-wrapped the door to the car, so when my siblings enter it, that they can’t get inside. It’s gonna be so funny. So first they’ll be distracted
by little Gollum over there, but then they’re gonna get
stuck coming in the car. So let’s do some Saran Wrap. Alright here we go. I hope — ouch! Ow, that hurts! I hope that this actually works. Saran Wrap is kinda tricky
to use, to be honest. You have to pull it just tight enough. Okay I need some tape. Okay here we go you guys. Ahhh! This is gonna be so awesome. They won’t be able to get in the car. Alright so I got the
first layer of Saran Wrap. This is actually really tricky, but I’m gonna continue. I’m gonna continue doing the Saran Wrap, and I’ll come back when it’s done. Okay you guys, so I finished and this is what the door looks like. So it’s gonna be hard. I mean you can see it, but yeah. Mostly clear and I
Saran-Wrapped the whole door, so they can’t get in at all. That took me quite a while. That probably took me
like 15 minutes to do but I’m excited to see
what my siblings say when they enter the car. It’s gonna be pretty hard for
them, so let’s go prank them. Guys, I see ’em coming! – Who did this? – Wait, how are you supposed to get in? What are you doing? – [Audrey] Hello! – Jayjay, go! – I guess you can go under– – [Audrey] No, no you
have to go through it! – Oh, try to go through it. – Ah! – [Audrey] Hey! You don’t know how long
that took! (laughs) – [Jacob] Well, gotta go through it. – [Audrey] Welcome to prank day! – Oh no!
– Oh great. – You’re starting that again, really? I thought we were all into truths. – [Dad] You’re gonna start pranks? – Don’t start pranks. – [Audrey] Oh yeah! – Oh I see, you’re pranking today and then you’re headin’ off to college, so we can’t get you? – [Audrey] Hahaha! – [Jordan] Oh, it’s on! – [Mom] It’s on then. – That was so good, you guys, but Dad still hasn’t found
my little Gollum guy. I don’t know when he’s gonna notice. Alright, we’re driving. How long is it gonna
take to get there, Dad? – [Dad] Two hours. – [Audrey] Two hours? Are you kidding me? We’re gonna be here for awhile. – [Dad] Buckle up, ’cause
we’ve got a long ways to go. Whoa! – [Mom] Oh my gosh! – Audrey!
– What a freak! – [Audrey] What? – [Dad] What? (Audrey laughs) What the heck? – [Mom] I didn’t even notice that. That’s creepy. – [Dad] That is creepy. – [Audrey] It’s reaching out to get you. – Yeah, he is. – [Mom] Oh my gosh. – Alright Audrey, that’s it. Prank on, Audrey. – If it was nighttime, you could swerve and drive off the road. That’s scary. – [Dad] That’s super scary. – That was way scary. – [Dad] Kinda makes the heart beat faster. – Ha, he’s gonna get ya. Prank success. Okay guys, we’re out of the car now, and we just got to the
place we’re staying at. I’m gonna close the door up here, but we’re staying in a literal
million dollar mansion. It is massive. It’s probably more than a million dollars. If you guys wanna see my house tour, check out my second channel at Aud Vlogs. You don’t wanna miss it, it’s so funny. It’s not a regular house tour. So now I closed the door,
and I’m gonna be quiet because now I’m gonna start planning my pranks. The first one I’ll do, has
to involve the bathroom. So I brought some cardboard
with me from home, and what I’m gonna do is, I’m gonna measure out the toilet. I’m gonna cut this in
the shape of a toilet, and then cut a little hole. It’s gonna say Expert-Mode. I’m gonna tape it to the
bottom of the toilet, so when they use the bathroom, they have to try to aim
for the little cut-out. It’s gonna be so funny. I hope it works. Okay guys, I finished it. It says Difficulty Mode: Expert. Alright, so I’m gonna put it right here. I’m so excited! I wonder who is gonna find it first? That has gotta be one of
the funniest ones I’ve ever come up with. This is what it’s gonna be like. Ta-da! Oh my goodness, I’m so excited! I’m gonna wait outside the door, just like pretending to
chill in the living room, and see who my first victim is. – [Jordan] Audrey, this house is so big! Do you know where the bathrooms are? – There’s like 10 bathrooms. Do you wanna play ping pong? – Yes! (cheerful quick music) Okay, but where is one of the bathrooms? – There’s one right there. – Okay, thank you. – Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I can’t believe this! Jordan’s in the bathroom right now. The bathroom connects to
that door, and that door. She’s in there right now. I’m so excited! – [Jordan] Ah, Audrey! – [Audrey] What? Can I come in? – How am I supposed to use the potty? – [Audrey] What? – [Jordan] What have you been doing? – [Audrey] Difficulty mode, expert. – You’ve been pranking, yes? – [Audrey] Gotcha! – I’ve gotta prank you back somehow. – [Audrey] Try to use the bathroom. – No, I’m gonna find a new bathroom. Goodbye! Alright guys, so I’m here with Audrey, helping her set up her next prank, because I don’t wanna be pranked again. So I’m helping on this prank, and this is what she’s doing. – So I’m gonna Saran-Wrap the door, and Jordan’s gonna go get the boys. I’m gonna be like, hey do
you wanna watch a movie? And they’re gonna come
running in the room, and go ba-bam! They’re gonna get stopped
by the Saran Wrap. It’s gonna be so funny. I’m so excited to prank them! Actually in the car they were pranked, but they kinda caught me on that one. I’m gonna need Jordan’s help with this, so we’re gonna set it up and
