Fanta’s 75th Anniversary Commercial (English Subtitles)

And now… a brief time-travel in matters of fantasy: 75 years ago, resources for our beloved Coke in Germany were scarce. Employees at Coca Cola — rather clever brainiacs — had to think of something… …and came up with a brilliant idea. From the scarcely available ingredients, such as whey and apple fibers, they simply developed a new drink. Tadaa! The birth hour of Fanta. “Fanta,” because of its fantastic taste and imaginative (German: fantasievoll) idea. This German icon turns 75 years old. And to celebrate this, we are bringing back the feeling of the Good Old Times with the new Fanta Classic. A brand new Fanta inspired by the original recipe. It tastes uniquely delicious and less sweet… And it is available in the unmistakeable ring-bottle. Yes, the one from back then. The new Fanta Classic — good like before… just today.

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  1. Na ja, mit den Nazis hat es wohl nicht direkt zu tun. Dass die Erfindung von Fanta die Folge des Handelsembargos während des zweiten Weltkrieges war, ist aber vielleicht nicht so ein guter Grund zum Feiern.

  2. The "Good Old Times"

    okay Fanta I know you mean like '70s Germany with the disco ball and the hula hoops, but after talking about the '40s like come on

  3. this commercial was supposed to bring back "childhood memories" hence the bright colors, stop motion, and toys

  4. "Fanta"
    "Good old times"
    Fanta was made in (Nazi) Germany during the 1940s. It's supposed to be childhood memories, but it referred to WWII. Is Fanta evil?!

  5. "Diese deutsche Ikone wird 75 Jahre alt, und um das zu feiern, bringen wir das Gefühl der guten alten Zeit zurück."? Oh ja, die 40er waren eine wahrhaft wunderbare Zeit in Deutschland, da bin ich mir fast schon sicher…

  6. Ahh the good old days… Wait, are you referring to the millions killed in war, or concentration camps?

  7. Just goes to show you how we've gone from a Nazi extrreme to the exact oppisit where we get triggered by a fantacommercial because it refers to it's origins who lie in the Nazi era. I mean this isn't normal right, am I the only one who thinks so?

  8. "the resources where short/die resourcen waren knapp"…. cmn fuck off this entire commercial is WRONG 1 dont mind mentioning the biggest war in history 2 the fanta wasnt invwnted by coca cola employees after germany declared war on thd us the exportation of cola was stopt the germans made there own drink and after ww2 the coca cola company addapted it

  9. That's not a nazi commercial. If you thought it was or were offended in any way, you got trump elected. Check yourself snowflake.

  10. Heil Fanta!

    This is so funny, I bet lots of Trump supporters gona buy Fanta now, half the sugar twice the racism.

  11. "Fanta, it's a blitz!" After all… who doesn't like Mr. Dolfy and his good Ol' Natzee Party!? Dolfy is grrrrrreat! All of Europe totally fell for Fanta!

  12. Well…At least the chemists at Coca Cola in Germany were thinking of how to make a new soft drink…Most chemists in Germany at that time were working on other things..

  13. "We are bringing back the feelings of the good old times" So are we gonna have swastika symbols all over our fanta bottles now?

  14. If you seriously got offended by this when it came out, it's because you wanted to be offended.what is wrong with a bit of nationalistic pride?

  15. Watch this….then imagine duff man talking about Fanta

    I know its terrible and they did not mean it but still


  16. Honestly, the only problem with this commercial is the phrase "good old times". If it wasn't for that, it'd just be a short history lesson on a popular soda. Fanta owes it's very existence to the fact that it was made during bad times when resources were scarce. That's putting aside all of the horrors of WWII and Nazi Germany.

    That said, this commercial makes for endless Godwin's law breaking fun.

  17. This is the ad people got all upset over? I honestly can't see what's wrong with it. I mean , all they want to do is bring back a flavor reminiscent of years long past.

  18. you know you fucked up hard when people thought you reffered the Nazi era to "the good old times" instead of the original Fanta

  19. I'm convinced that this was intentionally tons deaf, and this is just the German branch of Coke trolling the world. Well done.

  20. Fanta….now available in Czechoslovakia, Poland, The Low Countries, France (Not Vichy)…Fanta…just unstoppable taste….Ok I’ll stop now…I think you get my point?……

  21. lol I must have missed this gem of news by not using social media regularly as it really is a non-news story. I don't see any of the SJWs complaining about the Coca Cola Corporation pocketing all the profits made during WW2 in Germany by German Coke Corp because of the launch of this product which was only made possible by conditions imposed on Nazi Germany by the American government. That's more of an issue than some unfortunate wording in a stupid advert in 2015. Fucking Americans.

  22. Comerical: "Fanta Bring back The Feelings of the Good Old Times"


  23. People keep on saying that Fanta was to support Nazi germany but actually the drink was used for the people who didn't have soft drinks at the time since there was war

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