Farm Barn Terra Playset with Fun Animals Toys For Kids

Welcome to Race Toy Time! Hi Guys! Race Toy Time here! Today I have these cute Terra playsets. We have here a doghouse and a wooden red barn. Okay now let’s get started and let’s start
building the barn. Here’s the lift and we’re going to use that
to transport the hay bales to the loft. The barn also comes with two water troughs
and a ladder. So this barn doesn’t come with animals, but
we’re going to put some animals in here later. Next we’re going to check out this cute doghouse. Here it is. Let’s check out the puppies. This is very cute. Look at the details and color. And here’s the other puppy. It looks like it’s getting ready to play. And on the left side we have here a bone in
a bowl and a storage. Oh this is a very cute dog house I love it. He wants to eat the bone. Here’s the other one he wants to stay inside. So that’s the dog house. Now let’s play with the barn. Let’s open the doors. And here’s the other side and here we can
put some chickens and the cows over here. And here’s the back. Here’s the winch. We’re going to transport the hay bales to
the loft. Now let’s bring in some animals in the barn. We have some bunnies. Here comes more animals. We have some cows. Here’s a mother cow and the calf. Here comes more animals. We have some sheep. Let’s open the roof so we can see the insides. Here comes more animals and this time we have
a goat, and pigs. Oh we have some more animals here. It looks like we have some chickens. Here’s a rooster, some chicks, a hen, another
hen but it’s looking down. Maybe it’s looking for food. A white rooster, and a turkey. Here comes more animals. Oh we have some young ponies, a donkey, and
a young donkey, or foal. Here comes more animals, but this time we
have horses. Here comes the last animals. Let’s see what we have here. Oh, we have a llama and alpaca. Now let’s feed the animals. Okay well I hope you guys enjoyed that video
and let me know in the comments which farm animals is your most favorite in this video. Don’t forget to subscribe and click those
thumbnails to watch more fun videos here at Race Toy Time channel. Thank you for watching! Stay tuned….Bye Bye!

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