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Welcome back to Number Zoo. Do you want to help me feed the animals their
meals? All of the animals eat their meals at different
times of the day and they all have their favourite food to eat. Look, it’s the special Number Zoo clock
that tells us what time it is. The little hand is pointing at number 8, and
the big hand is pointing straight up at number 12. That means it’s 8 o clock Time for a morning feed for the Leon The Lion. Lion’s are carnivores which means they mainly
eat meat. Shall we feed Leon some meat? gobble gobble. It’s now 10 O Clock. Look, the small hand is now pointing at the
number 10. That means it’s time for the Penguins to have breakfast What do Penguins love to eat? That’s right, Fish! Luckily we have lots of fish in this bucket
here. Let’s throw the fish to the Penguins! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Eight fishys should be enough for your breakfast! It’s 12 O Clock – also known as Midday. Look at that, midday means that both hands
are pointing at number 12 and it means we need to go and feed the tallest animal at
the Zoo, The Giraffe! Unlike Leon The Lion who is a carnivore, Jenny
is a herbivore meaning she only eats plants. Giraffes like to eat the best leaves and twigs
from the top of the tree. These leaves are nice and high for Jenny
The Giraffe so she gets to stretch that nice long neck of hers. The time is now half past 1. Look, the small hand is pointing between one
and two, but the big hand is halfway around the clock,pointing to the bottom. That means we’re half way between 1 o clock
and 2 o clock. Half Past 1. I think it’s time to visit Gary The Gorilla. We have some lovely fruit, seeds and leaves
here for you. Gorillas need a lot of food, so let’s throw
him all of this yummy stuff. Can you spot the big hand pointing down at
the bottom of the clock again – this means it is half past again. Look, the small hand is now between the 2
and the 3, which means it is half past 2 and time to feed Benji The Bear. Let’s give him a treat today. His favourite food is a certain type of fish,
a Salmon. There you go buddy, bon appetite! At 3 O Clock it’s time to feed another animal. Here’s Ronnie the Rhino, and she’s looking
hungry. She’s another herbivore, and enjoys eating
grass and plants, so let’s put a nice fresh bag of grass and twigs out for her to much
on. Yum Yum. It’s now quarter past 4. Can you see that the big hand is now in a
different place, it is a quarter of the way around the clock but the little hand is pointing
just after 4. It’s a quarter past 4. I think we should go and feed the flamingos. Oh look, the flamingo’s pink colour is a
bit faded. Let’s feed them some yummy pink shrimp. Ha! Look, when the flamingo eats the pink shrimp,
their feathers turn pink! That’s Amazing! At 5 O Clock, it’s time to give Billy The
Beaver some more food to eat. He eats the bark and leaves off a tree! Watch him chomp away at it! It’s 6 o clock now, and time to feed the
Panda. Do you know what Pandas love to eat? Well, a Panda is actually quite fussy. They only eat leaves from the Bamboo Tree. We had to search high and low here at the
zoo, but we’ve managed to find some lovely bamboo branches for Percy The Panda. It’s now getting late at the Zoo but there’s
just enough time for a night time snack. What time is it? Can you tell the time? Yes, the small hand is pointing at the 8,
and the big hand is pointing straight up to the top. That means It is 8 O Clock. Let’s give those cheeky monkeys a nighttime
feast. What do Monkeys love to eat? Yes Bananas! But they also love all sorts of ripe fruit
AND vegetables. So lets throw all sorts of delicious fruit
and vegetables in there for them. It’s closing time now at the Zoo, and all
of the animals are going to sleep! Thank you for helping us feed the animals
today. Why not come back to Number Zoo next time
and learn to count all of the animals? Bye Bye!!

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  1. Da li zivotinje jedu pisma???? Rekli su da jedu rekli su dobro došli u zoo vrt pomozi te mi da nahranimo zivotinje sa njihovim pismima oni jedu hranu koju vole.

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