[FESTA 2016] BTS (방탄소년단) 꿀 FM 06.13 3rd BTS birthday

Starting from last spring, we spent a beautiful year as our album’s title says, “Young Forever”. How’s your third spring with us? We never knew that we would continue broadcasting KKUL FM more than once. However, this is our 6th episode. Let’s start with the first song today. Feel the touch of genius. It’s “Dead Leaves”. You are now listening to “BTS’ surprising, real recorded-live show, ‘BIGHIT Visual KKUL FM'”. As per always, this is DJ SUGA. The radio show with SUGA! That’s pretty cool. That was the first song I wanted you to all to listen too. RM: I love it. / JK: “The touch of genius”. That’s the song I always want you to listen to. I really do. Why don’t we officially “Hello” to everyone? It’s been a while. Two, three, Bangtan! Hi! This is BTS. 3rd anniversary! 3rd anniversary! Yeah. It’s been a year. Lots of thing happened while we were not doing KKUL FM for a year. We tried our best to do more though… Should we regularly broadcast KKUL FM? Or Should SUGA become a DJ on some other radio shows? Anyway, I came to a conclusion that KKUL FM is the best place for SUGA to be. I don’t know what you are talking about. I’m dozing off. I know, right? The end! It’s boring. I’ll give you a very perfunctory question. What is so special about today, RAP MONSTER? Right, it’s such an amazing day. This is our 3rd Debut Anniversary! BTS Birthday! Don’t like! It’s April 25th! Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ JIMIN. Get the cake! You fool! One, two, three, four! Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday dear BTS. Happy birthday to you~ Happy anniversary! Everyone! Congratulations! I can definitely tell everyone that we did our best last year. It was a busy year. It really was a busy year. Is there anything that we could count as the best thing we did between June 14th last year and June 12th this year? Last year… The best thing we did… During 2016… Between June 14th 2015 from June 12th 2016. How about our concert at the Olympic Gymnastic Stadium? I got really emotional. Seriously. That view, where every one of our fans is looking at us. It was unbelievable. That wasn’t the only thing. The tickets were sold out too. Also, SUGA cried for the first time. I know. SUGA cried. I’ve never seen him crying. That was absolutely unreal. For the first time. We wrote our own history too. “FIRE” is ranked as 1st on MELON Chart since it came out on May 2nd. It’s now June 12th! Amazing! Amazing! It’s been almost 40 days that we’ve been on top on MELON Chart. Awesome That is really something. I heard that we were going to Grammy’s. Grammy’s! What a dream! BTS is truly an amazing boy band as everyone knows. I see. Thanks for sharing your dream. We are on the Billboard’s too! And and and and. Do you guys remember? RAP MONSTER had a rap battle with “Alphago” a week ago. RAP MONSTER beat it by 3:2. What a result. This year has been amazing. SUGA’s having fun with his own jokes today. That’s what’s up. Well, I just love the fact that KKUL FM is back even though it took a year. True that. It’s overwhelming. I really didn’t know that we could do KKUL FM this many times. Me too. Well, to be honest, who knew BTS could become this big? No one knew that. That’s not true. I knew it. I knew it too. Let’s make SUGA a weird one. My parents were worried at first. You are an inconsistent DJ. However, I’m so grateful about our fans waiting for us like this long. I really am thankful. Yeah. They were pretty excited about KKUL FM. It’s all because of SUGA. J-HOPE. You changed a bit. Check out yourself three years ago. Your attitude wasn’t that good. Well, that’s because I didn’t have enough space at the moment. I had to sit like that. Come here. You could be the DJ too. It’s DJ S-ope. I want to say something. There’s something special about our 3rd year anniversary. What’s that? Actually, J-HOPE and I was the two of the first trainees here. As the members of BTS… What about me? I thought you got in after them? No I didn’t. Dude. Go see your audition film. He started the second phase of trainees. Huh? What? It’s not the second phase. It’s doesn’t matter who got here first or not. Anyway. I spend three years as a trainee and now it’s been three years since I made my debut as BTS. So KKUL FM is back.. Oops sorry. You are really weird today. How many times did you say that? It’s hard to talk about next things. Anyway. KKUL FM became more special. It’s more of a special day show now. Nobody knows if there’s going to be KKUL FM next year or not. Will somebody just end KKUL FM? Not sure. But somehow it will be there when everyone’s expectation is the lowest. You’ll have more fun waiting for it. “Will there be KKUL FM this time? No? Yes?” We don’t really have things to tell you anymore because we did broadcast KKUL FM a lot. That’s actually true. Do you guys have any ideas or stories to recall when you are asked to do it for KKUL FM anymore? I could prepare some…? Yeah but it’s a bit difficult. That’s right. I am here because you want me to be here. BTS wants me here and ARMY wants me here. It’s been 3years that we’ve been together and technically, it’s the 4th year we are spending now. JUNG KOOK was 15years old when I saw him for the first time but now he’s a grown up man. My chin’s becoming very mature. Your body and soul… You see the crack here? We still are and will be boys. And… I want to be a boy forever. I’ve never thought you were a boy. Not even once. BTS is now three years old. That also means that we’ve lived together for three years. We’ve gathered some stories written by anonymous about anything we want to talk about other members. It doesn’t guarantee anonymity, does it? It never happened. Why do you even bring it up? We do guarantee it. You just know about each other so well now. I mean, we spent some times together and it’s enough to know about everything, guys. Each of us will read a letter about the person next to us. Let’s start from JIMIN. So, it goes around like this? We all don’t know who wrote this letters. So, we just randomly gave you the letters. Like I also said, it’s written by anonymous. Okay, cool. Let’s read them away. It might be better if we could make it more dramatic. Don’t just read it as it’s written. Make a whole new story. I don’t care and I don’t want to do that. You told me to start and these are all for JUNG KOOK. It’s not just one. It’s four. Huh? There’s four? Yup. There are four letters for you. Dude. You should well behave. So, it’s six people except you… and