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Emotions matter the most Ask my subscribers, they care for emotions Cinematic blogs can take a backseat for a while You all are under camera..oh! Get serious! No no don’t get serious! Thank you sir for choosing McDonalds Thank you so much Birthday Cake the cake is burning! happy birthday sign is burning! then blow the candles quickly! Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to Ishban May God bless you, no no don’t put it on my face Enjoy Happy birthday, happy birthday o everyone! This cake is too soft and creamy cherry! Put the cake on Mummy’s face! It will be fun! Bhaiya why are you being so mischievous Arrey! I have turned 21 years old I don’t do any mischief planning to do prank Arrey the cake comes in a plate right for birthday cake Mummy! Papa! No no not on me! You are doing it too much! I have not done this prank on anyone in my life and its actually the most fun to do this cake prank on my parents Don’t do this no more Happy birthday! You have made it? Yes! What? Really!! Thank you so much! Thank you thank you Just by the way Today Mr IY Vlogs celebrates its birthday too this is really sweet thank you there is a surprise gift behind it give it to me “Bhaiya Birthday Gift double fun” Look at this bird also birthday gift offer is here as well! There’s something else too Take this..Happy birthday! What is this? You will have to open it and see There is a reason for this gift do explain it Leen Oh! Very useful! I have given this useful gift to you from my pocket money I have not wasted a single rupee for myself Totally bought this gift for you Thank you so much I have the best idea! You give your gift now What other gift is left to be given Even I don’t know! That is totally my idea and its the most useful gift happy birthday ishu Should I open this? You gift wrap it with so much effort Let me open it! oh! “laughter” “more laughter” “very high amounts of laughter” This gift can be used all over the world take this gift as well! happy birthday give me the whole house only! thanks to all my lovely family bloggers

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  1. Did you like the surprise gifts?πŸ˜‚
    For more family, fun and Mr IY Vlogs

  2. Belated Happieee Birthday!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Hope you are going to lose some weight by next year! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Good job Leen…πŸ˜‹πŸ˜ƒ

  3. Mast mast Birthday Vlog. Keep yourself happy, healthy and hopeful…Don't miss to use of trimmer, skipping rope and enjoy daily work.

  4. Happy birthday Ishban! @Rajesh Uncle should have given razor instead of trimmer πŸ˜…
    Nice painting Leen πŸ‘πŸ‘

  5. Happy bday bhaiya….

    I know i m late….but love ur vlogs bhaiya….. I am from Aligarh UP… Plz visit here

  6. Belated happy birthday bro may God bless you and your family are doing well and soon you get a silver play button on your wall

  7. Uncle, Aunty, Leen ne kya mast gift diya!
    And bohot hi khubsoorat painting banayi Leen ne❀
    Really useful
    Bohot pyara vlog

  8. Happy birthday ishu all gifts are very nice and useful also

    God bless you dear bro
    Always be happy like this

  9. Quite sweet stuff!

    It's actually commendable that IY had the courage to leave engineering from MUJ to persue his passions. And it's actually pleasing to see him do so great at it.
    Not copying the other's content (originalityπŸ’―). Improving year by year. And the content too – the way he shows it makes me believe that he'll soon from 13k reach 13M.

  10. I want to go to India some day. I love to watch your videos to see what life is like in another country =)

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