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Bride-to-be: I don’t think I will be able to get married Bride-to-be: I’m scared to be honest Even more scarier than the mother-in-law… -_-;;; is the sister-in-law dog Hugged her~ (Runs away) Daughter-in-law: Sister-in-law Daughter-in-law: It looks like I gained a sister-in-law unexpectedly Woof woof Such a mean sister-in-law 🙁 Benji (11 years old)
Record: Bit the new sis 4 times (Let me go) o.o Lovey-dovey newlyweds(?) It’s not supposed to be like this T^T (Glare) Hold her so I can go wash up (Making sure it’s safe) Grr…make sure you don’t make a sound while walking..grrr Woof!!! Can’t even enjoy married life because of sis-in-law’s harassment T_T New groom I’m protecting my oppa (big bro) Mother-in-law: She wasn’t like this before.. But all of a sudden? Yes, after coming home with our daughter-in-law she’s been like this Even enters into the newlywed room o_o Doesn’t sleep Keeps a vigilant watch +.+ Feeling tired Miss… I tried…to…prepare a snack Hey! The snack is gonna to be too salty! Why the sister-in-law so mean tho T.T Benji.. Woof, woof!!! Sad :'( I will never… EVER! I don’t go to the bathroom at night; I hold it in Otherwise Benji will bark and wake other people up My other married friends Get along just fine with their sister-in-law T__T Vet: Once the daughter-in-law joined the family Vet: The other family members could have shown more interest and affection towards her Vet: which could have made Benji more jealous and making her more sensitive as a result Vet: (Furthermore) Because her guardians pet her during those situations She doesn’t realize that it’s bad behaviour Whenever Benji got aggressive The way the family tried to coax the dog Actually only made Benji worse Expert: When dogs are placed on a narrow and high place they start to feel a little bit of fear Will we be able to get along..? With courage Approaches..! So lovely Benji doesn’t refuse PD: You’ve never touched the dog this much, right? Yeah, I’ve never touched her before While we have the chance Come here Benji Even succeeded in hugging her! ^o^ Benji rests on her new sis’s lap

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  5. Moi je dis mon mari et sa mère vivent ensemble et que je dois accepter de vivre avec la belle mère et le chien méchant je part et je divorce

  6. Tan bella la familia tratan a la perrita como una hija. Q bien por la pobre chica q ya se lleven mucho mejor. Felicidades a las nuevas hermanas !!!

  7. Ну вот, другое дело. Надоели эти разборки блогеров в трендах.

  8. Ветеринар, колись, какие таблетки ты дал свирепому псу, что он превратился в апатичного зомбированного хомяка.

  9. Да за малейшее огрызание табуреткой по зубам огреть. Быстро исправится

  10. It must be really very frustrating for both the dog and the bride. I can understand the bride feels bad and probably wants the love and affection of the dog too. I guess they were not properly introduced and the dog probably thought she is a stranger.

  11. I like this channel cousethis channel is making us how to resperct the dog allsowe animals making me funny and more thanks to this channel

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  13. You shoud be put cameras for safe Your dog , maybe she beat your dog, if You don’t looking to the dog she will bé kill hêr, pỏor the dog ,

  14. Sounds like she's under control of a dog, she can't live happily with her husband. I can't understand why this dog can't love this lovely bride for hid bro.

  15. dog hates you?

    place it on top of a ladder so it fears everything and then pet it,

    the dog will now follow your orders in fear.

    (this was a joke)

  16. Usually you have to gently slap his mouth. I know it sounds ridiculous, but that is what a trainer told me.
    Of course, GENTLY means gently. But if they see you are so scared, they will do it even worse.

  17. Да блять, за шкирку и об стену с размаху шавку эту! Что бы знала место

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  19. Милая ,просто ну не нравится ей девушка,или характер такой ревнивый Удостить скусненьким,сказать ласковое слово- и она должна растаять.

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  21. "She's alive I swear" face it's my every morning 😜 Thank you so much Hope for paws for making this world a better place with your love. 5:38

  22. Thank you ever so much for helping this dog you're so kind with you around the world will be a better place … 4:25

  23. Ive watched your rescue videos and im loving the way you say “halo” to the dogs, so pure and gentle and im sure paws knew that youre just trying to make friend with them. 5:54

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