four is almost 70% of that. I’m going to read two of it. It’s all similar anyway. First, JUNG KOOK, Stop hitting us. You think you are a grown up man. I witnessed you hit V and JIMIN a lot. I know who wrote that. j-hope: But seriously… / Jin: I really know who this is. It’s even difficult not to know who this is. Hey, I’m not done yet. There are some people who say this stuff at our place all the time. I really know who this is. You just hit me and throw me all the time whenever you are not satisfied with something. Now you became 20 years old, I guess your muscles can’t stay calm. I’m suffering. You wrote this, right? Let me just swallow this water in my mouth. I’m so sure it’s him. You can explain now. What about anonymity? It’s guaranteed. That’s what’s happening to me these days. If I say, “JUNG KOOK~”, he will just lift me up and throw me. I’ll explain. It always happens when I’m on my computer or when I’m doing my work. He would just bug me so much. I tell him to stop but it doesn’t work. Don’t do it~ It’s irritating. It is. It goes on and on and on. JIMIN would stop it pretty soon. But V will continue it more than 30 times. More than 30 times. In my opinion, it is V who asked for it. That’s not it. It’s how I show him my affection. I found out that he’s looking for a Muay Thai class these days. I mean, the letters are having similar stories. We don’t hit him though. What do you think when you are hitting us. Sometimes you are scary when you are working out a lot. We just try really hard not to upset you. He is scary. See? Everyone’s feeling the same. These 4 letters are pretty much the same. JUNG KOOK is full of muscle. It’s adorable. Why are you shivering now? You are sweaty. What’s this on your back? Should I take off my clothes? I feel threatened. You are even more pasty then usual. It’s JUNG KOOK’s turn. It’s all about SUGA. Anything about me? Is there a letter for SUGA? It’s three. Please read them. You became more outgoing and talkative compared to the first year. It did make a better atmosphere. That’s nice. I like SUGA being happier now but… he talks too much. Seriously he does talk too much. Like a middle- aged person. Talk-SUGA, Talk-SUGA. You really talk too much these days like an old man. Oh, and I think I mentioned before at another radio show, but… SUGA. Why do you never… Oh, that? You never clean the remains after bathing. I want to know why. I saw it lately. Ew. So dirty. Oh I saw something really awful. You saw it too, right? Saw what? Oh, that weird seaweed-ish thingy? Yeah, that weird seaweed or whatever it is. J-HOPE. What was that? Well that was something like seaweed. I will clean them from now on. Please do. For your information, it didn’t come out from my body. So it’s not dirty. “Remains” sounds a bit awful but seriously, it’s not from my body. I don’t know what you are using but it was quite interesting. It always changes. Flowers, leaves… It’s such a variety. It was the bark of a tree. Was it? How can there be the seaweed. There’s a bathing product containing the bark of a tree? It smells like a pine tree. That sounds a bit unnecessary. I was just a bath preparation. This is the last one. SUGA, who used to wear his own fake-leather sweatshirt, you always tried so hard to show the best even for rehearsals. He really did. But why are you so weak, weary and worn out like an old man for rehearsals these days? That’s true. Not like his sweet name SUGA, he now has a reputation for being tired all the time. Every staff always asks if SUGA is sick after rehearsals. I know you became less energetic cause you are now 24. But JIN is 25 years old granpa and he’s still doing fine. You shouldn’t be that way. Huh? Why am I a grandpa? That’s what I get when I try my best? Is it my turn? Ok. Hoseok wasn’t that… Hoseok? If that’s the word, that means it’s amongst you three. Do you guys even think? Dude… Seriously… Don’t look at me. It’s not me. Well, at least it sounds like a polite letter. Yeah. I guess so. J-HOPE wasn’t that happy all the time before the debut and he could be a bit… I can find out who this is from the tone. He wasn’t that too much. But now he’s full of hope and extremely happy. I think his name, J-HOPE made him so. It sometimes makes the other members feel a bit uncomfortable. Are you feeling a bit comfortable? One of you guys? That happens sometimes, though. You were that suffering? I mean… I see there’s one who’s feeling truly nervous right now. He cannot make any eyecontact with someone. You know what, I was always this bright and happy. No, you were not. Explain. Who told you that? I can spill a story now. When we were all trainees, I’ve never seen someone that depressed. He’s not like that anymore. There’s more to read in this letter. It’s iffy to deal with poppy J-HOPE. But that helps sometimes too. The thing is, I don’t want him to say something like, “Hobi-Hobi Kyo Kkyu.” That’s my character. “Kyo! Hobi-Hobi!” Ew, seeing you doing that while no make up on your face is weird. I have a wish. If I could go back to three years ago and I will never let him take that name, J-HOPE. I think J-HOPE is specialized for me. Why HOPE? It all started from that. Your face is funny with no make up. J-SAD sounds too sad. I like J-HOPE. What about Negative? Is it done? Is it about me? I got plenty. I’m so sure. There’s one. Oh yeah? You have one? Hey, you guys… I didn’t finish the letter. Really? Hey RAP MONSTER! I didn’t say I knew it, but it’s so obvious that you want to sing! I know that half of the songs from your new mix tape have your singing parts. Hahahaah. It sounds like you. This is from J-HOPE. Whenever I hear you practicing vibration, that makes my heart vibrates. It flutters. I think it’s a good thing. I support you. I love you. It’s undoubtly J-HOPE. I’m sure that he told me that the letter for me is going to be really boring. I didn’t have anything to write. Anyway. You really are practicing singing these days, right? I’ve always been interested in it. When I was still a trainee, Yeah, at then we had to sing in front of Producer Bang. We did, yeah. Do you remember? I even remember what I sang. What did you sing? Can you… I believe I can fly~ I believe I can touch the sky~ What did he say? What did he say? You know it’s easier to forget something shocking. If you get hurt too much, your brain will automatically lose that memory. I think that’s why I don’t remember what he said. I think it was like, “You don’t have to sing at all”. Well, he’s showing he efforts on his works these days. His