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(screaming) – [Katie] Oh they both are neck to neck. (upbeat music) – It’s slippery. (upbeat music) – Hi guys, welcome back to – [All] That YouTube Family. – And we are Adventures. – And today we’re going to be playing some pool games here at
the Great Wolf Lodge. So it’s whoever can survive, last to leave the pool, all the pool challenges
that we’re going to do, will win the game, $100 is at stake, you get $100 if you can be the one that wins all of the challenge. So each round we’re going
to have a mini challenge. One player will be knocked out each round. They’ll be out of the
game, out of the challenge. – Can it be $100 at the arcade here? – [Katie] Oh, that might be a good idea. – ‘Cause it actually goes further ’cause they give you a
discount so you get more. – Yeah, know what, you
can spend it however you want to, that’s fine because there’s a lot of fun things to do. Are you guys ready to play? (family cheers) – But before we get started
make sure you subscribe. (adventurous music) – Okay guys, the very first challenge is, the last person to get wet wins. (screeching) (buzz) – Oh David is, David’s wet. Wait, wait what, wait we
need to set some rules. You played too early. – Dad and Ty both lost,
they’re both soaked. – I got my back wet. – Wait wait, should we try that again, we weren’t ready. – Yeah, I was just
minding my own business. We need to all stand within a certain area and we can’t move from that area. The person who’s the
least amount wet wins. – My back’s already wet. – [Katie] You’re already wet? – Yeah I only got my legs wet, slightly. – Okay we’re doing this again. Whoever’s the least wet
wins this challenge. As soon as we see the water coming out of the yellow spout up above, we can start running. (screeching) Who got the most wet on that? I have a feeling it was me. It was me or David. – I got pretty wet.
– I did too, should we– – I don’t want to be out yet. I don’t wanna be first one out. – Okay because David
and I were the most wet, we’re going to Rock, Paper, Scissors out. Best out of one, let’s go. – I think the kids got me more wet. – Oh, I’m out of the challenge, no. I wanted to stay in this
challenge, this is fun, it’s a pool challenge. Next up we’re going to be doing the basketball hoop challenge. Okay so in the basketball hoop challenge, each player gets three balls. Whoever makes the least amount of baskets is out of this challenge. Okay they all have three balls each. David’s up first, let’s go. {buzzing)
– Oh he missed! Two more shot.
(dinging) One for David. (buzzing)
One point for David. All the kids have to do
is get two balls each and David will be out of this challenge. Jordan’s up. (buzzing)
Oh no, Jordan, no. You have to make the other two. (buzzing) Oh no, Jordan may be out
of this challenge, no. (buzzing) Aw, Jordan got zero. Okay, Jordan may be knocked
out of this challenge. If the boys can just get one basket, they stay in, Jordan’s out. – I did not do very well, I was so bad. – Okay Ty, you’re up. (buzzing)
Nope. (buzzing)
Oh! (buzzing) Oh no, looks like Ty did not make any baskets either so it’s up to Jake. Can Jake make Ty and Jordan do a showdown? (dinging)
Oh he scores one, (dinging)
Two. (buzzing)
He got two. Jake is the winner of that challenge. He scored two, David got one. Ty and Jordan need to do a showdown. – Okay so it’s sudden
death for Tyler and Jordan. Now the way that they’re gonna win is the first person to make it will win. (dinging)
Ty won, Ty. – Alrighty guys it looks like Ty is staying in this challenge, Jordan got knocked out, that means it’s a boys only challenge, girls got knocked out of this challenge. Girls failed at the waterpark games. Okay, guys, the next challenge
is the log challenge. Whoever can stay on the log the
longest wins this challenge. Now this is a little difficult. As you can tell in the background they’re having a really hard time getting on top of the log. The rules are that they can shake it, they can wobble it, whatever they want, as long as they stay on that
log they’re in the challenge. The first person to fall off is out. It looks like they’re going
to start in sitting position and move towards knees
if they make it that far. Here goes David trying to get on. Move the log, go crazy. Jake, hold on, the competition
has not started yet. – We haven’t even started. – [Katie] As soon as
