Feb Celebration 2019.5

– All of this at this point
have lived most of our lives within a very defined structure. Our year is all laid out for us. In the beginning, we get
a literal sheet of paper telling us exactly what’s expected of us. And at the end, all
you have to do is click your BannerWeb like 10 or 20 times and you figure out how you did. But right now, we’re on the
brink of exiting that structure entirely and entering instead a void. No clear expectations. No definition of success. It’s a void that we have
to structure ourselves. We have to shape it. And it will harden into
some shape or another, whether we choose that shape or not. But the void will fill
up before we know it, and to my mind, no one
of these cliched values told to us in a speech could be enough to tell us how to do that well. But that’s the beauty of cliches is we already know them. Now it’s a question of sticking to it, and for all that we’re worth,
holding on to that stick or cane, whatever you wanna call it.

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