we’re gonna call the boys. Alright you guys, so we have it set up. We only did three layers because that’s where
they’re gonna be walking. You don’t really need to
fill up the whole door. – It’ll probably be Jake too, so he’s gonna be a bit shorter. So this is where he’ll hit it. – Yeah, it’s gonna be so funny. Okay Jordan, you go get the boys. – I’m gonna go get them. – [Audrey] I’ll be over
here, like being normal waiting for them. – Okay, alright Audrey, I found Jacob. I’m gonna call for him, ready? – [Audrey] Okay. – [Jordan] Jacob, come fast! Come into the other room! There’s a spider! – Ah! What, so dramatic! – [Audrey] Yes! Got him. – Did you just prank me? – [Audrey] Yeah, boy! – Stick it to your face. – [Audrey] Bye, Jake! – We got him so good! Yes, mission accomplished. – Okay guys, so it’s been a
few hours since my last prank. I managed to steal Jake’s
phone without him knowing. What I’m gonna do now is I
put a bunch of clothes in the washing machine. I’m gonna stick his phone in here and pretend like I found it in there, and it got washed, and now it’s broken. Yeah, let’s call him in. Jake, oh my gosh, Jake! – What? What Audrey? What, Audrey, what? (Jake pants) – I was doing laundry, and I
was just taking my clothes out, and I found your phone. – Why? Why would you even put it in your clothes? – I didn’t put it in my clothes. – You should’ve been– – It’s your phone. – Wait, why is it turning on? You pranked me. – Ha ha, gotcha! Did you think I ruined
your brand-new phone? – Yes! – Give you a little heart attack, ha ha. Bye Jake! – [Jake] Bye! – Success! Okay you guys, so it’s time for me to prank Jordan once again. I got some packing wrap,
like bubble packing wrap, that you can pop. I’m gonna put it underneath this mat, so when she walks in the
house, she’s gonna step on it, and it’s gonna be so loud. Alright, I just stuck it underneath. It’s right here. You can’t even see it underneath, that’s how hidden it is. Alright, I’m gonna wait
for her to come inside. Okay I think Jordan’s
bringing in more of these. We’re just gonna wait. Oh! – Oh my gosh! Ah, Audrey! That’s it! Why do you keep pranking me? – [Audrey] What? I need to prank. You got me! What are you talking about, what? That’s what! Oh man, you got some good
pranks up your sleeve. – I know I do. Okay you guys, so this next prank, I’m gonna pull on my family’s phones. So I just barely sent
each of them a picture off my phone that was
a really funny selfie either that they took, or that I have captured
on my phone somehow, and I’ve gathered their
phones, so that I can hurry and flip it and make it as
their home and lock screen. I don’t remember if they remember
ever taking these photos, but here is Dad’s first one. He’s basically going like this, because I caught him right when
he was trying on my jacket. It didn’t fit and he was
trying to say something to me, but I took a picture
mid-sentence and he was like, eh. So I’m gonna make that his screen phone, and not only am I going to do
that, but I’m also going to put tape over both of his cameras. So when he goes to take a picture, it’s gonna be all blurry. He won’t know why,
because the tape is clear. I’m back with the pranks, and
I programmed everyone’s phone so that a funny picture of
them is set as both of their lock screens, and I’ve also
duct-taped some of their front and back ones, but
all of their front cameras, so they wouldn’t be able to see. My plan is, I’m gonna go
to each person and be like, Hey I’ve noticed that you haven’t post on Instagram for awhile, let’s just take a selfie and post it. That’s when they’ll realize
that a, their camera’s blurry. And b, that their phone
screen homepage is different. Let’s go get Jordan. Jordan. – Hello. Hey, I’ve noticed you haven’t been posting on Instagram recently. Do you wanna just take a selfie
and upload it real quick? – Sure! Wait, why is it, it’s blurry. Probably like, I don’t know, humidity? We don’t really have humidity. Okay, why isn’t it like? – [Audrey] What, let me see. – It’s like very foggy. Audrey! (both laugh) Are you kidding me? – Pranked you! Did you notice anything
else about your phone that’s different? – Yes! – Bello! That’s your Snapchat you
sent me from a long time ago, and I saved it forever. Show them your beautiful face. – Looks like my nose is really pointy. – Yes. – [Jordan] This picture’s great. – Yes. High five. I’m gonna go get the
other family members, brb. – Have fun. – ‘Cause I’m gonna get
you again, just kidding. – [Jordan] Oh no! – Better keep your eyes peeled. – [Jordan] No! Alright, let’s go find our next victim. Hey Mom! – Hi! – [Audrey] I’ve noticed you
haven’t really been posting on your Instagram recently. Do you wanna just take a
quick selfie and post it? – Wait a second. I never even noticed this. – What? – What’s on my phone? – What, all your apps? I know, you have a
bunch of apps, like why? – No, that’s not what I’m talking about. It doesn’t look good. – [Audrey] Yas. – [Mom] No, that’s terrible. (Audrey laughs) Am I asleep, am I laying down? – [Audrey] I don’t
know, did you change it? That’s weird. – No, I did not change this. – [Audrey] Okay, well let’s just– – How’d that get on there?
