Family Reunion Fun

– Do you love your neighbor? – Yes, especially love people with black hair. – With black hair! (laughing) (lively music) – So we’d already ended
the vlog for tonight, but we have to show you guys, my parents and Jeremy and I sat down and painted. We just spent like the last hour, and it was so enjoyable, I’ll show you our paintings. But we won’t tell you whose is whose. – Since the kids woke up this morning they’ve been looking at the paintings and they’ve been trying to figure out who painted which one, and so we’re gonna reveal it to them now. – Papa’s, that one is
grandma’s, that one is yours, that one is mom’s. – [Jeremy] That’s what you’re thinking? Anyone have any different ideas? – The tree one, you know. And the flower one. Is… Mom’s or grandma’s. And that one, the one with shapes is dad’s, and the one with the large trees and that one is papa’s. – I think that the one that I think that looks really cool is mom’s. I think that the flower one is grandma’s. I think that one with all the trees close together, I think that’s papa’s, and the other one, trees, is yours. – Kendra’s. – [Jeremy] (laughing) Kendra’s! Okay. – I think that papa’s is next, grandma’s, and that’s yours. – [Jeremy] Alright, the
one with all the trees is papa’s. – That one?
– [Jeremy] Yep. The one with the flowers is grandma’s. – [Kids] Yes! – [Jeremy] The one with the
tree and the beautiful sky– – Is grandma’s. – [Jeremy] Is mom’s! – I knew it! – [Jeremy] And so this
one with the squares– – Dad’s! – Is dad’s! – She’s got everything right. – [Jeremy] She got everything right, and so did Laura. Good job! – Booyah! – [Jeremy] Do you guys wanna paint again? – [Kids] Yeah! – [Jeremy] That was so fun. (relaxed guitar music) – Well Jeremy is loading up the van, it’s about time for us to go. The boys are back here, watching for squirrels, they’re trying to track the squirrels, so they can figure out where they live and they’re trying to build a home for the squirrels. The girls have been on the front porch playing house, so, anyway, I think our predominant feeling as we finish up this trip is just that it wasn’t long enough, we just wanna spend more time here, we love it here. – I’m making a squirrel home. – [Kendra] Oh. (lively music) – Well the temperature is slowly climbing. It was gorgeous up at the cabin, like in the high 60s, low 70s, and apparently it’s supposed to be closer to a hundred degrees down
in the Phoenix Valley, so, as we drop in elevation
and get closer to that it’s getting hotter. – We should go swimming. – [Kendra] Who wants to go swimming?! – [Kids] Me! – Well our first stop
down here in the valley, because it’s 98 degrees
out, is to go swimming with Jeremy’s mom and his older sister and his younger brother and their family, so we’re really excited to see everybody, we’re gonna have dinner and hang out, it’s looking like there
might be some rain ahead, so, that would be a
little bit of a bummer, but we are ready to swim. You guys ready? (lively music) (kids cheering) – [Kendra] Yay! (laughing) – [Kendra] He’s swimming! He’s swimming! – [Jeremy] Is it cold? – [Kids] Yes, very! (laughing) – Well the kids braved
the water for a minute, but then they all wanted to get out, it’s a little cold, so we are going to have some dinner and play some games and
just hang out as a family and… Enjoy this beautiful windy stormy night. – Hey Jeremy! – [Kendra] Yay, it’s granny Jo. (kids cheering) – [Jeremy] What happened, Miss Laura? – I get a scratch. – [Jeremy] Did you get a scratch? – Yeah. – [Jeremy] I’m so sorry. – Isaac, what was your
favorite thing up in the cabin? – I think… Motorcycles and ATVs. – Motorcycles and ATVs? (laughing) But I also like the– (lively music) – We’re eating some dinner and then we’re going
to have some ice cream. – [Jeremy] Yes! – Chocolate on the top with nuts. – [Jeremy] Ooh, that looks good. Okay, kitty cat. (laughing) – Okay kitty cat. – I really love people with… Blonde hair. (screaming and cheering) – We’re playing a game called
“Do you love your neighbor?”, it’s our kid’s favorite– – It’s so fun! – [Jeremy] It’s so fun! – Do you love your neighbor? – Yes! I especially love people that wear glasses! – [Jeremy] That’s you! (cheering) It’s Laura! (cheering and clapping) (laughing) – Ha ha, look at her face! – Do you love your neighbor? – Yes, and I especially love people with their feet. – [Jeremy] Oh no! (laughing) The swichteroo! – Do you love your neighbor? – Yes, and I especially love… People… Who are wearing shoes. (cheering) – [Jeremy] And Laura! (laughing) – Laura, do you love your neighbor? – Yes, especially love… People with black hair. – With black hair! (cheering and screaming) – [Jeremy] Hunter is it! Well playing games was fun, but the best part of being with family is catching up and hearing
what’s going on in their life, and I just love those people. (mumbles) (laughing) – There’s one donut, don’t you like me? – [Jeremy] Oh my
goodness, how do you know? – She just kissed me randomly. – [Jeremy] That’s cool! – Yeah!

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