Fat Burning Dance Workout | Beginners Cardio for Weight Loss, Hip Hop Fun at Home Exercise Routine

What’s up, guys! We are here to do a super
fun beginners cardio hip hop workout. So we’re going to get your whole body movin’ and we’re
gonna get those cardio-rates up. I hope you enjoy it, let’s have some fun! Alright let’s
get back. Standing up, get the energy moving. We’re going to start stepping out side to
side. 5, 6, 7, 8. There we go! Get moving. You can get as low
as you want with this. What’s your style? We wanna know. Give us a call. Alright now
we’re gonna step behind us. You can get really low with this. Step out
back. Bring that knee down. Next, we’re going to bring that back behind us. Ready? Set!
Back. Together. Back. Together. Really make those pops count. Back and switch to the other
side. I may look like a fool up here all waving my arms. Having fun! Back to the beginning.
There we go! If you lose it, that’s okay! Come right back. Take a moment, watch where
we’re at, Woo! Yeah! Now we’re going to take it back, remember? To the side of me. Now
we’re going to take it right back behind us. There we go. There we go. Alright, keep pushing!
Breathe, we wanna breathe! Other side. Woo! How much do you want to challenge yourself?
You can keep it here. All day. Reach it! Alright. Woo! Go ahead take a breather, get your water.
Get your coconut water. Your Vita Coco. Ya’ll ready know though! We’re gonna get real low
with it. Ya’ll ready? Real low. We’re going to start some body rolls. Yeah. Real grungy
with it here. Get deep. You mean it. Yeah, it’s burning. But you don’t care because you’re
a gangsta. You got this! That’s right! Now we’re going to take this to the side. We’re
running through your town! We’re running through your city! Coming for ya! Yeah, really put
that wave in the chest. Get those muscles working. Alright, we’re not done! You wanna
go a little freestyle? Just kidding, not yet! Drop it! There we go. Alright, we’re getting
back low, getting to it. Here we go, get them arms up. Alright, now to the sides. Alright,
get your water if you need to, we’re going to cool down. Good job. Way to stick with
it. Stretch, do what you gotta do. Then meet us back here. Don’t go skipping out on your
stretches now. Alright, we’re gonna stand feet hip distances apart. Left arm up and
we’re gonna pulse. And 2, 3, 4! Really pull in with those obliques. Alright, now we’re
going to switch to the other side. Right arm up, reaching out. Pulsing. Really using your
side to pull and pressing with your arm out. Keeping those shoulders open. Alright, then
we’re going to take the arms up behind the head and those elbows up, step the feet out.
Just gonna roll those hips out. Keep the chest supported, the backs of the shoulder blades
here. Don’t go crouching in. Bring some space into those lungs. Deep breaths. Now we’re
gonna step out nice and wide and fold forward. Left hand comes down and reaching that right
arm up and down. Left arm. Holding. And down. Really twisting with the spine. Alright, then
coming into a nice yogi squat here,, turning the heels in, pressing the knees out nice
and wide. Woop! Or come to chill. Now you can do your Netflix and chill. It’s okay if
you fall, just come right back up. Pressing those elbows in, reaching the spine through.
Deep breaths here. Breathing. If this is too much for you, you can sit back, take your
feet out in front and butterfly folding forward. I had so much fun though! I had so much fun
getting to be with my friends! You know just finding like minded people like you and seeing
what you guys can create together. You know? You never know until you start asking questions,
if you put out ideas and then everybody contributes you can create something really fun and that
will actually benefit others! So I hope that our workout benefited you and please grab
all of your friends and family and just have fun with it! Thank you! Woo! Woo! Woo! Peace
out! Yes! Share love! Thank you so much for joining us, I hope that you got as much out
of it as we did. Save it for later, hit like, share with your friends. Please subscribe
to us if you want to see more videos like this. Let us know. Thank you so much Treehouse
Yoga for sharing this wonderful space with us! It is so beautiful here amongst the tree
tops. Literally. It is so warm and inviting and I hope to see you again!

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  2. The girl with the silver shoes should be leading the group …. the one talking is doing a good job hyping the other girls but she has no rhythm so it makes it hard to believe this might actually work … the girl with the orange shoes is too concern trying to look cute …. girl in silver shoes…. make your own YouTube go solo 😊

  3. These are only useful for the most obese people with the weakest endurance. This is only gonna burn around 60-100 kcal.

  4. Not hating or anything because you guys do a good job but why did I feel like this is a parody to regular exercise hip-hop videos.

    You did make my friday, thank you!

  5. Yo rehearse a few more times before oublishing. Just because you put your trucker hat on doesnt make this hip hop. A for effort.

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  7. The point is to get off the couch!! Wich most prolly haven't yet!!! Sure, was entertaining! So what if they cant dance as some say. It's a fun video:) They got guts to attempt. Also bet that heart rates up!! Is yours?

  8. Uhmmmm…Issa a no for me. This wasn't hip-hop or dance. And the colloquialisms were just awful. You all should have had Sanela leading this…at least she has some rhythm.

  9. Thank you for making a nice positive exercise video it was fun doing it along with someone positive!

  10. Even basic steps can help a lot to keep us healthy, so don't judge guys. It's nice to keep your body moving everyday. 🙂

  11. I really enjoyed this; my 8yo dd and I are on a mission to destroy the frumpy-mum I've become and this made me laugh and enjoy myself, as it's the sort of silliness I go on with at home ❤ thanks for just letting go and being free!

  12. Watching 👁👃🏾👁 the girl on the right side she is enjoying but am not working out honestly am laying on my couch

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  15. As a hip hop dancer, I can certify that those body rolls were 100% inaccurate and most of us don’t talk like that, but I mean this is meant to be a beginner one so…
    But in all honesty the girl on the right was the best.

  16. hello My name is Nick i just turned 33 im a EX Dealer/addict My last weigh in was at 533 lb ive been battling addiction for 6 years i also have sarcoidosis so im on 24/7 oxygen.. But i have turned my life around i have been clean from all opiates for 30 days i also started fasting/ dieting 15 days ago and have lost over 54 lb's follow me on my weight loss journey your positive comments are motivating me to stay on track i will also really want to help others going threw any struggle. You must have a positive mind ALWAYS forward NEVER go back https://www.youtube.com/c/MyTransformation

  17. right is posing to much…
    left is acting to much of a gangsta…
    leader shouldve done this video on her own without all the talking…..

  18. WTF is this??? I was too distracted by the audio rather than getting a workout in. I feel…this was like to a dis to hip hop dancing at the beginning LMAO!!! #Parodyworkout

  19. Hey you, yes you listen up
    Get out of bed not straight away count to 10 and stretch while counting
    Get up have a Relaxing shower and do some squats in the shower
    After that eat a nice breakfast
    But mostly have a glass of water
    But most importantly you're perfect the way you are

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