Family History Fun Basket

I really like the Family History Fun
Basket … “Give your grandma a hug and say I love you” … because when I think of
activities, I can put them in there and when we’re together as a family, we can
all go to the Family Fun Basket, pull out the activity … we’re making memories. Mom, Dad, share a trait of an ancestor you would like to emulate … who and why. We’re having those bonding moments where we’re learning about our ancestors, we’re learning about each other … it makes it
super simple to do a really fun family history activity. And it’s funny because we have these
hilarious moments, and probably not quiet the majority of the time, and there’s
wrestling on the couch and there’s screaming in the background,
but that’s the joy of it, and we get to learn about our families while being a
family, and it’s amazing. What is your favorite food grandma makes? Raspberry jam. Share your favorite family traditions. If you could ask an ancestor a question, who would it be, and what would you ask? When I was in kindergarten … So when we’re together trying to do
family history or family activities, we have to switch activities a lot – all the
time – in order to keep them involved, engaged, and not fighting with each other. Think of Oakley doing somersaults, remember Bryce doing his forward rolls on the ottoman … [Music …]

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