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– Hi guys, welcome back to (in unison) That YouTub3 Family! – Okay, guys, real quick,
I’m hijacking the video here just for one second, just
to say a couple things. I’m gonna set up my prank for the kids. It’s three a.m. in the morning, and weird things happen
at three a.m., right? And so, I’m gonna make
sure weird things happen, and I’m gonna play pranks on the boys. But before we get started,
I wanna say thank you to Leviton for sponsoring this video, and for giving us products to demonstrate, which are the Leviton
Decora Smart Switches with WiFi technology, as
well as plug-in devices. So, this is kind of what the
plug-in device looks like. I’ve got one plugged in
behind the wall of the TV. You’ll see here in just a second. And then this is what
the switch looks like. The switch allows you to dim the lights, also turn it on and off. Ooh, better turn it
back on so you can see. And it’s really cool, because
this is how my prank’s gonna be set up. I can control the lights with my phone, and you guys, if you get
these switches from Leviton, you guys can do the same
thing with any smartphone. You could control the switches
and the lights from anywhere. And so, watch this. Boys’ room, I’m gonna turn it off. Three, two, one… All right? Turn it back on. The Leviton Decora Smart
Switches and plug-ins can also be controlled by Amazon’s Echo. And so, as you can see here real quick, I’ve got my switches
controlled by the app, from Leviton’s app, but watch this. I’m gonna talk to the Amazon Echo and have it control it as well. Watch this. Alexa, turn off boys’ room. – Okay. – [Dad] You see how the switch turned off? And the room got dark? Alexa, turn on boys’ room. – [Alexa] Okay. – Awesome! So, watch how this is gonna work. So, follow me over here real fast. So, the boys like to
play video games, right? And so, in their room,
we’ve got a TV set up that you’ve got a video game console, so what I’m gonna do in the other room, I’m gonna use my phone,
or maybe I’ll use Alexa… So, the boys like to
play their video games, so what I’m going to do is with my phone, when they come in here, I’m gonna just control this. So, watch this.
So, I can do this. I can come here to Outlet One, which is what the TV’s plugged into, and if I hit this button,
bam, TV turns off. The boys have no idea what happened. As far as they know, paranormal
activity just took place. They’re gonna freak out. But what’s gonna freak ’em out even worse is I’m gonna go like this and bam, the lights go off! Here, turn ’em back on
so I don’t get scared. All right, so, back to
That YouTub3 Family, and let’s get on with the pranks. Today, we’re filming
another three a.m. video. – Aw, I don’t wanna do this again. Last time it was scary. Hey, wanna go play video games time? – No, you guys can’t go play video games. We’re gonna film a video here. – Come on, Ty, let’s go. – Guys, come back.
– Jake! – Ty, Jake!
– Ty, come on! – Logan! – Race you to the computer spot! (boys panting) Ha, got it. Robots time?
– Sure. – (mumbles) – Well, there goes Logan. – All right, well, I know
how to get them back up here. I’m gonna scare ’em. – You’re trying to prank ’em? – I’m gonna prank ’em. Okay, so the boys think they can take off? Well, I’m gonna prank ’em here. It’s three a.m., so they’re
gonna be really freaked out. So, I replaced all the switches downstairs with the Leviton Decora Smart
Switches with WiFi technology, so I can now control the
switches on my phone. So, what I’m gonna do, I’m
gonna flip the lights off and then turn them back on, flip ’em off, turn them on, I don’t know,
until we hear them screamin’. So, ready?
Watch this. So, I just downloaded the MyLeviton app, and I flip the switch off… – Ty, what just happened? – Who turned off the lights? – I don’t know. Did you?
– No. (boys scream) – Hey, guys. My name is Gertie, I love tic-tac-toe. (animal sounds) – Here they come. What’s goin’ on, guys? – The lights went off (mumbles) – What? – The lights went off, and
we saw Gertie and Therma. – The lights went off, and
you saw Gertie and Therma. – Gertie and Therma?
They came out of your closet? – They’re back?
– Yeah! – Really? – So, why aren’t you playing video games? – Because we’re scared. – You’re scared?
– Yeah. – (laughs) Oh, that’s funny. Well, that’s what happens when
you try to play video games at three a.m. Okay, so, let’s start out with
something maybe not scary, how’s that sound? – Okay.
– All right. So, something as simple
as opening up a box. So, we received a package
in the mail today. Let’s see what happens
when you open up the mail at three a.m. Do you guys think
anything bad will happen? Do you guys? – No, I don’t know.
– Probably not. – No? Okay, Jordan, why don’t you open it? Because if anything bad’s gonna happen, we’ll let it happen to Jordan. – What? Okay (gasps) Whoa! – [Audrey] Wait, someone
turn back on the lights. Why are the lights off? – [Jordan] Guys!
Why is the lights off? – [Dad] I’ll get the lights. – [Jordan] Hurry. – [Audrey] Did you turn
off the lights, Jake? – [Jake] No! – Okay, the lights are on. – What happened to all the stuff? – What?
– There’s nothing in the box. – There’s nothin’ in the box? – Yeah, there was stuff in here. – What? – Look, the box is empty. Great! Well, don’t open mail at
three a.m. unless it’s bills, because it disappears. Yeah, so I guess if
you’re gonna open up mail, open up all your bills. – I do not wanna really do this, so I’m gonna go into our
room and play video games, because this is starting to creep me out. – Are you guys getting creeped out? – Yes. – Are you girls getting creeped out? You’re really gonna leave? – Yes.
