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  1. I love the guitar but I sprung for the Blonde Tele from the American Ultra series…Is it greedy to want a broadcaster too???

  2. Has the twang with some killer bass to boot! And infinite adjustment options with the blending! Sweet axe! P[><]F

  3. Slap in the face to Leo, by Gretch and Fender. Broadcasters have Leo's signature in the neck pocket. If it's not there, it's another fake.

  4. "This guitar has a long story" Wouldnt all teles have the same story? The guitar in the video is just another one marketed in the "vintage" spiel. Have a heart! I lived through the 60/70 playing guitar and no gave a damn about vintage guitars. The faux vintage market was way into the twisted future thank god. Thats probably why we all played and listened togreat guitar music. All we wanted was a brand new Fender!

  5. I'm putting money back and selling a few guitars and pedals I don't use. This guitar will be mine! And then a Tweed Deluxe by Christmas!

  6. Really stupid they did all the research that they did, took all those measurements and other tedious measures to make this guitar like the originals but then set the wiring and frets up totally different. What a waste of time and money, who are you guys to say that those things aren't good? If it wasn't good why remake it at all? It should be made, wired and fretted like the original if your going to call it that and charge for it as you will using that model name. This really isn't a Broadcaster at all. What a disappointment Fender. It just shows that you guys have no balls to try something truly different and what a bunch of posers you guys and your customer base really are.

  7. Interestingly enough , Ron Thorn-the principal master builder at the Fender Custom Shop- his number one is a Squier strat. I think that is pretty awesome and a statement regarding gear in general.

  8. Store near me has both a Double Esquire and this Broadcaster. Specs are pretty much the same. Honest question: should there be an expected difference between them? Going to check them out soon…

  9. Adding extra electronics as an option for modern or vintage controls is really nice. At least if you dont like it, just swap it out easily

  10. If Ford brought out a car using 70 year old technology at a price 3 or 4 times a standard car, how many people would buy one? Fender need to stop relying on it's heritage and move forward with technologically inovative products.

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