Famous People With Long Marriages Who Finally Divorced

From Hollywood superstars to political candidates,
these famous duos couldn’t make their romances last. Today we talk about some well-known couples
who called it quits after long marriages. 11. Arnold Schwarzenegger & Maria Shriver These two met back in 1977 at a tennis tournament
when Tom Brokaw introduced them. About nine years later, they tied the knot,
and three years after that they had their first child, Katherine, together. Maria and Arnold went on to have three more
children, Christopher, Patrick, and Christina. Throughout his years as a bodybuilding champion,
Hollywood star known for hit films like The Terminator and Collateral Damage, and his
time as Governor of California, his Emmy-winning wife was by his side. Unfortunately for these two, their love couldn’t
stand the test of time. After over twenty-five years together, they
called it quits shortly after Schwarzenegger’s seven-year-run as Governor of California came
to an end in 2011. 10. Ron & Opal Perlman From acting in Hellboy to voicing the narrator
in the Fallout 76 video game, Ron Perlman has done just about everything in Hollywood
– he even tied the knot with amazing jewelry and fashion designer Opal back in 1981. They had two children together, Brandon Avery
and Blake Amanda, the former of which now produces electronic music under the alias
Delroy Edwards. Things seemed happy-go-lucky for the duo for
decades, but mid-2019, Ron was photographed getting intimate with a costar. Six months after the incident surfaced, they
announced their separation, leaving thirty-eight years of marriage behind. 9. Wendy Williams & Kevin Hunter Hollywood gossip queen Wendy Williams and
her now-ex Kevin Hunter started dating back in 1995 after she divorced her first husband,
Robert Morris III. The two had their one and only child in 2000,
Kevin Hunter Jr., who is now nineteen years old and attending university. But, their marriage has been rocky from the
start despite it lasting for so many years. Shortly after Wendy gave birth, Kevin was
caught cheating, and although they attempted to overcome the incident and move forward,
several other allegations came out over the years. Things were difficult for Wendy since Kevin
was working as her agent and manager, but she finally filed for divorce in April 2019,
supposedly giving him the papers on the set of her famous talk show. 8. Niecy Nash & Jay Tucker Carol Denise or “Niecy” Nash is known
for her role as Raineesha Williams on the comedic cop show Reno 911, but more recently,
she’s been recognized for her break-up with long-time husband Jay Tucker. She announced the split via Instagram, simply
stating that she and Tucker make better friends than romantic partners at this point in their
lives. They originally met in 2009 and were engaged
a year later. They exchanged vows in 2011 in a lovely outdoor
ceremony at a Malibu vineyard. Niecy had been married once before to Don
Nash and had three children with him. Although she and Jay Tucker never had kids
together, they certainly made a lot of memories. Niecy noted that she and Jay will remain friends,
and she wants to interview any girl he starts dating to make sure he’s taken care of. 7. Rachael Leigh Cook & Daniel Gillies These two good-looking stars won the hearts
of people everywhere – Rachael Leigh Cook through She’s All That and Daniel Gillies
as the seductive original vampire, Elijah, on The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. After they met, quickly fell in love, and
became engaged, Cook and Gillies tied the knot in 2004. The duo had their first child, Charlotte,
in 2013 and their second, Theodore, in 2015. But, despite their obviously amazing gene
pool, Daniel and Rachael decided to take steps against having more kids in 2017. Gillies underwent medical treatment to prevent
having a third baby, stating that he wanted to give all of his love and attention to Charlotte
and Theodore. Unfortunately for Cook, Gillies, and their
children, they decided to call it quits in June 2019 after being married for nearly fifteen
years. They published matching posts on Instagram,
letting their fans down easy and assuring everyone that the split was mutual and they’d
remain close friends and great parents. 6. Morgan Freeman & Myrna Colley-Lee Known for his roles in numerous successful
films like The Shawshank Redemption, Driving Miss Daisy, and Invictus, as well as his Oscar-winning
role in Million Dollar Baby, Morgan Freeman is one of the world’s most adored actors. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been as successful
in his personal life. Freeman and Jeanette Adair Bradshaw got hitched
in 1967 and divorced in 1979. He then tied the knot with Myrna Colley-Lee
in 1984. In addition to Freeman’s four children from
earlier relationships and affairs, Alfonso, Deena, Saifoulaye, and Morgana, he and Myrna
adopted his granddaughter, E’dena Hines and raised her as their own. Shockingly, E’dena’s life was taken in
New York City when she was just thirty-three years old. Myrna filed for divorce from Freeman in 2007
after years of trying to save their marriage. She said that they hadn’t even been intimate
since 2001. They settled the divorce in 2010, and Myrna
walked away with $400 million. She continues to be a big part of the kids’
lives. 5. Al & Tipper Gore This political duo first met in 1965 at Al
Gore’s senior prom. Tipper or Mary Elizabeth went to the event
with one of Al’s classmates, but right after prom, Tipper and Al began dating. They stayed together throughout their college
years when Al was attending Harvard and she was earning a psychology degree from Boston
University. After Al earned his bachelor of arts degree
in 1969 and Tipper finished school in 1970, they exchanged vows at the Washington National
Cathedral in May 1970. After his time at Harvard, Gore was eligible
for the military draft since the Vietnam War was still in effect. He had to serve in the United States Army
for two years although he and his father were totally against the conflict and believed
participating was wrong. After returning to normal life, Al pursued
