Family guy Stag Party

tonight hey who wants to play drink
the beer right here. you win all right what do I win another beer oh I’m going
for the heart score well actually Charlie’s got the high
score hey man your clock won’t flush heh you know I feel kind of bad you guys I
promised my wife I wouldn’t drink oh don’t feel bad Peter oh gee I never
thought of it like that hey did you bring the porno? Did I bring
a porno huh you’re gonna love it it’s a classic Listen to me Elsa if I take this
thing out and you’re not on it you’ll regret it maybe not today maybe not
tomorrow but soon uh for the rest of your life oh come on Elsa get on …. The statue was originally a gift from France what is this oh man my kid must have
taped over this for history class ah The Statue of Liberty what are we gonna do
boys boys we’re gonna drink till she’s hot hey that’s just crazy enough to work

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  1. hey there buck fucker do you want to get your fuck on this is stag party where we fuck from dusk to dawn

    oh wait wrong stag party

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