Family Shabbat Dinner and Learning

We love coming to the family Dinner and Learning
program at Stephen Wise because it’s a great chance for our kids to meet up with their
friends, and for the grown-ups as well because it’s a great sense of community. Not only is there fun playtime and storytelling
with Rabbi Sam, there’s also an amazing dinner. Family Shabbat Dinner and Learning is a really
vibrant and exciting program that we have, where we get families together with kids of
all ages. There’s incredible music, there’s a beautiful
service, all kinds of activities that have been lovingly curated and thoughtfully put
together. Like I don’t have to cook dinner! There are really fun games and activities,
and really good food and dessert. It’s an incredible way for me to be with my
own family celebrating Shabbat, while also being with the other amazing families at the
synagogue and getting to know them. I walked over with my son, Saul, and I told
him we were going to Shabbat Dinner and Learning at Stephen Wise, and he was like, Yes! After a long week of work or school, it’s
nice to be able to take a deep breath and relax a little bit. That’s one of the great things about coming

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