voice is pretty nice. It’s hard to find a huge difference between the rapping and the singing these days. He sang a lot at the concert too. Let me know~ You know he creates some new notes. Oh, that sounds really similar. You harmonized it. Cause you didn’t like my voice. No, I really like your voice. Yeah, I knew your voice got louder while I was singing. It’s really similar! Can you do it once more? I really didn’t sing at the concert. I didn’t! No vibration! I didn’t do “Ah~”. Well, according to my memory, the highest note you hit was around 3rd octave b….? No, I’m a rapper. I only rapped at the concert. I’m RAP MONSTER. Do you know why I’m RAP MONSTER? Cause I want to rap forever! I’m just joking. Producer Bang named me RAP MONSTER after listening to me singing R.Kelly’s song. Cause He also wanted me to rap only. I really love you singing. I mean it. He was okay about it at first, but at the last concert he suddenly said he wants to harmonize. You said, “I think I should harmonize here.” I thought you wanted to do it with me. No, you just didn’t want to hear my voice. “I really hate it. So I should cover it with my voice so that nobody can hear him”. I like RAP MONSTER’s voice. You don’t have to lie. I really like your voice. Everyone really likes it. Right. It’s okay. Let’s just read the next letter. It was just a sentence and it really hurt me. Just a sentence? Yeah. It was. Well, it’s supposed to be just one letter for one person. I only wrote one too. What do you think this is? What’s that? Oh! Don’t make sound with your mouth while eating. Did you write this? Did you? I didn’t. But do you do that while you are eating? Yes. No I don’t. I can show you how you do it. You can eat with your mouth like this but You make your mouth look like a camel’s And you bring the sppon and chopsticks when we are going to work. No, no, no. Explain. Is it now a guessing game? Wow this is making everyone so enthusiastic.Well, everyone’s younger than you. I’ll read every single word now. Please stop saying “I didn’t”, It’s annoying. Who wrote this? Isn’t that you? I’m not. I’m really not. Anonymous! It’s not me. Trust me. Can somebody explain? I see one person being very nervous now. I didn’t understand what it was about at first, but now I’m slowly getting it. Stop saying “I didn’t”. It’s annoying. I mean, ususally… This is JIMIN. But you know what I mean. Saying “I didn’t. No it’s not me. I never do that?” all the time. With his hands shaped like this. “I don’t think so. No, it’s not”. If I say, “This cake is really tasty”, he would say “No, it’s not”. I can do that cause I’m the oldest. Keep reading. One day, I was really tired to go to bed. I was just going to fall asleep on the chair in front of the computer. That’s JUNG KOOK. It’s you. stupid. It’s you. You are the only one has a computer. JUNG KOOK. Keep reading. Yeah. It’s JUNG KOOK Please read the letter with JUNG KOOK’s voice. I can’t. I was going to turn the light off… That was very determined. So firm. V ‘Hyung’ opened the door… You are the only one who can say ‘Hyung’ to V. Stupid…? V came out of his room and ate something at the kitchen. Seriously, how could you just copy what I wrote? I know. There should’ve been some editing. It’s the fault of KKUL FM’s writer. He finished his food and said, “Not cleaning is the best part of eating”. And he just went back to his room I was too tired to say something but I knew it was not the first time he did that. “Not cleaning is the best part of eating”. Did you hear that? Of course I did. What? How can you say that? That’s horrible. He said, “Not cleaning is the bets part of eating”, after eating by himself? Is there a line like that in “Hwarang: The beginning”? Is there one? I would understand if you were practicing. Right. It’s June 12th. Surely you are filming it now. But, is there a line like that? Also, I don’t want you to listen to music loud at our place with your speaker.I want a quiet room. Please help me with that. It’s RAP MONSTER. Huh? No, it’s not me…… But you really do that. You play the music really loud in the bathroom while having a shower too. It was Epic High’s Fly today. It’s been a while I listend to that song. So it was pretty good. I know~ I listened to it too. I was listening to it outside of the bathroom. It’s hard, isn’t it~ JIMIN was always caring and passionate at our first year… He was a bit self-councious before the debut. He was a little bit timid. He was. But JIMIN’s not like that anymore. He’s not. He always tries his best. Yes he does. He’s now a man. I agree. That’s a letter of compliments. What I liked was that JIMIN became more confident about his abs. It was nice to see his change like that. Yeah. I think I talked about it too. Yeah. Girls love his abs. That’s true. However, I’m not sure if he became too confident about it. He’s always at the center on stage and he stays there all the time. Wait, is it about the past? No, You should listen to it all. You can’t cut it out. He keeps his position in the center of the stage. Even we are jamming he’ll be at the center. You’ll know he’s just there all the time. So that makes a complicated situation sometimes. For example, when the leader tries to gather everyone in the center, because of JIMIN it will be a weird formation on stage. That’s true. If I stand up like this, he’ll be in front of me. so… I agree a little bit. JIMIN. We should keep the formation though. It happened at our latest concert too. Yeah? But in my opinion…. It was my part. I should go on the center of the stage at then, you know. What was the song? What was it? Was it “Miss right”? No. It was “BTS Cypher Part 3”. Why did you do that? Why then? Why did you take the center? “And I returned, SUGA a.k.a Agust D is my second name…” and then I saw JIMIN in front of me and He danced. What were you doing there? I mean… That was exactly on May 8th. So, JIMIN, keep the formation. Why didn’t you tell about it before…? Why did you bring it up today? Well, If I may spill some more. One of my friends, I mean, a person I know who’s a year younger then me said… He was talking about JIMIN. About me? “JIMIN has it”. “JIMIN? He knows how to show himself.” So he told me that JIMIN knows something. He said he can see it. JIMIN knows something. JIMIN has it. He does have something. “JIMIN has it”. That means that JIMIN just knows how to get attention so well. JIMIN. That’s how you are. So I came out to take my position in center? No, no. I mean, whatever you do. He told me JIMIN is amazing on stage. He has that