Father cake topper | 80th Birthday cake ideas for dad / him

Hi happy bees its amanda here and I just thought
I would pop on and show you what Ive been up to this week I made a Father cake topper
for my best friends dads 80th Birthday so I just thought I would show you this 80th
Birthday cake idea for him this human fondant figure is my best friends brother who just
got a promotion in his company so I made him this cake which is bascially johnny in fondant
clothes pointing to the cake this is her dads 80th birthday cake who is also a grandpa as
well and I really enjoyed making this this father cake topper sitting in his fondant
armchair sofa and on the crossword it says happy 80th Birthday its such a blessing to
be able to make cakes like this for people that I love creating a cake is far better
than buying a gift and if you create cakes and have a gift that you can use go ahead
and use it because its so worth it if you want to know how to create human cake toppers
I have a few tutorials on my channel Ill link them above are you having a good summer? let me know in the comments below

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  1. Hi, Amanda. That cake turned out nicely. What do you love about Alice in Wonderland? Have a good day, Amanda.

    Sincerely yours,


  2. I love it! Great job! I will concentrate more on my gift once my son starts school. That will be in a few days.

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