– Take a selfie! – Okay. – You’re weird with
your phone backgrounds. – Wait. What is wrong with my phone? – [Audrey] What? – Wait. – [Audrey] Why is it so blurry? – That’s what I’m trying to figure out. Okay, what’s goin’ on? Why is it doin’ this? Can’t tell if you’ve put
something on there or not. – [Audrey] Hahaha. – Did you do this? – Maybe.
– What did you do? – [Audrey] Pranked you! – I found it out. I’m scraping it. – [Audrey] I put tape on it. – It’s tape! – [Audrey] Gotcha! Now is your camera more clear? – No, I think you broke it! – [Audrey] Oh, well, goodbye! Gonna escape this room fast. Okay you guys, I’m gonna
go see what Jake’s up to. He’s in the theater room. Hi Jake! – [Jake] Hi. – [Audrey] Are you getting
ready to watch a movie? Late night movie parties? Woot woot. Look how big that screen is! Wow! Quick question, why haven’t
you been posting on your Insta recently, and do you
wanna post a picture of us two? – Sure? – [Audrey] Here you
go, I found your phone. It’s almost dead, by the way. It’s on 9%, so– – 5%. Audrey! – What? – You changed my home screen. – [Audrey] Let me see,
what does it look like? – Looks like me going. (Audrey laughs) – Well, pranked you! Okay, now let’s take a picture. – I don’t know why it’s so blurry. There’s tape. Audrey! (Audrey laughs) – [Audrey] You were actually
the quickest to catch on. No one has caught on that fast. Probably ’cause your phone
is all shiny and clean, so you can really notice the tape. – Yeah, it is. – [Audrey] Okay, I’m gonna go prank Dad. – Okay, bye! – You guys, I haven’t
been able to find Dad this whole time. Waiting for him. I tried searching the house,
don’t know where he is. But his phone is in this room, so if he does come
searching for his phone, I’ve got it because I’ve tried to, Dad! – [Dad] What? – [Audrey] I’ve been trying
to find you all over. Did you see the text I sent you? – There it is. No, I don’t have my phone. I’ve been looking for it. What the heck? (Audrey laughs) I’m wearing Jordan’s jacket? – [Audrey] That’s my jacket. – Your jacket? – [Audrey] Nice screensaver. – What’d you do to my phone? – [Audrey] You wanna take
a picture for Instagram? – Do I? – [Audrey] I think you do. – It’s really, really, it’s horrible. Did you break it? – [Audrey] I didn’t take your phone. – [Dad] Look how you can’t see. It’s like totally blurry. Look, look how grainy it is. I can’t even see out of it. Looks like there’s ghosting on it. – [Audrey] New Apple update? (laughs) Roasted. – I don’t wanna update my phone. Every time it updates, it messes up. What the heck? – [Audrey] Pranked you! I put tape on your phone! – Is that what that is? Ah! (Audrey laughs) – [Audrey] Gotcha! – I hope it doesn’t
leave the film on it now. How long has the tape been on there? – [Audrey] Well, however
long you’ve been missing. – Ah, I’m beautiful again. – [Audrey] So much clearer. – Good job, Audrey. Guess what? Pranks come back ten-fold. – No, no! Alright you guys, so that
is it for today’s video. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. And if you did, give it a big thumb’s up. Also comment down below,
which prank you thought was the best, and if you think I should
do another pranking video. Leave me a comment down below. Also remember to subscribe
to AllAroundAudrey, and hit the bell icon to be notified whenever I post a new video. I’ll see you guys next time. Bye!

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