atmosphere. Aura! You’re born with it. Yeah. Nobody can copy it. Born to be sexy. Cute like a mochi. I don’t know what kind of sexiness it is though. Mochi sexy. It’s his own thing. Mochi sexy. Yeah it comes out naturally. Do you want me to massage you later? When I see JIMIN/ You know he’s always… He wants to be a real man all the time. He doesn’t like to be a boy. He always admires masculine and manly guys. Works on his abs a lot. And always say “I can’t do Aaegyo”. you are always like that. You should know that it’s all because of you. Why? There’s a reason why he always sweeps his hair up like that every second. Ayo ladies & gentleman, if you’re ready, I’ll start, yeah Do you remember what happened when we were in Japan last time? Yeah. We did something In Japan. While we were coming back to the hotel after we finished the performance there, I looked back and I saw JIMIN’s hair was such a mess. It was really messy like this. His hair looks like someone dropped a bomb on it. You could buy a brush. I saw it too. It looks like a beetle. His hair is really messy. He smiles and says hello to everyone entering the room with that hair. But that doesn’t look. But I think JIMIN has his own aura still. That’s why he’s getting those comments from others. In my opinion, not like when you just made your debut, after three years… Everyone got their own aura now. Yeah? Are you sure? Yes. Really? Yeah. Each of us has the own character and style. I agree. Maybe we didn’t have anything at first. Well. There were more letters, but some of them were a bit inappropriate. Let’s put arms around each other’s shoulders. No thanks. Fine. That was the letters. I think we should be cool with what we heard. Yeah. Let’s be cool. As you know, 2016 BTS FESTA is going on these days. We do it every year. All of BTS members should write their own profiles too. Was there? I remember everyone was pretty enthusiastic about it. I thought JUNG KOOK was taking a really serious exam. It was taking forever. It took almost 13 hours. The profiles that took 13 hours. We brought some interesting stuff here. Take your own profiles. I see. I have everything here. Here you are. This is it? JUNG KOOK was next to me while I was writing this. He even wrote mine. This is too much, dude. This drawing is really… How could you do this? I could just know who this is from the handwriting. Why did you draw me like this? What is this? You can’t say anything about it. Wait, wait. It’s funny, isn’t it? Wait, we’ll go through them first. Well, we can read it one by one. Do you want to read it? Let’s talk about it. Let’s start from V. I said, “You suck”. It wasn’t a swear word. It’s not a swear word. Look at the picture. It’s actually cute. Yeah. It’s nice. What about it? He drew me like this. It’s nice. It’s cute. Cute. It’s better than you. There’s a banana here too. It’s too rough. Please read something fun. Okay, it’s V’s profile written by RM. What I think what’s right on here… I like burger king, coke and jajangmyeon. That’s what he wrote… It’s accurate. I hate peas and vegetables…That’s right. I only eat these. And… Um… Really, there’s nothing interesting? Well, thank you RAP MONSTER. You are always too serious. Yeah. He was a bit serious on this. This is not that fun. When do you think V is weird? When I’m alive? What do you mean? I don’t know what he tried to do. Okay, JIMIN. I skimmed it a little bit. It looks like V is having a problem with me on stage. V wrote… Well, lots of people talk about it. JIMIN’s profile. He almost wrote 3 complaints about me on stage. Are you feeling a sense of rivalry? Yeah a little bit. He thinks he as good as me, but I just place myself in the center. What’s more… On stage… what? What did you write? There’s some things I cannot figure out what it’s saying. Is it funny? I’m ready to laugh. What do you want from JIMIN? I just want him to be happy. Is this real? I’m moved. You should be serious and not serious about it. That’s what it’s called friendship. I didn’t know it was going to be on KKUL FM. I didn’t know either. I thought it was going to be on our web page or something. It will be on there too. I’ll read. It’s JUNG KOOK’s profile that JIN wrote. Only thing on his body is muscle. Things he says often : Move your body like this. The explanation that doesn’t consider others enough. I agree/ “Move your body like this”. I don’t really know what you are talking about. I’m trying to move, dude. I hate JUNG KOOK when he tries to teach me dance. He doesn’t understand how I move. Don’t laugh.Don’t laugh. Why are you empathizing? lol I can never agree. I danced for 7 years. Who’s better? I’m better. Well, we are now broadcasting… So… Hey, five of us can vote for it. Why do you want to vote? Hey, I am nowhere close to them. What are you talking about? And they got better a lot, too. Rivals? Seriously, I’m so good at it these days. Who’s better? I guess JIN’s interested in dance. It’s all about dance. I hope JUNG KOOK’s not good at dance. So that he knows how I feel. That is because, Why are you empathizing? People in heaven should think about what’s it like it in hell. He never understands my moves. To be honest, they are not good at understanding. I think he thinks like, “Why are they moving themselves like that?” Nothing to read anymore. SUGA’s profile that JIMIN wrote. This is not fun. If you say so…. I don’t want him to read it. That’s why I didn’t want to write his. Things I say often… That’s not it. I know what it is. JUNG KOOK, lamb skewer.. Do you know what it is? It’s “Question mark”. He does that a lot for interviews too. SUGA does that. When he’s looking for something. JUNG KOOK, did you see anything? No, I didn’t. What I say is, “Where could it be?”