Jordan let’s go of the log, the game is on. – [Jordan] Ready? – Okay, as soon as Jordan let’s go. Are you ready? All right game is on. Hold on, Ty’s off first, then David! Oh my goodness, we need to do
a slow down replay of that. Ty went off so fast before they could even get to their knees. David followed, Jake
is the ultimate winner of this contest, Jake won. – That was, it was hard enough
to get them all on the log let alone have them stay. (Katie laughing) – Okay here comes the winners now. Let’s ask them what their strategy was for that competition and what their next strategy is. What was your strategy
in that last competition? – Just to stay on, that thing was slippery and it was like wobbly, it was crazy. I just had to beat Ty,
that’s all I had to do. – Okay and what’s your
strategy for the next one? – I’m going turbo. – Okay Jake, what was your strategy in that last competition? – Just hold on, don’t
let them knock you down. – And how are you going to
defeat Dad in the next one? – Go as fast as you can. – Oh, okay, let’s see
if their strategies work if they can make it because up next is the lily pad competition. They can use the ropes to make it across, but they have to hurry. – The first person across,
all the way across, wins. – [Katie] Yes.
– Wins everything? – [Katie} Yep. – Grand champion, $100?
– [Katie] Oh yeah! So getting ready to go, David’s
all ready, here they go. Jake, David’s gonna hang. Who can make it across the first? Game is on, they’re both at neck to neck, who’s going to do it? Jake might be it, no Jake fell off! Can David make it? David just has to make
it across, go David! Jake went off, all you have
to do is make it across. David won the challenge! (cheering) – I’d like to thank everybody out there who had faith and confidence in me. ‘Cause I was the underdog
and nobody thought I was gonna win, but I was the dark force, I came through and I get
the $100 for the arcade. – Can I join you? – [Katie] Jake, how did you feel about your performance on that last round? – I did terrible (laughs). – So Jake was so close
to Dad and then he fell at the very last lily pad
because he was too confident and going a little too
quick and off he slipped. Good job David. – All right, so I wanna give everybody a chance to split up some of my winnings. I want to do a bonus round. – What? – We’re gonna go do an obstacle course on the main area over
there using the Go Pro. The person to go through
the obstacle course the fastest will win half of my winnings. – Half, oh! – Oh, I’m gonna win this. – All right from David’s bonus round, they have to go to the top
of this waterpark playground, pick a slide to slide down, and make it back to us. Whoever does it in the fastest time, without running, wins this challenge and they split half of David’s earnings. What, that’s $50 guys. – $50? – Jordan’s going first,
what’s your strategy, Jordan? – To find the slide closest
to me and go down that one. – [David] Are you ready,
here’s your camera, set, go. – [Katie] There she goes,
she’s off to a good start, having a brisk walk. – It’s slippery. – [Katie] Okay the only
thing that can slow her down is a line of riders on the slide. Wonder which one she’ll choose? Will she choose a fast
slide or a slow slide? She’s almost to the top,
she’s running for it, she’s made it to the top. Which slide is she going down? – Can I go down?
– [Man] No. – No?
– [Man] Have to wait. – I have to wait. No, this is making my time really long. I have to wait. – [Man] You can do down now. – Now?
– [Man] Go. (Jordan screeching) (upbeat music) – [Katie] Okay I think
Jordan chose the red slide. Yes she did, here she comes, right there. She’s gonna make it back to the
shore then her time is over. You gotta make it back here Jordan. Jordan you gotta get back here. – I stopped it as soon as she
came and stopped on the slide. 59 seconds, so basically
one minute Jordan did it in. – Wow, okay the boys
need to beat 59 seconds. If they can do that they
get part of the earnings. – Was the red slide a
good choice, do you feel? – Honestly the blue and red,
they ran the exact same time. We just had to wait extra long because there was a kid at the bottom of the slide and we had to wait for him to move, so I don’t know, it’s kinda
luck of the draw, I guess. – Could you tell from the top which slide was the fastest slide? – No.
