Farm Birthday Cake Ideas: How to Make a Barn Birthday Cake ( Barnyard & Garden )

how to decorate a winning barnyard farm
cake from fun cake decorating ideas calm let me show you how I decorated this fun
barnyard farm cake that won second place prize in our local country fair a few
years ago first I placed a little cream icing on my cake board to make sure that
my cake would stick and not slide off when we traveled with it next I cut out
the shape of my barn and placed it on the cake to make sure that it fit
properly then I placed a centerline on top and wolves a grassy field all around
the cake next I place the barn on top and stuck on all the fondant walls and
roof pieces that I had made for it then it was time to make my little farmer
husband and wife to place them on top of the cake the theme of the contest was we’ve got a
good thing growing so I gave the happy couple a baby on the way next I added a
cabbage field and a pumpkin to add to the healthy theme and this was the final
result I was so honored to receive the second-place prize in the 2008 Oxbridge
Fall Fair cake decorating contest and my kiddos the Xanthian Quinn did their
mommy proud by tying for first place prize in the kids division please share
this video with your friends and family and join us on facebook to enjoy even
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