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Hi, I’m Liam. Hi, I’m Miles. Hi, I’m Ronja. I’m Adia. In this episode, we’re going to look at all the things that Vienna has, that are awesome for kids and family. If you love anything that’s kind of old and weird, Prater is the best. Of course, you have all these real, new rides, crazy rollercoasters, but you have them next to some of the original, old rides, so there’s a taste of history here. There’s so many things for every age to enjoy. There’s a club in the middle of this place, so people come out here at night listening to music. It is such a special and unique amusement park it’s far more than just rides. Go Liam! Where else in the world do you see something that weird, in the middle of an amusement park? So what do you do on a rainy day, when you’re with kids in a city like Vienna? You go inside, of course. And today we’re going to go into the Technical Museum and check out some things that are really cool to do with kids, on a day such as today. You guys want to go inside? Yeah! Let’s go! We’ve got trains, planes and automobiles and even a high voltage room. It’s a great place for adults and it’s even more fun for kids and it’s the perfect thing to do in a city, like Vienna, on a day like today. And now the boiler tube shoots away from the locomotive. The locomotive becomes a rocket. Cool. High five! Let’s go to the high voltage room. Yeah? At the bottom, there’s a direct-current source, which produces negatively charged particles – electronically. So, what has to be one of the most fun museums in all of Vienna is the Zoom Kid’s Museum. It’s a place with lots of hands-on activity, workshops, special exhibitions, and all sorts of things for the kids to have fun, and for the adults to watch and have fun too. Today, we’re visiting an exhibition about plastic, so we’re going to go and check out inside what the kids think about this world of fun. Come on. Behind me is Danube Island and this is one of Vienna’s favourite recreational spots. You can go jogging, swimming, trampoline jumping, anything in between and it’s home to Europe’s largest open air summer festival, the Danube Island Festival. We’re going to check out what this twenty-one kilometers of fun has to offer. Let’s go. Here’s another family, fun activity to do at Danube Island. We’re at the Donauinsel Kletterpark – the Danube Island Climbing Park, and we’re going to take the kids and see how far up we can go and how fast we can fly down. I’m going to bet that the kids are better at this than me. That’s the end of our episode. I hope you guys had fun, did you have fun?
– Yes. Did you have fun?
– Yes We’re saying tschüss from Prater, remember, if you guys like what you see, leave comments, subscribe to our channel and till next time, see you, bye!

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