higher education at Vanderbilt University Law School. Gore never finished his master’s degree,
deciding to run for a seat in the House of Representatives in 1976. Throughout their marriage, Al and Tipper endured
many things together, including his time in Congress, their son Albert’s month-long
hospital stay after being hit by a car at six years old, and his time as US Vice President
during Bill Clinton’s presidency. Al and Tipper have four children, Albert,
Sarah, Kristin, and Karenna. But, some relationships simply can’t stand
the test of time, and they shocked people everywhere after announcing their decision
to separate in 2010 – right after they purchased a new home. 4. Ian Ziering [eye-un zeering] & Erin Kristine
Ludwig Known for his roles in various television
shows – most prominently Beverly Hills, 90210 – and movies, Ziering is definitely a heartthrob
who’s also recognized for his real-life romances. He originally tied the knot with Nikki Schieler,
a Playboy model, in 1997. But, they stayed together for less than five
years, divorcing in February 2002. Ian met Erin in late 2009 and proposed after
dating for just a few months. They got married in Newport Beach in May 2010. During the couple’s first two years of marriage,
Ian was a part of the Chippendales Las Vegas residency, and Erin supported him throughout
that time. She even participated during some of the performances
– far from her day job as a lifestyle blogger. Erin and Ian had their first daughter, Mia
Loren, in 2011and second daughter, Penna Mae, in 2014. Ziering said that being a dad was the “best
role” he’d ever had. The couple stayed strong through Ludwig’s
2016 medical scare when doctors discovered that she had eight tumors in her liver. Luckily, the tumors were non-cancerous, and
although she experiences pain daily, she was just happy that she had Ian and their girls
to keep her optimistic. Despite the hardships they endured together
and memories they made, Ziering and Ludwig couldn’t keep their relationship alive,
deciding to separate in 2019 after nine years of marriage. 3. Sarah & Todd Palin Nearly everyone has heard of Sarah Palin,
who ran for vice president alongside John McCain in 2008 and became Alaska’s ninth
governor from 2006 until 2009. Todd Palin is lesser known than his now ex-wife
but is an impressive snowmobile racer and has won the Tesoro Iron Dog, the longest snowmobile
race in the world, four times. Sarah and Todd were the epitome of fairytale
romances, meeting in high school and tying the knot in 1988. Together, the high school sweethearts had
five children – two sons, Trig and Track, and three daughters, Willow, Piper, and Bristol. They also have seven grandkids – two by Willow,
three by Bristol, and two by Track. But, Todd and Sarah couldn’t make the fairytale
last, and the former filed for divorce in 2019 after thirty-one years together. He cited the “incompatibility of temperament”
as the reason for the separation and noted that they found it impossible to keep living
together as husband and wife. They continue to deal with custody issues
concerning their youngest boy, Trig. There’s no specific reason Todd and Sarah’s
relationship didn’t work out, but the negative publicity they received throughout their long
marriage could be a factor. Their daughter, Bristol, became pregnant at
seventeen and participated in MTV’s Teen Mom OG reality series, Track faced domestic
violence charges, and Sarah hasn’t always been a popular topic in the news. Whatever the case, it’s unfortunate that
the once head-over-heels couple couldn’t make things work. 2. Kris Jenner & Caitlyn Jenner These two highly successful people on a blind
date in 1990 after she and her first husband, Robert Kardashian, got divorced after he discovered
that Kris was having an affair. Then known as Bruce, Caitlyn won Kris over
with his old-fashioned aura – he even ordered meatloaf and mashed potatoes on their date. Plus, it didn’t hurt that Caitlyn was an
Olympic gold medalist. The duo quickly fell in love and exchanged
vows just five months later. Their union brought together Kris’s four
kids with Robert and Caitlyn’s four from former marriages. They went on to have two more kids, the famous
Kendall and Kylie. Kris did what she does best and began managing
Caitlyn’s career, getting him gigs as a motivational speaker throughout the United
States. But, that came to an end when they started
the reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. After months of gossip that their union might
be failing and just before Caitlyn came out as transgender, the couple separated in 2015. Sadly, even after twenty-three years of marriage,
the emotional damage following the divorce was too much, and Kris and Caitlyn no longer
speak. 1. Jeff & MacKenzie Bezos From coworkers to the richest couple in the
world, Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos’ relationship was one for the books. They met in 1992 when MacKenzie interviewed
with Jeff and got the job as a research associate at the D.E. Shaw hedge fund. She later told Vogue that she had the pleasure
of listening to Jeff’s intoxicating laugh all day at D.E. Shaw since their offices were side by side. MacKenzie developed a crush on Jeff and was
the first to make a move, asking him out to lunch. Three months later they were engaged, and
they got married about six months later in 1993. Around that time, Jeff told his wife of his
idea for an online bookstore, which we now know developed into the multi-billion dollar
company Amazon. Although it seemed these two would make their
relationship last, they announced their divorce after twenty-five years together. It could be due to Jeff’s relationship with
Lauren Sanchez, who he’d been dating for a while toward the end of his marriage to
MacKenzie. Despite any hardships MacKenzie and Jeff faced,
they remain close friends and co-parents to their kids. Which of these celebrity divorces surprised
you most? Let us know who and why in the comments below,
and as always, thanks for watching!

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