Father ATTACKS Daughters Boyfriend at Birthday Party

mom get the cake smash it on her head
they whole thing what up everybody how you guys doing
today we got a super exciting vlog today we’re gonna start it off with my
sister’s birthday check it out just walked into my parents house they got a
25 balloon up for my sister’s birthday happy birthday like I got you song from
Louie anybody get some tootsie I think you’ll appreciate this considering how
like the past year of your life has been sabrina has been wearing hats so much
obviously because you know her head we shaved it for her whole procedure thing
that got done yeah no problem ya know proud of your birthday I have to
start off my morning with my greens flush out my system give me some energy
make me feel good I mixed my pea greens 50 with some branched chain amino acids
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am look at that that’s dope go check it out I’m gonna do two scoops and we get
the guilt and today is party day we’re having a surprise birthday party for my
sister I hope she doesn’t know about it I think she’s a little suspicious when
my parents decorated this place and it looks so awesome check it out party time we got people coming in what
are guys oh my god there are so many goodies mom you’re really trying to make
me cheat today aren’t you yeah I know it I know it don’t kid about like
chocolate-covered pretzels yeah see at least she loves me my mouth
this cake is something that’s really cool oh no the balloons going down oh
you already know I gotta go for the meatball sandwich son let’s get it this
thing is always a mess alright Sabrina’s about to be here
everyone’s about the line up and get ready to surprise her he comes up crying
I know we’re upset – we didn’t get the reaction we wanted man I feel you look
you made him cry you didn’t give him the reaction he just got a new drivers license
picture done today look at it no way you kept that one cops gonna come up to you
be like make that face down here now don’t push me – the kids sorry No get the cold yeah yeah you missed a got him like it’s all over
his back make it hit with a rock you’re gonna get hit by the pebble the pebbles
coming for you look at your oh I thought that was blood
dude me too Sabrina welcome to the family oh she’s getting the pebbles he was
trying to use me as rent and protected getting out here ha ha ha fun’s over cleanup time stop oh my god putting the shameful is it just like
national Sabrina beat up everybody day all right no I’m not doing right away
look no see you coming for you you’re almost done wait why do you got
that private property whose properties private I bring it with me I’ll never be
trespassing I guess so yeah you’ve been okay nice to see ya hi Alyssa what’s up
I’m sweaty yo mom you giving them enough food yeah
you’re feeding them for the next three months this is what my mom does after
every party she like tries to find people to just take everything because
she’s like what am I gonna do it all of this food now so she’s like I’ll give it
away you’re giving her the whole Frankie bad girls the reason I said that is
because she’s like you don’t have anyone else to give roles to right we’re
driving to the gym on the bikes at 12:00 at night okay I want to go stop because
my gallon fell off my bike and I literally broke my bike oh my god it
fell off that could have been so bad go catch it you should probably get
that okay no this this bike is sick why does this have perfect ballad look at
this balancing they’re really good tires they are except for when they shuffle
yeah all right so I got it fixed I literally thought I wasn’t gonna be
other job this thing back home yeah we’re out right now riding the bikes
that mole this is so fun y’all might bring these things out to LA
bro yeah bro these bikes are clutch yo who’s got the fetishes with the
pineapples what do you think guys we’re now over at Spirit Auto Center in
Swedesboro New Jersey my boy Shawn actually works here and he’s given me
the opportunity today to drive some super sick cars super excited thanks so
much mom absolutely bro let’s get to it all right we’re gonna start off with the
Viper I have never drove a Viper before in my
life so this is gonna be an experience super excited all right let’s start her up we’re gonna
get a couple reps you guys time to drive psych my dumb a$$ don’t
know how to drive stick I tried learning before but then James’s car broke down
on me so that was not my father the car was just having some issues I do need to
learn but we’re gonna let him drive give me an experience right now in this car
my dude lost his voice so it is hard to understand I’m sorry was that a men’s
retreat this weekend where my church and it was just a really great thing okay
yelling a lot of singing so it’s gone don’t sound like this every day here we
go this is a v8 right all right next up we got the track halt
this car is a beast this is 0 to 60 in 3 point 3 seconds as an SUV that’s really
really nice it’s got 707 horsepower this thing is supercharged and it’s a v8
let’s check it out let’s hear it ready to go that said it’s such a smooth drive to that was fun next up is the red-eye
this is 797 horsepower and it’s a supercharged v8 check it out and that is it we saved the best for
last dude this is this is really fun Thank You Man appreciate the experience
bro so dull I hope you guys enjoyed that vlog if you did make sure to smash that
thumbs up button or not forget to turn on my post notifications so you never
miss any new videos I like to give notification shout out to the people
that do that as well here’s today’s shout out so there girl boom and other
than now see you guys next time

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  1. Hey lance I want a product from 1st phorm but I’m only 12 and I have no money and I don’t lift weights or go to the gym I was wondering if you could send me out some stuff from 1st form I need to lose weight and this would help me a lot

  2. You’re the greatest Youtuber ever I can’t go a day without watching you you make me happy when I’m down

  3. Sabrina and her boyfriend are such trash😂. She’s 25, bald and has a shitty job and her boyfriend is a half retarded drug dealer🤣

  4. Sabrina acts like a 7 year old spoiled child..but worse. So disrespectful to her parents too. gross..behavior, how embarrassing for the rest of the family.

  5. Sabrina is so spoiled and disrespectful it’s unreal. She acts 5 and your parents can’t control her 😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  6. You love cars BUT can't drive stick! No way Lance, that's the best thing about driving cars. You are missing out bigtime

  7. Boi. You got your sister a gucci hat?😑 as many things she proly need and or wanted you got her a hat?🤔😂

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  9. Why sabrina fight lance father like so hard and looking so real i see in many lance video why these is a big question

  10. happy birthday sabrina evan thow I like lance better but it was a nice cake thow. I was waiting in u were eating the cake all of u but throwing it at people that was better then eating a cake.

  11. how are you going to treat your dad like that no matter how chill he is… and the fact Sabrina listen to her fiancé when he told her to stop and she stopped instead of listening to her dad. Ew

  12. lance ive had post notifications on since I started watching back in 2016 andi loved your vines too im trying to make it on youtube if you can pls help me out I also use your pre work out and protein powder the CTC is defiantly the best

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