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The most beautiful work of art is the female
body. This is probably the reason why many Bachelor parties are featuring an “art exhibition”
featuring female dancers.  Many couples travel to an exotic   location like Hawaii for
their honeymoon. This may explain why husbands-to-be often have an exotic dancer jumping out of
a cake at their bachelor party. It’s some sort of preparation for the honeymoon climate.
These days the kind of entertainment female dancers provide can be very classy and is
often mixed in with other pranks. Exotic dancing is one of the most ancient forms of dance.
It has the purpose of entertaining people  but originally the dance was to express
femininity and to celebrate fertility. The first records we have of exotic dancing date
back to around 20,000 years ago. Initially the dance was performed in temples and associated
with sacred purposes. The first time this dance was performed in America, then called
belly dance or strip tease, was in 1893 at the Chicago World’s Fair. In the 1860’s the
age of Burlesque started to captivate the masses, featuring parodies,  comedy entertainment
with singing and dancing and with sexy comedy performances. It was trendy during the 20’s
and 30’s. Later it was declared to be illegal. In the 60’s a new free mindset evolved and
exotic dance became fashionable again. Today, this dance is more in vogue than ever. Now
with pole dancing exotic dance has gone mainstream as a beautiful art form that is taught in
stylish dance studios.

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