Fat And Sexy: Body Positivity & Celebrating Diverse Body Types

When I’m dancing, I literally feel in my zone. I think that’s the one time
I feel like I’m in my element and the sky’s the limit. I don’t let my weight hold me back
when it comes to dancing, at all. Body positivity is all about raising
the voices of marginalised bodies, stating that all bodies,
regardless of health and regardless of size,
deserve respect. And you don’t need to find
a body attractive to treat them with respect. Skinny is not for everyone. As you can see, the world’s not
full of skinny people. Like, even when I was younger, I used to be involved in so many
activities, but I always used to be
the chubby child. My gymnastic shorts would
be a little bit more tighter than the rest of them. I think being plus size and having a difficult
relationship with clothes, just trying to find basic things. Same with workout stuff,
it’s so hard to find workout stuff. Fat people work out. Big people, like, plus-size people
go through so much. People really don’t understand.
They think it’s just, “Oh, you’re eating yourself
cos you’re greedy.” Unfortunately, the most
body shaming instances I’ve had are in the gym.
I always find that really ironic. What, because someone’s running
on a treadmill and they’re fat and they jiggle a little bit more,
like, that’s worth…comedy? Like, I don’t think that’s funny. I’ve had all sorts of names
being thrown at me. Fat, ugly… ..disgusting. “Why don’t you go to fat camp?” Or, “Seriously, with a face
like that, no wonder you eat.” Mostly, like, people taking
pictures, people saying… People, like,
moving their shoulders away. When people receive negative
comments like that, it doesn’t encourage us
to look after ourselves, it doesn’t encourage us
to live our best life. It actually isolates us. You know, if you’re big and
you’re a bigger sort of, taller sort of guy,
you’re not really likely to talk much about how
you feel and your emotions and things that
you’re struggling with. As an Asian woman, I grew up
being fed the message that all Asian women are delicate,
small, petite, slender. Why people are worried, though,
why people will say, “OK, you need to lose weight, “you don’t want to develop diabetes,
heart problems.” Like, if I eat a cheeseburger,
what’s it got to do with anyone? I’m using my teeth, it’s going
down my oesophagus, no-one else’s. It’s strangers on the internet who
are so concerned about your health, but they’re not doctors.
They don’t know our medical records, they know nothing
about our medical history. Oh, my favourite line was,
“You’re morbidly obese.” I’m like, “No, I’m actually
really fucking happily obese.” There ain’t no perfect size. The perfect size is what
you are most comfortable at. As much as I’m plus size and
I get a lot of compliments, you know, as well as some negatives, I don’t believe that this
is the body I want for myself. I would want to lose weight
and be more healthy, for my health, and to be fit. Not for any other reason,
cos I believe I’d look more sexier or more prettier,
because as you can see, I ain’t got no problem
with that right now. But I look myself in the mirror
and I love it. My boyfriend doesn’t complain,
my family don’t complain, my kids love me, who cares? I don’t want to be skinny.
I like who I am. I’m mentally healthy because
I believe what self love is, self-love is not going to get
your nails done, for starters. Self-love is not going
to get your hair done. Self-love is knowing that
you love yourself enough not to put yourself
in certain situations. I just think to myself,
you know what, life’s short. If this is the size I’m going to be
the rest of my life, so be it. Why not enjoy it
and look good whilst I’m doing it? Literally, when I’m walking
down the street, I feel like… I’ve got my headphones in,
I feel like I’m just, like… I’m just in my own show, like,
nobody can step to me. I’m just… I’m living life right
now. That’s when I feel sexy. I feel like, when I’ve proper done
myself up, I’ve done my hair and I know I look good,
I do a couple of Snapchats before I leave the house with good
lighting, I know that I’m just… I’m doing the most.
I’m just like, yes. Work…you’ve got this. I think society assumes
that all fat women are insecure. I really actually like my curves, and I like my hips, and they’ve
got a few stretchmarks on them. I’ve just always loved
my stretchmarks. Even before I was body positive,
I’ve always thought they were really beautiful
and womanly and gorgeous. The body you’re in, rock it. Own it. Know that it’s yours
and if anybody don’t like it, just tell them to take that… ..door out your life. It’s just about embracing
what you have and who you are. Being positive about the body
that you were given. And I have had people comment,
going, “Oh, my God, you look amazing,
you’re so brave! And I’m like,
“What do you mean, I’m brave? “No, babe, I’m just fat!” You sort of…understand
that you’re different, that you’re unique
in your own sort of way. You have to understand
that sexy is you. I feel sexy all the time,
I’m not going to lie! Beauty standards
and beauty rules are full of crap. I love my belly.
I love my little Buddha belly! And my boobs are great. They’re just so big,
and just so round, and just so playful and bouncy. Dancing is the one moment
I feel most in my body. I ignore how many
calories I’m losing and just feel my body,
feel my limbs moving, and that’s when I feel most strong
and most powerful. There’s a nice safety
with being around people whose bodies look like you. There’s a lack of judgment. And there is a freedom to it. And I think that’s what people have found in the
body positive community. It’s like, it’s a judgment-free zone where we’re all allowed
to love our bodies and it doesn’t matter what you
look like, every shape, every size, every health, every ability, every
gender, every race is accepted. Love yourself, own it,
and look good doing it. Sexy plus-size girls forever!

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