Fan Gives Girlfriend Proposal of Her Dreams on the Show!

Last December during my
12 Days of Giveaways, we surprised an adorable
family at their home in St. Charles Missouri. And the moment we
surprised them, their day went from
good to fantastic. Take a look. Hi. [SCREAMING] No! Hi. Are you joking me? No! Stop! [INAUDIBLE] How’s it going? What? How are you? I’m fantastic. How are you? You are beautiful. You are so beautiful. Oh, you’re beautiful. Let me– who’s on your lap? Oh, oh, this is Jackson. He’s one and a half,
and he’s my kid. This is fake. I can’t. You’re not real. I think it’s her. I’m sorry. I’m sitting on the floor. All right, Dane, I think you
should take both children over there on your lap. I think that’s right. She keeps forgetting
she’s holding one. Today is day 11 of our
12 Days of Giveaways. And one thing is– we want you to stick around. And we’re going to give
these guys everything we want to give you everything
that we’re giving away today. So– No! Yeah. [APPLAUSE] [INAUDIBLE], what do you say? Dane, take that child away. [INAUDIBLE] I’m sorry. And also another thing, I want
y’all to come because you said you wanted to meet me. And that’s on your refrigerator. So I want to fly y’all out
here so that we can meet, OK. No! [INAUDIBLE] All right, Rachelle
and Dane, come on down. [INAUDIBLE] Hi. Hi. Rachelle, Dane, this
is very exciting. We gave you a few months
so that you could calm down before we invited you here. Yeah, no, it didn’t work. But it’s fine. Yeah. Can I just tell you something? OK, go ahead. You are changing this world. And I could never express how
much I appreciate everything that you do every day because
you just give so much light and love to people. And that is just
a ripple effect. And you affect so many people
way more than you think. And I love you so much. Thank you very much. Thank you so much. Thank you. That’s very sweet. This is fine. This is normal. This is very sweet. OK, so how has it been at
home since we got in touch? Crazy. I mean, overjoyed, so thankful. I’ve never seen this
one so excited– Insane. –and happy. I mean, it’s been the
neatest thing ever. And Carter saw himself on TV. He did. How was that? He did. Oh, he’s jumping up
and down like me. I’m on Ellen, I’m
on Ellen, I’m on TV. Oh man, you can’t
put a price on that. And I– forever greatful. It was a good Christmas, right? You got– what was your favorite
of all the stuff we gave you? Everything was amazing. We appreciate
everything so much. But looking at you and seeing
you in my living room, talking, you said my name. And you said it correctly. Like that trumps everything. That is the best thing ever. Like you can’t– Did you realize that you had
lost control of the child that was on your lap? Were you aware that
there was a child– it was like it was a pillow
that you were shuffling around. Yeah, I don’t really think
I was aware of anything. I think I was actually
outside of my body looking at things happen. I wasn’t really– I was focused on you. Yeah, he’s fine. So you have two
adorable children. Yes. So how long have
y’all been married? Well– Not married. Actually, we’re not. We did things
backwards a little bit. But it’s totally fine. [APPLAUSE] [INAUDIBLE] You’re my best
partner, the best mother I could possibly ask for. Will you marry me? Yeah, yeah. [APPLAUSE] I love you. What? What? I love you so much. We’ll be back. We’re back with the newly
engaged Rachelle and Dane. And so we knew this
was going to happen. You didn’t know this. And you did very well. Yeah, usually I could
tell when he was lying. And I didn’t get a
hint of anything. So– And is this– I mean, y’all obviously had
talked about getting married. Oh, yeah. But you didn’t think I’d be
part of the engagement party. Well, no, but I also want you
to be a part of the wedding. So [INAUDIBLE] OK, let me know when that is. All right, and I love
that you’re a nurse. And what you were just
telling me during the break that the patients that
you have watch my show. Yeah, so at work, I’ll do
my rounds on my patients. Some of them have just got
the worst news of their life. And when you know that someone
needs their spirit lifted, the only thing you could
do is turn on Ellen. And so I’ll leave the room. If I don’t have time to
stay, come back around, and everything’s
instantly lighter. And they’re smiling, happy. And you just– you
are the best medicine that they could
get in that time. So– That’s very sweet. Thank you so much. That’s very sweet. But I love that you’re a nurse. I mean, that’s a
wonderful thing. And I know that you
had to stop a lot. Are you still working now? Or, you stopped
because you’re taking care of your grandmother? So I recently stopped like
a couple of weeks ago. It feels like years. But my grandma recently
moved back from Arizona. She’d had a stroke. And so I really want
to spend time with her. And then I also want to get
our oldest child Carter ready for kindergarten. So there’s just a lot
of family involvement. But yeah, they’re ready
for me to get back. I’m ready to go back. And you’re working
a couple of jobs right now too because she’s
not able to work as much? And the fact that– here’s
what makes me so happy about– there’s just hope in the world. Whenever we look at
some stuff that we can focus on all the things
that we don’t agree with or don’t like. But there’s so much
hope in the world that you’re raising money
for my Gorilla Fund, even though you’re
having a hard time. And you’re helping your
patients who are aware of it. And the fact that you’re
looking at other things that need help besides yourself
is a really amazing thing. Well, I mean, [INAUDIBLE]. [APPLAUSE] All right, well, I
know that you have a dream of getting married. Now you’re engaged. And you want to save for a home. So the unlimited cash back bank
account from Green Dot Bank helps save for the future. They want to give you. All right, never mind then. [LAUGHTER] OK, that’s fine. That’s fine. Not going to do it. No. $25,000. [APPLAUSE] Oh my gosh. No. We’ll be right back.

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