. I’m just genuinely asking. If someone says, “Let’s eat”. Then I’m just thinking what to eat Then I’ll have to ask. JUNG KOOK used to copy him and now it’s his thing, too. I know! I was looking for a tape earlier. JIMIN, do you know where the tape is? Well, Children are mirrors of their parents. No, that’s not true. What he likes: Studio, interior, seafood, electronics, figure, lamb skewer, KUMAMON. What he hates: Being awake, sweating. That’s true. He doesn’t like to wake up. He really hates it. Sweating. How close he it to me? Oh, 90 out of 100? Closeness! Who did this? I did. So close. Let’s see how rough he did. You drew the eyes just like that? Doesn’t it look like him? Show me. That’s worse than what I did. What is this? I know you didn’t want to do it. But… Picaso! I thought it looked like him. Well, “When I think SUGA is weird”, “When he’s listening to me”. Why is that? Because it was surprising. It was something to me. “I don’t want him to sing forever”. Why? Have you ever been good? He just wants him not to be good at it for good. I’m not good at it anyway. So I won’t be good for good. Oh, Let me tell you one more thing. At chorus part at “FIRE”, you wouldn’t be able to hear SUGA’s voice. It’s just because my voice sticks out too much. FIREEEEEEE~ I tried my best. But my voice just made everyone’s voice blend. “I’m looking forward to having a performance with SUGA cause it seems fun”.Wow. You really didn’t want to do this. You are mean. You could’ve just said you didn’t want to do it. “It’s interesting to see SUGA sleeping”. What do you mean? Well, looks like everyone agrees cause they are laughing right now. Why is it interesting? I’m just laughing cause I don’t know what that means. Is it funny? I’m just sleeping. Why is it fun? Because he sleeps whenever, wherever. Oh, that’s what it means. I think I know what you are talking about. He’s just here and there sleeping. That is so interesting. Okay. J-HOPE, read something, It should be something fun. I’m like… This is so wrong. Are you sure you wrote this for 12 hours? Why my face is like this? Is it human’s nose? It looks like the Moai. Well, I’ll try to read. J-HOPE’s profile written by JUNG KOOK. Okay. So you wrote my name right. Hoseok JUNG (J-HOPE) “His lips look like ‘ㅅ (Korean alphabet)’ “. That’s right. “He says he wouln’t eat anything but he steals others’ food”. What’s ranked as 7th of BTS? “Controlling lips”? I don’t know what it means. What does it mean? I mean, he does like “Arrrrrr”. I’m not good at it, so it’s on 7th? No, it’s about the shape of your lips. “When do you think J-HOPE’s weird?” “When he says, ‘Hop- hop’. That hurts my feeling”. That hurts his feeling. Don’t you guys agree? Yeah, that’s sad to look at. Well, you’ll see it after this but. You just threw the words on this. “J-HOPE reminds me of this song”. “Cry… Crying Nut – Run the horse”. I don’t even…. “The moments I hate J-HOPE”. “When he wants to check the choreography with everyone”. He even drew a horse at where it’s talking about future. He’s getting upset. His lips are turning in to “ㅅ”. Don’t do that. Right, it’s RAP MONSTER’s turn. Who wrote yours? Take a look at J-HOPE’s drawing. Look at it. It’s really cute. It looks like you. What are you doing? I mean, your lips are too big in here but… See? His lips. It’s cute. That does look like you! Is that your lips? So cute. RAP MONSTER’s profile written by J-HOPE. “Name: RAP MONSTER”, “Something distinctive: Amazing proportion, thick lips”. “What he likes: Fashion” “What he hates: Fish”. “What he says often: Actually” “How close are you to him? : 99 out of 100. 1% of weirdness though…”. Hmmm.,,, you know it’s a bit… What does that mean? I don’t know exactly but… Well, that’s the story between you guys. But can you let us know? I’m really close to RAP MONSTER/ We are good. But, we have this awkwardness…. Border? I have that too. With who? With RAP MONSTER. Yeah. I think he has it with everyone. Is it because he’s the leader? I have it too. Well, that’s because Huh? What am I… I don’t have that with you. No, not between us. That’s because… We are respecting you as the leader. Yeah. That 1% is for you to have some space. Respect. If there’s no respect, you are not a leader. We have to respect you. If you don’t have that 1%, you are not the leader. “When RAP MONSTER’s the weirdest?” “When he’s singing with his earphones on”. You know it’s a bit strange. Like this. You just do something in that small world. I’ll be honest. You know we are always taking the same car even though we are not in Korea. I mean, when we are not in Korea, our road managers usually don’t drive. Anyway…like as usual, he’ll just keep singing songs that don’t make any sense.The driver wouldn’t know if he is singing or rapping. He will be just confused thinking ‘I heard they are musicians….?!’ It’s so embarrassing to be around him at those moments. I mean, normally people will wear earphones while they are working by themselves. I just can’t handle myself sometimes. I have a favor. Please calm down during the flight. It’s when he was working on our first album. The first album. It was too much. I didn’t know. I’m sorry. I was next next next next next to RAP MONSTER… That was far. Were you seating on aisle? Yes. That’s like the opposite side. “If I perform with RAP MONSTER on stage” Hey, it’s rude. We won’t have nice chemistry because of his dance moves. I’m right. I’m being realistic. I’m know I’m not good at it! Yeah. I’m being realistic. Truth hurts! I am sorry. Well, maybe you guys could do it with no dance? It should be me and JIN. That’s….going to be amazing. “I want to be a friend of him who’s there for him to help”. “Nobody’s perfect and everyone needs help”. “I want to be there for him all the time” That makes BTS more special. Nobody’s perfect here. We just help each others. Nobody’s perfect. That’s why my dance moves are… Please dance with me… JIN’s turn. Is it me? JIN’s profile written by SUGA. I’m excited. He did well. I’m sure he wrote a lot of things. Well, amongst everyone, he did do the best job on the drawing. He did try. Yeah. It’s just that he didn’t draw a human. But he did a good job. I know. It looks good. Do you remember what he uploaded for JIN’s birthday? FAN.TA.S.TIC SUGA drew this looking at the picture on the internet. I was moved. “Name: Jin”, “He eats a lot.”, “He’s good at eating the most. He’s the worst at ‘body movements’ He says, ‘Don’t I look good?’, often. ” “He’s handsome” “He likes food and he hates being tired.” “How close he it to me? Roommate!” Roommate? That makes a perfect sense. They are perfect together. There’s a horrific compliment at the back. Because that means they are living together. “I don’t want JIN to be good at dance” “Watching fan video of his dance encourages me”. That does. I watch it sometimes. “I appreciate when JIN turns off the computer”. “He’ll turn it off when I’m going to sleep”. That’s true. “The best moment with JIN was when we had sashimi together” “We like similar kinds of food”. Yeah I realized the meaning of the word, “happiness”, just eating sashimi with him. Yeah, you guys look good together / Just the fact, you guys are sharing the room together, tells me that. “I want to be JIN’s roommate. I’ve never met any roommates who I can be so satisfied with” “I feel encouraged when I see JIN dancing. I