– Okay. All right, we’ll miss ya. – Hope Gertie and Therma don’t come. (all laugh) – Yeah, don’t let Gertie
and Therma get you. – I can’t believe they
actually left their closet. – Okay, so, I’ve enlisted
Jordan to help me with the pranking of the boys. They’re in their bedroom. If you remember right, I
said earlier in the video that I changed some of the
switches and the outlets there for the boys. So, what we’re gonna do is
Jordan’s gonna take the camera in there and just kinda
see what they’re doing, and I’m gonna sit out
here and flip the switches and mess with them. I’m gonna turn off their TV,
I’m gonna turn off the lights. Jordan, in the bedroom is Alexa. – Alexa, okay. – So, when I turn off the lights, say “Alexa, turn the boys’ lights on.” – Okay. – And that should turn it back on, and that should freak ’em out, because they don’t know
Alexa’s in the room. Alexa’s in there listening to ’em, and they don’t know what Alexa is, and so, guaranteed
they’re gonna freak out. (Jordan laughs) Let’s go try it out.
– Okay. – Okay, so, again, on the app here, on my Leviton app, I’m
gonna go to the boys’ room, and I’m just gonna flip off the lights. It’s that easy. They’re now playing in the dark. – [Jordan] What are you playing? – MarioKart. – [Jordan] MarioKart, cool. – Oh my–
Oh my– Okay, mom! – [Jordan] Alexa, turn on the boys’ room. – Mom! Dad? – [Jordan] That was weird. – [Jake] Oh my, what’s happenin’? Alexa, what? – I’m gonna turn it back on. – [Jake] Okay, it’s back on. – Okay (laughs) Here we go. – Mom! Dad!
Let’s go get them. Oh, there you are.
– What? – The lights turned off,
and the TV turned off, on and off again. – Hm, it is three a.m. Guess what? – What? – We could be haunted. Alexa, turn off Outlet One. Alexa, turn off Boys’ Rooms Lights. – [Alexa] Okay. (Dad laughs) – [Ty] Dad! – [Jake] Okay, what’s going on here? – [Ty] What is? – [Jake] Okay, Ty, I’m done. This room is haunted.
I’m leavin’! – [Ty] No, wait for me! Wait!
Wait, I’m not moving. – Guys, do you guys wanna
pull a prank on Audrey? – (in unison) Yes. – So, there’s a prank where you can– Supposedly, you put
their hand in warm water, you know, when they’re sleeping, it makes them pee the bed. So, should we do that and try
and get Audrey to pee the bed? – Yeah. – Okay, so, we gotta get
a thing of warm water. Audrey’s downstairs in her bed sleeping. Let’s go down there, see if
we can get her to pee the bed. – Let’s get a lot of water.
– Come on. Okay, let’s fill this up, and then when we go downstairs, she’s sleeping, so we’ll
put her hand in it, and then we’ll see if she pees– – I’ll put her hand in. – Okay. – So, you put the thing right by her. – Okay, go down and… You gotta be quiet.
Don’t wake her up. – Wait, what? (boys giggling) Boys! That’s it, they’re getting payback. Tried to make me pee the bed. (stomping) (Audrey laughs) – Ah, my ears! (Ty yells) – So, lesson learned. Don’t try to get me to pee the bed! – It was Dad’s idea. – Now you’re pranked, Ty. – It was Dad’s idea! – Yeah, it was! – Fine, let’s get Dad. – Yes. – Okay, guys, so, I’m in Jordan’s room, and I’m gonna pull a prank on her. I know she’s super scared
and gets spooked really easy, so I found this little guy, and he’s gonna look like an intruder, and so, as soon as she opens her door, she’s going to see him
peering out from right here around the corner. It’s gonna freak her out. Okay, so I’m going to set
this up while she’s upstairs. Oh, my gosh, this is gonna be so crazy. Okay, so when she opens her
door, she’s gonna see this guy there, and it’s gonna freak her out, ’cause that looks pretty
spooky right here. Look at that, guys.
Look. That would be creepy. Let’s watch Jordan come down
and get scared to death. – (screams) Oh, my gosh. Oh!
Who did– (Mom laughs)
Mom! – You got scared!
– You’re mean! That was so scary.
– That was so awesome! – That was so scary. – Got you! – That is a scary prank. Ooh, get it out! – I got her so good. That was so funny, oh, my gosh. I can’t wait to prank someone else next. This is so awesome. (screams) Oh, my gosh. – Okay, so, I found Dad’s razor,
and I am going to prank him by shaving the back of his head. Just a little strip so it’ll look funny. All right, are you ready?
Come on. (razor buzzing) – Oh, my gosh. What are you doing? Stop! – Wait!
– Stop! – I gotta finish now! (razor buzzing) (Dad gasps) – Jordan! – It looks great. – [Dad] Turn the lights back on, Jordan. Gosh darn it, stop, Jordan! – [Jordan] I’m not doing anything! – [Dad] Jordan, get away. – [Jordan] I’m not doing anything! – [Dad] What–
Ow, stop it! Stop it, Jordan! – [Jordan] I’m not touching you at all. – [Dad] I can feel it. Stop! This is not funny. This is taking the prank too far. – I didn’t touch you at all, I promise. I only did that one bit. – What did you do? – I didn’t? – Jordan–
(gasps) – I didn’t touch that side of your face – Jordan! That is not a cool prank. – I only did that much. – No, look, you did my whole head. – I didn’t do this. It’s somethin’ about three a.m. This is–
No, I did not– – You better run, girl. – No! No, I don’t want a bald head! No! Dad, do not. Do not! – Stop.
Stop. – (shrieks) No! Dad!
Okay, stop it. – Should I do it?
– No, stop. – Should I do it? Comment down below if I
should shave Jordan’s head like she shaved me. – No.
Okay, let’s end it. Let’s end it. – All right, let’s end the
curse of the three a.m. pranks. Truce?
– Truce. Comment down below what
was your favorite prank, and we’ll see you all next time. (in unison) Bye! (cheerful music)

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