– There’s no way of knowing. It’s just a pick, one out of three. Okay, Ty is up next. – Team Shortstuff, you ready? – [Katie] Okay there goes Ty. Ty’s off to the slide, he’s running up. – [Ty] Okay, I can do this. – [Katie] He’s going for it. Oh, is he lost? He went a different route! Where is he going? Wait, where did Ty go? Wait, I don’t know where Ty went. Did he make it to the top? – Oh I’m in a line. – [Katie] Is he lost? Where is Ty? Ty chose the green slide. Oh my goodness he didn’t
even go all the way to the top, just right now,
he went on the green one. He went on the green one. – [Jordan] I dunno, he’s not coming out. – [Katie] There he is. – No, that’s not him, that’s not him. – [Jordan] Did he go for the orange? – Jake said he’s on the green slide. Guys, I don’t know where he is. Ty chose a crazy path, where is he going? – He went off-roading. – What, we lost Ty, we lost sight of him. I don’t know where he went. Where’d he go? – [Ty] What? – [Man] Red or blue, red or blue? – [Katie] I think he
chose the green slide. – [Man] Blue, want to go down blue? – [Ty] Sure.
– [Man] Go. – [Katie] I think so. We do not know, how far are we? – [David] Jordan’s already beat him. – [Jordan] I already beat him? – [David] He picked a slow slide, you don’t pick the green slide. – [Jordan] Lesson learned,
do not go off-roading, go for the main path. – [David] Jordan beat him
like she lapped him now. – [Jordan] Where is he, for real though? – [Katie] Right there, there he is! – [David] What slide did you come down? – I picked blue. – He picked the blue
slide, we didn’t see him but he’s at 1.51. Jordan beat you. – There was a line. – [David] But you’re in second place. – There was a line? Oh so he did not go for the green slide. We thought he was, instead he turned, he went up a different staircase and he lost that so far. Let’s see if Jake can win this challenge. All Jake has to do is knock out Ty. – Okay, you ready Jake? – Yeah.
– In three, two, one, go. – Go go go go. – [Katie] There he goes, he’s off. Oh he’s going the same
route, he’s headed up. He’s going over, I think
he’s going for the blue. I think Jake went the same route as Ty and he went up the long way up the stairs. Alrighty, let’s see,
he’s headed to the top. He’s made it to the top guys. – [David] Uh oh he’s standing in line. – [Katie] Oh no, he’s standing. Pick a slide. (water rushing) – He said he has to wait. That’s what I had to do too. – He got stuck behind other riders. He is on the slide, let’s see
how fast he can make it down. Did he choose the red or the blue? – [Jordan] No, he’s next in line. – [Katie] Which one did
he choose, red or blue? – [Jordan] I don’t know. – [Katie] Okay this is
gonna be a close battle, I have a feeling Jordan has
got this challenge in the bag. – [Jordan] I’m so surprised. I thought I was for sure gonna lose. – All right, Jake’s time
is a minute and 23 seconds. – [Katie] Good job, Jake. – Second place, which means,
the winner of the kids that’s gonna share the
gift card in the arcade, is Jordan! (cheering) – Plot twist, what? – Jake and Ty can go clean the hotel room while we’re having fun. – [Jake And Ty] No. – Okay guys that is it for
our crazy summer pool games. Oh yeah, who knew who
was gonna be the winner. That’s awesome, could you guys guess that they would win this challenge? If you guys wanna see more games like this let us know in the comments down below. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure to like,
subscribe, and share, and – Hit the bell! – And make today an adventure. We’ll see you guys next time. – [All] Go play, bye! (upbeat music)

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