watch JIN and RAP MOSTER’s videos when I’m depressed”. I guess it’s really funny. I watch it sometimes. Seriously, there’s a lot of people watching those videos. So, JUNG KOOK. How was it? I mean, I know you wrote it for 13 hours. Especially JUNG KOOK and JIMIN put lots of effort into it. It took me 2 days. The longest amongs us. Is it a thing to take that long? It wasn’t that easy. We’ll come back after listening to the second song today. “Save me”. Please save me! Do you know who I am? Right, we are going to talk about “Do you know who I am?” Do you know? Hey everybody! Do you know who I am? One of us will ask 10 personal questions about himself to another and the other will have to answer back. What if I don’t know the answer? It’s done. There will be a punishment. You have to get at least 4 answers right out of 10 questions. So if you don’t know the right answer for the first question, Just say anything and wait for the next one. Just get wrong? I see. Should we start? Let’s do this. Here’s the penalty panel. Is there one? Everyone, here it is.We have the stopwatch here. But, isn’t 30 seconds too short? I’ll hit the start button. Who wants to start first? 30 seconds for one person. For one person. This is the panel of punishment. But wouldn’t answering as many as possible increase the change to get the right answers? That’s why we are getting such a short time period, right? Let’s start. Start! / What did I sing for the audition? TAEYANG’s ‘Where U At’. My thigh measurement? Cm? 58cm What’s my ring size? 13? What day was I born on? Thursday. What’s my favorite snack? Kokalcon. Where am I from? Busan What’s the color of my bag today? Black When did I fall a sleep last night? 3 o’clok in the morning. Cat or Dog Dog What’s the most impressive nickname that I got from the fans? So far as I know, he didn’t get anything but where I’m from. How many did he get? One. Really? Yeah. Where I’m from. It’s so difficult. Who would know that? It’s such difficult questions. I didn’t bring a bag today. He didn’t have one today. You didn’t? The most impressive nickname from fans is “Mang-gae-dduck” Oh I remember that. I would’ve easily got all the answers right if I did JIMIN’s. Really? What did you sing at the audition? “I have a lover”. That’s right. Wait, I need to go to the bathroom. This is the most ridiculous situation ever! That was out of the blue. Let’s sing “I have a lover”. Should I sing it instead of him? ~ SINGING ~ Should we take the penalty after every session? Or later? Well, let’s look at the penalties here. Should we? We’ll see it first. This is what JIMIN will do. Kicking the butt. Ooooh. Kicking the butt!!!!!! It’s JIMIN’s turn now. Who did you pick? I picked you. So it’s my turn now? Well, JIMIN like SUGA. I know all the answers. I’ll read it for you. I’m not good at it though… I couldn’t even read all the questions yet. Do you want to start? JIMIN, I’ll read you the questions.. You have to answer back immediately. I see. Ready, go! When does my part start at “Dead Leaves” exactly? At 1′ 07″ What is class name I was in at my first grade of highschool? class 2 ? What’s my Kakaotalk profile message now? That’s ridiculous! Maybe a dot? What’s my Chinese characters for my name? Um, pass. Where do I want to go the most? New York. It’s a country. How much can I drink the most? 4 bottles. 4 bottles of Soju. The width of my shoulders? Cm? 51 cm. That’s too broad. That’s wider than JIN’s. He’s not even 51cm. Which hair color I liked the most for myself? Mint. How long did I sleep last night? 12 hours? Which song do I liked the most amongst the ones I worked on? I think I know. I think I know too. Me too. You can’t say you don’t know about this. Really? “Dead Leaves”. How can it be “Dead Leaves”? Well, you got one right. Did I? What did he get? Which one? I want to go to New York the most. But the right answer should be USA. You always say New York. Your favorite song is… That’s what SUGA worked on lately. It will be out soon. Shouldn’t it be the one among the ones already out? No, it doesn’t have to be. The question was, “Which song do I liked the most amongst the ones I worked on?”. But our fans don’t know about it yet. He said something about it on Twitter already. You don’t look at our SNS. You don’t…. I’m sorry. But this question doesn’t make any sense. I can drink 4 bottles of Soju? How is that possible? I know! How many bottles then? I get blushed with just one shot. Than he got just one. There should be a penalty. What is this? When do you start your part at “Dead Leaves”? Start at 36″. I didn’t know about it either. I think everyone will get punhished. Let’s do this. SUGA’s penalty is… It must be horrible. Slapping the butt. That’s like mine. But, there’s something more about it. Nobody can laugh at who are getting hit. The ones who laugh get punished too. Ugh. I’m not good at that. I’m used to those. When I hit JIMIN’s butt . If someone laughs, That someone will get hit on his butt too. Who’s next? What about JUNG KOOK? Oh yeah? I have to answer back, right? So I’ll get questions about JIN. I’ll read them for you. Right. I’ll start. Ready, go. What do I like to cook the most? Chicken breast. What’s my right eye’s eyesight? 0.2 What’s the movie I watched lately? “Take Off”. When…… Years ago. Read the questions. What’s my top size? Top? 128! Which side of my face I like more? Left or right? It doesn’t matter. If I get to act, which role do I want to take? Getting beaten? What’s my dog’s gender? It’s a boy. What’s my favorite anime character? Ugh.. NICONICO NII~ What’s the first song on my playlist? Girl’s Generation’s Genie? How many did he get? One. He knows my dog’s a guy. Yeah. Jjanggu is a boy. The first song on the playlist is “Danger”. I like “Danger” a lot. He really does. That’s his working out song. Yeah. My eyesight on the right is 1.2. What’s the penalty? What is JUNG KOOK’s? It shouldn’t be something has to do with bum again. You should eye-contact with the person next to you for 10 seconds. (Except JIN). If it’s the the person sitting next to me… It’s SUGA’s turn. It will be fun! I love it! We will all get penalties at the end. All together at once. This is going to be fun. I’ll be pairing with RAP MONSTER. The questions are about RAP MONSTER. RAP MONSTER, you read it. I will read it quickly. Who’s going to answer? It’s J-HOPE. We’ll start. Go! What’s the book I read lately? You should do it quickly. Nope, you didn’t get this one. How old is my dog, RAPMON? Two years old. My favorite character? Lion of Kakao. How