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  1. Im a small youtube and would love to grow my channel to be as big as this PRESS MY NAME to go to MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL

  2. I could have sworn I saw that white dress with sequins on the bust on a Pantene advertisement 3 minutes ago…. Some ad about using a product to turn your day to a good hair day.

  3. Lol i have the feeling these stylists aren’t that experienced, a lot of ppl would’ve noticed that second dress is sold EVERYWHERE in fast fashion stores

  4. how is a dress costing $30 the same as cheap groceries? like you're gonna get an allergic reaction if you put the dress on or what? never been broke before clearrrrrrly

  5. lmao what literally no one is understanding is that johnny (the male stylist) is a vintage designer stylist. he doesn't pick pieces that are cheap, modern, fast-fashion pieces like every single one that's shown in this video. as a vintage seller myself, i would've reacted to every single one of these made in china, awful for the environment, highly flammable pieces of consumerist fast-fashion dresses in the exact same way that he did. every single dress in this video reflects on how poor the quality of clothing is nowadays and it's sad! why buy a disgustingly bad $400 fast-fashion dress when you can buy a way nicer dress from the late 90's, made in the usa for $30? this is why the mainstream fashion industry is nasty…

  6. The lady had no idea. She always guessed what he guessed. Makes me cringe that everything in the fashion industry is depending on the label and without a label even professionals have no idea how to price items

  7. Ok almost all of you don’t even know who this is, this stylist looks at Chanel and Vivienne Westwood all day and literally owns archive museum pieces and gives the girls GAG worthy looks, so of course he’s EWing those hideous cheap dresses, you jokes don’t get it 🤦🏾‍♂️

  8. Doesnt like the dress/fabric,guesses its 190,finds out its 30 dollars,and says he would sell it for 180-190….what?😁

  9. I dont mind sharing your opinion but saying ewww just sounds really immature. Like when kids would say what are thoseeeee lol

  10. Everyone going crazy about how “rude” this guy is – his brand is about luxury. If you follow his IG page, his clothing store is literally about sought after designer pieces, that are expensive and exclusive. His idea of fashion.

  11. What’s the messaging of this video? If your clothes are more expensive you’re more fashionable? This is in direct with your other messaging that promotes self expression and self confidence detached from what others think of you.

  12. I don’t think he was trying to be mean or anything, I think “ew” is just kinda something he says often, like a mannerisms. He was just voicing his opinion, I really don’t see anything wrong tbh.

  13. People he’s not being a pretentious snob. It’s not pretentious to to “ew” when you looking at actual garbage. Just because it has a label or is from a particular shop doesn’t means it’s nice. It’s was all plastic. With the exception of the silk dress, all plastic. EW!

  14. That guy, buying an overly expensive, poorly elaborated dress: WOW tHaT’s TrUe fAsHiOn!1!
    That same guy, getting to know that a nice dress is cheaper that expected: Ew

  15. I bought a dress like the first one for literally 30 euro 😂😂😂😂 people are very keen to spend lots of money on something thatbis not worth it

  16. They’re not necessarily just looking at the brands, but the composition, the fabric, the quality, the color story, and just the overall clothing item.

  17. I know some people would be offended at the way he was looking and talking about those dresses but he's being honest lol. Those dresses weren't worth the prices they were at (the ones above $100) and if we saw the process they went through we'd feel cheated. I think of him as a well-informed insider to the fashion industry.

  18. Am I the only one not mad at the stylists for his remarks? Like I often say “ew” or “gross” when I’m shocked or scared etc. as weird as it is. I know Shane Dawson does similar things as well so personally it doesn’t come across and rude, just as he’s shocked

  19. What aggravated me when he said that he needed to take Devin shopping like I really like that dress is really pretty and Devon has really good Style

  20. honestly both of them were rather clueless…only because the Thakoon dress had a pastel color it's vintage?!? Both of them know your industry…EWWWWWWW

  21. It’s interesting to see the difference in construction of the garments and their price ranges. Find these really amusing

  22. To everyone getting salty that the guy said ‘ew’ about a cheap dress. Slave/exploited labour is ‘ew.’ You’re not a bad person if you buy cheap clothes, especially if that’s all you can afford, but taking personal offence because someone is disgusted by slave labour, come on, get over yourself.

  23. yall snowflakes thinking ew means a lot lmaoo. he said ew literally both for underpriced dress and overpriced dress. overpriced bcs the material not good and ppl probably got scammed and underpriced bcs some dresses has feature that should be not priced that low (shoulder pad,etc) like why arent u questioning where this brand or designer or workef get their money from then??? just stop being so offended bud

  24. This “stylist” with that tired Extra large dangling ring and that god awful bomber jacket to say “this is gross” and say “other designers are okay” like girl…you look a mess all around and men of your age shouldn’t be getting fades no more.

  25. Imagine the people who MADE these with their EFFORT or trying to make a LIVING out of it and hearing “eww” I will literally cry 😩

  26. i’m so glad i don’t work at buzzfeed and had my clothes accessed like this, the negative comments would make me feel bad about myself/what i like to wear. :-/

  27. The comments are wild. They're mad because he said ewww but then will turn around and talk about sustainable fashion and ethical fashion but are mad that he's disgusted at sweatshop labor made clothing. And the fact that people are taking it so personal that he said eww and then using that as an excuse to be a mean person. Do you think you're any better than him?

  28. The designers are considering lots of things before making the guesses. They're using reasoning to make educated guesses but the regular degular folks watching the video are guessing them correctly (or at least they're claiming to have…) without even touching and feeling and examining the dress. Kind of weird… wonder why that is…

  29. Ye, I don´t buy such clothes. The problem is, sometimes I can´t find nothing to buy, bc the stores are full of this shity dresses.

  30. i own a lot of lilly pulitzer and their stuff is actually nice! i’ve never seen this dress and i’m glad💀

  31. I dont know i dont know i dont know u guys become a designer for saying i dont know ???how many times did they say i dont know i dont know

  32. I think it made sense how "bad" they were at guessing, because they're fashion stylists, who know how to put together outfits, not know prices

  33. no offense but the women in these videos never seems to have a clue what’s she’s talking about and only piggybacks off of what the guy says.

  34. Ok both of them don’t know who’s Thakoon Panichgul is so all is forgiven! I think also the owner of the original dresses had some reworked baffling the Stylists! I don’t mind the criticism coming from someone helping me; better than the fashion press or the armchair critic! But I also love an inexpensive item like lace shirts from ASOS so I get what the comments are saying!

  35. Honestly If something in my line of work was extremely cheap I would say Ew, because you KNOW something is wrong with the quality of it. He can SAY ew because he works with better dresses. Chill out.

    Honestly Agree with them on most of the choices, like I would say the same thing if I found the dress in a Store that looked like the third one. Though I loved the Showgirl one, That reminded me of Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift Iconic vibes.

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