Father’s Day Gift Ideas – Bunnings DIY Photo Frame

Hi my name’s Sam today I am going to show you how to make
brilliant dad photo frame it’s really easy project for kids of all ages to
make and Dad’s gonna love it here’s what you’re going to need. Some PVA glue sticky tape, a paintbrush, some brightly
colored paint newspaper, craft letters, and three of your favourite photos first you need to paint your letters, could be your Dad’s favorite favourite footy team colours, or you can decorate them with whatever you like once your paint is dry you can stick your special phots is on make sure they’re printed large enough
to cover the holes in each of your letters now need to glue your letters together
make sure you get a grown up to help you with this I’m using PVA glue here, just make sure
you letters overlap and glue them together each point. This is going to look great or workshop Dad’s gonna love it!!

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