many songs downloaded on my phone? Almost 600. What color is my socks now? White. Read it quickly! My bloodtype? A What did I write on the twitter lately? It’s about a video clip. Like this. What was the solo song I sang at “2015 Begins Concer”? Too much What’s my favorite song at the mix-tape? “Do you”? What do I order the most at a caffe? Latte. Wow, you got a lot. One, two, three… it’s six. That’s normal. That’s cool. It was really fun to watch too. What he orders at the caffe’s mostly warm Americano. That’s amazing! Wasn’t it Latte? No. Not anymore. And he’s right about my tweet. Yeah that video. I thought it was about something else. Wow it was 7. I don’t also remember what I read lately. And the number of the songs… How can I know how many songs you downloaded? I counted and it was 31. I think I could actually get the right answers if it was about a menu at the caffe. RAP MONSTER’s questions were easier than others’. I’m not even sure if my dog is two years old or not. I’m not even sure if my dog is two years old or not. Yeah, according to the information on Twitter. Yeah. He might be two years old. My dog is 14 years old. It was a bit easy. What was the penalty? Penalty? Well, I’m not getting it anyway. RAP MONSTER’s was… Why is it about the butt again. Why are you guys so obsessed with it. I wanted JIMIN to deal with that penalty. Well, Saying, “I have the sexiest bum in the world” in the cutest and the sexiest way. I wanted it to be JUNG KOOK or JIMIN. Why do you want me to do that? What a relief. Yeah, anyway, I don’t need to do that. Who’s turn is it? Nobody’s going to answer at mine? Who’s left now? Okay, V can do it. JIN, who are you doing with then? JK. Oh, I see. You can start. When’s my birthday? February 18th. What’s my favorite song of ours? Let me know Which part of my body I like the most? Nose. What’s my favorite character? Um… Something Disney. What’s my lips look like when I’m tired or worn out? “ㅅ”. What’s my job in “DOPE” music video? Racer. What’s my favorite nickname? Hobi~ What kind of pants am I wearing now? Military shorts. What’s my position in BTS? Rapper? Which one would you choose? Bungee Jump or Gyro Drop? Gyro Drop. Didn’t he get like 5? I did. I think he did well. Nope. It’s three. Oh, three. That’s not bad. But you’ll take the penalty. It should be at least 4 right answers. No, He got four. Really? What was going to be the penalty? It was going to be very brutal. Was it going to be something about ass? No it’s not. What was it? Oh, oh oh. I’ll give you the guest ticket for “Hope on the street”. You said I was the guest. Yeah that was going to be the penalty. So brutal! I’m not going to be there for good. It’s relieving. When’s RAP MONSTER going? I don’t know. Wasn’t it after me? Yeah. You are the next. What has he got wrong? “Dope” is his favorite song. I like “Dope”. Do you? He likes his eyes the most. I do. And the shorts he’s wearing right now is, “Cargo” shorts. Yeah. It’s not “Military” shorts. No Military shorts. It’s Cargo shorts. It’s indicating the same thing. But the right answers are depending on how they wanted it to be. Isn’t it originally called “Military”? No. It’s “Cargo”. I said “Cargo”. So you are wrong. He wanted “Cargo” as the right answer. Do you know what I wrote for the answer of the class name? Cheonjin-class That sounds lovely. V and JUNG KOOK’s questions are still here. JIN will do one of it. JIN will get the questions about JUNG KOOK. Can someone read it for me? I will. We’ll start. Who can get this? One, two, three, go! What’s the length of my right index finger? …7cm! What was my favorite song when I was 14? “This song”. What’s my favorite food? Lamb skewer. What’s my feet size? 진: 47cm What? How much cash do I have in my wallet now? 27,000 won. Who do I think as a pushover JIMIN How many white tshirts do I have? 40. What’ my favorite color these days? Weak skyblue. Whiuch musical instrument I want to learn? Drums How many layers am I wearing right now? One. You got one right. He wants to learn how to play drum. One? That’s dumb. He made a sound effect even. It was difficult. Who can get it? How would I know his index finger length? He made you not get anything. “How much cash do I have in my wallet”. 70,000won, 9dollars, 900won. How would anybody know this? Why are you so globalized? I just calculated how much it is. He did. How many white tshirts… I was curious about this too. It’s 24. How would you know? Do you change it every hour a day? What’s it about? And your feet size… 270.1? What is this? It’s 270.1! You said it’s two layers. But how? Pants and underwear. Well, that’s not wrong… Cause it wasn’t only about his upper body. That’s right. JUNG KOOK’s going to get the penalty. Neck slapping, it is. I love it That’s whay JIN does to JUNG KOOK. It’s the best thing ever. Finally, it’s time to get revenge! I’m excited about it. Now it’s SUGA. Do I have to do this? V should answer at yours, oh, I mean, SUGA should answer at V’s. Where’s the answers, SUGA? Where is it? Someone check it. JUNG KOOK, you do it. I didn’t look into it. Oh, mine was there too. I’ll go. What do I want for my supernatural power? Being invisible? What was my hair color for “Boy in Luv”? Orage. Who is the last one I called on the phone? Dad. What’s the length of my face? Cm? 23cm. What’s my favorite movie? “A werewolf boy”? Whatever it was… What’s my motto? 므시라꼬. (*In a dialect accent) What’s my favorite animal? Puppy. What’s my favorite song and its singer? MOON Myeong-jin. The name of the song? I know it. I know it. I saw it on our Twitter before. But I can’t recall… I know too much about V. Amongst the dogs we have, what’s Soonsim’s visual rank? First, of course. Whoud should be the leader among the youngest memebers? Among these three ones. You, you, you. Is it three? Oh it’s done. Huh? Isn’t J-HOPE one of the youngest too? Is he? What am I one of you guys? How many did I get? oh…..You got….. one. You were close to get these though. It was “Ugh, What did you say?”. Not “What did you say?” Yeah, you missed it. And it was 24cm. Not 23cm. That was so lose. And it was my grandpa. Not my dad. Damn. That’s sad. Everything was so close. And Soonsim’s ranked as 2nd. This is like a lottery. 2nd winner of the lottery. What is the penalty? V’s penalty was, “the youngest one slap his face.” Even though one of the youngest couldn’t pass it, one of the old ones is going to get a slap. So, the youngest one never get slapped on their faces? This one’s cool. The youngest one slaps the oldest? How does it work? The younger one will slap one of the older ones. Who passed? I’m the only one. J-HOPE passed. Right. It’s time to take the penalties. First, it’s going to be RAP MONSTER’s. “I have the sexiest bum…” You passed. So it’s useless now. Oh, I did. Eye gazing with the person next for 10 seconds. Yeah. It’s for two people. Well, you two do it and you could touch the other’s cheek. Yeah, at once. Yeah. Two at once. Look at JUNG KOOK’s face. Count 10 seconds. JUNG KOOK. You should smile at the other too. You guys should get closer. We’ll count 10 for you. Like, 10, 9, 8… You should get closer. It’s so funny. I’ll count 10 seconds. It didn’t start yet. Why not? We are going to count the numbers. JUNG KOOK, you should do this. JUNG KOOK, don’t forget. Yeah, you are not going to be awkward after this… Ready, Go! Touch his cheeks. Rub it. Say it. Well done. ~ ~ * That was funny. What’s next? JIMIN’s butt kicking. Wasn’t it mine? Oh, it was neck slapping by JK Ah~ JIN. This is really. Dude, straighten your neck. It’s like an Alpaca. One, two, three! Can we use a hand? How about it? You can use your hands. It’s just a game. Don’t be sad. Oh my god. It’s going to be funny. Who was it? You can’t laugh. You can’t laugh. If you laugh, I’m slapping you too. One, two, three. Go! JIN hahahahahaha It’s the one who laughed at the first. Just look at the butt. Just the butt. Bend over. Push your pelvic all the way back. You should. Look at him. Here we go. Okay. There’s a song that we have to listen to right now. What is it? It is~~~~~~ “FIRE” ~ Let’s burn it up. Let’s go! Did you guys burn something? Oh, at least I did. Now we are going to talk about what we are wishing for this year. Let’s listen to it one by one. J-HOPE, do you want to start? Wish? Well, I’m not sure if I can wish something but… You know, many things happened last year. The name of our album was even “Forever Young”. It was such a meaningful year. I just want the year 2016 could be as meaningful as that. Like, with full of energy and fun. Me too. Well, I would love to wish to win the “Best artist”. Yeah, I like that. We should dream big. Let’s dream big. Everyone’s looking at somewhere else now. I mean, I saw everyone wrote “Best artist” on the new year’s resolution. I really wish we could win it. It’s never bad to dream big. I think it will be really lovely. What about RAP MONSTER? Many things happened for three years, but nobody got hurt. We are still here, together as BTS. Isn’t that amazing? That’s true. We are really lucky. I’m grateful and I will be grateful about everything with BTS memers and A.R.M.Y. Also, even after “Young Forever”, I’ll always do my best to work on the next albums and will do my best on stage. I wish that could last forever. What about JIN? For years we’ve been getting along so well. Nothing bad has happened. I wish this could last like this and JIMIN, please keep working on “Eat Jin”. JIMIN’s good. I don’t think I’ll do it anymore. He’s really good. You are good. What about you, V? Well, we really got a lot of things we wished for. I’m so happy about it already. What I want for this year is, I just don’t want anyone to get hurt and Yeah. It’s important to be healthy. Yeah. Let’s be healthy. That’s the best thing. You should be careful when you are filming for the drama. Okay. That’s the main thing for us. Keep yourself healthy and don’t get hurt. Personally, because V will start his acting career, I wish that drama goes well and V can have a great result too. I’ll do my best! JIMIN? Like everyone said, be healthy and get what we hope to get is what I want. And… don’t be obsessed about taking the center while on the stage… There you go. That’s V. It’s me. Yeah, no selfishness. Yeah, Anyway I just wish we could get along well like this. Me too. I don’t really have anything to say cause I’m the last one. SUGA will go last. Well, as a youngest one? Well, you know. We did well so far. I want it to be this way so far. And I want you guys to get what you want. I will also learn Muay Thai…And achiceve my dream. OMG Break everything! Well, 2016 sounds like… You know we’ve always said , “This year’s really important”. “The next album is really important”. I think that made us live our lives really challenging every second. It was nice, but I’m pretty sure we could miss small but important things. Therefore, I wish this year could be a time for us to find happiness in family, and between BTS members. I wish A.R.M.Y could be happy and grateful about lots of things and achieve the things you want. That’s nice. BTS KKUL FM 06.13 should go on too. For a long time. I wish we could have our 5th, 7th, 10th and 20th anniversary. This is SUGA SUGA SUP-D and BTS. Thank you. Thank you. The 3rd anniversary.

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  11. 진짜 항상 느끼지만,내가 한국인이라는게 감사해진다…..진짜 자막도 없는거 영어로다 해석하려면….휴,머리터져라

  12. 멜론 1위도 찍으며 장난으로 좋아하던 이들이 멜론 줄세우긴 기본 매 콘서트 마다 잠실 주경기장을 빌리고 빌보드 3연속 그래미 한국 최초 연예인시상자 기네스도 세우고 태형이는 세계미남 1위를 찍고 브랜드 평판 멤버 줄세우기 1일 만에 뮤비 1억뷰를 찍었고 봄날은 130주 동안 100차트를 내려간 적이 없고 미국을 들락날락 미국 라디오에서 한국어가 가사인 방탄소년단의 노래가 나오고 앨범 초동 300만장을 찍고 나오지도 않은 시상식에 6개의 상을 받고 있다니 ….

  13. 아 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ오랜만에 보는데 ㄹㅇ웃기네 ㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ귀야웅 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ사랑해 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  14. What they did while FIRE is being played could have been great music video of the song. That's the Crackead Version of Fire 😂

  15. 생각해보면 방탄 예언가..수준 아닌가? 빌보드가고싶다고하니까 빌보드가고 그래미가고싶다하니까 그래미가고 대상타고싶다고 하니까 대상타고..이건 뭐..우연수준이 아닌데..??


  17. 저때의 탄이들은 자기들이 전세계 영향력있는 아티스트가 된다는걸 꿈에도 모를거야
    앞으로도 더 많이 좋은걸 이루자💜💜💜

  18. 어떻게 자체예능을 만들 생각을 했을까. 재밌다. 서로 성공을 같이 하니 성격도 서로 많이 이해하고 자신감도 각자 많이 생길 수 밖에 없지…정말 좋은일.

  19. 3년전 탄이들 많이 앳된 모습이 넘넘 귀여움^^촌철살인?인듯 하면서도 서로가 위해주고 격려해주고..너무나 이뻐보임^^
    특히 남준이, 평소 진지하게 인터뷰할때 중간중간 해맑게 웃는모습을 자주볼수 있는데 여기서도 그런모습이 넘 사랑스러워요💜💜

  20. It seemed like a funny joke to them at the time (4:27) but look at them now! So proud of them 🙂 They put in serious work to earn where they are and ARMY will continue to support their dreams just like how they encourage ours.

  21. 30:05 아 그림 존나 웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  22. 다들 저 세상 텐션ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ남준이 미쳤엌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  23. Omg that Fireeee~ from JK made me laugh so hard. It kinda sounded like a goat or something 😂😂 it's gonna be my New alarm 😂🐰🥰

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