[FESTA 2017] BTS (방탄소년단) 꿀 FM 06.13 Happy BTS birthday!

2016 spring, blazed up as a fire That fall we came to you as we have a wing And.. This Spring on 2017 we desired to walk with ARMY on our whole heart We are wondering if we had made you happy or not. This is 7th Lucky-GGUL FM, 4th spring as BTS. June, 2017 first song. Self production visible radio with BTS and DJ 毀. This is DJ Suga, Please say hello to everyone BTS. We have several cameras here. Lets have a full shot once. For now, I can only see myself dimly. Why did you wear like that? It looks like protective coloring Ok, let’s say hello to everyone. Two,three, Bangtan. Hi Everyone we are BTS. Now could you please introduce yourself by each one by one? Hello, everyone, this is your hope, GGUL FM’s hope, J-HOPE. Hello, this is RAPMON Hi, this is JUNGKOOK, I worn this glasses for the first time. Why are you wearing glasses these days? I’m losing my eyesight these days. My turn, Hi everybody this is V, I wish I could have walk the flower road with you last spring. What? Elephant road? Aren’t there still have a flower at the road? Why did you tell it as a past sentence? Please say it again Ok, 2016 spring No, it’s 2017 All right, This is V, I really would like to share my daily life with my ARMY What? EAMY? No it’s not EAMY Yeah, hello everyone, this is JIMIN. We cannot forget to celebrate Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday dear, Oh, how come you put out all the candles, You are really senseless
Congratulations, we had been done another hard working last year, Everybody good job! Yes we did worked hard and done so many projects but we also received so much loves and recognition from our fans and publics. And of course the outcomes we had was brilliant also.
Staff’s told us to wish a wish before blowing the candle, but sorry we had forgotten to do it. So, I brought the last year’s goals which we have written by our own. Are you sleepy JUNGKOOK? NOnono Then, could you please read out the goals? Here’s a panel for the list, Wow, it’s amazing. Why? Is it all insincere? No, JUNGKOOK wrote own 4 letters. Be Healthy? Be Happy? I think it was when he was studying hard. Let’s walk the flower road? The Great wall of China? Big hit Bang Tan? Nono it’s really amazing. What’s that? Be more Good. Yeah~ it is very sincere answer. As you know everyone, this is what we have wrote down last year to make a goal for 2017. Let’s see what we have written. J-HOPE, Win a prize, 5 exclamation mark! RAPMON, be more great team V, have a respect from other teams Earn more interests and loves from publics. Be more good How do you think that we’ve done for the goals? As you know, we have won a first prize last year as we’ve wished. And got more interests and loves from the publics. I feel like we have worked so hard that we have almost achieved our goals as we’ve wished.
And here is a amazing outcome which none of us have expected. We did a hard work, but there’s a astonishing thing happened.
First, Let’s have a applause for us. We are going to US, as nominating the Top social Artist from BillBoard music Awards. So we’re invited to come to the celebration. A few days later, we need to leave to participate for the celebration, but still cannot believe we’ve nominated. When we have heard at the first time that we’ve nominated as a nominee, I thought is it possible to be? But it was true. I haven’t been to Las Vegas. We were at Vegas almost every years but this years purpose of visiting is quite different so I’m quite puzzeled for it. Producer Bang have shown us the invitation letter in our chat room. We’re quite nervous since no one in Korea have been to Billboard Awards so we have no one to ask for an advice. Then let’s have some commitments to our fans when we won the prize. Wish to won the prize VS Happy to participate as a nominee Let’s write down with ease. I think to say as we’re fine as a nominee to participate the awards might be an excuse for those who are doing there best voting for us. So I think being humble could be better after we won the prize. Did you all wrote down? Please wait for a sec. I think this would be ARMY’s favorite. Let’s see. It would be nice if we prepare a present for them. For example, like a piece of artwork from JUNGKOOK, not for a specific fan but for all to share to see. Each of us could prepare a present which we have as a talent. 1day 1person live performance, then it’ll take 8 days to yake 1 term. I’ve thought of to have a Guerrilla date. Wow, which is allowed just for the top stars. But it would only make sense if we do it in MyeongDong. How about a Busking at HongDae? Actually we are planning to do this as real. What I’ve thought was Mini Guerrilla Concert. There might be no fans for us so it would be nice to do a mini live concert not a fan meetings. Somehow or other, we have these plans. Personally I think it’s best for us to do as a team. As writing these commitments, I can realize it is real that we did nominated on Billboard Awards! And the time is coming, dreams come true! As we’re happy like this we think our ARMY’s are happy and wondering for us. So, it would be great to look how they are thinking and communicate with them. I’m going to upload a question at our account. Hey girls, what are you doing right now? I’m studying, brushing my teeth, go back to work after lunchˇ Our bro JIN’s Choreography Debut song, ‘Deunggol Breaker’ How was shooting the music video? You can tell that I’ve participated in choreography while you see the M/V. Wow, incredible. Now, it’s time for “Why did you do like that to me?” I have received for every each person but going to pick some stories to tell. And after the story, I’ll give you 30secs to make an explanation to us. I brought the sweet and sour pork, why did you eat it? How come you said to do the diet together and have meals by your own? You said it’s the worse doggie you’ve seen, why did you say like that? I thought it was staff’s sweet and pork. I agree that I’ve told to do the diet together and then take a meal by my own. These words were really mean as I have a pet too. RAPMON, why don’t you let me in to your project? Yeah, this was my words, it was not a disappointing thing but I just wish to join his project since it’ll make me grow up to do with. Lately I had a question to answer that it seems to look like I have potential for Rap, how do I think about this? I wasn’t sure how to answer with this. What the problem these days, JIN? You’re so boring when you do the old man’s humor. Why did you pushed out when I pushed you? Now, 30 secs. I think everyone has their own talent, so we should respect for it. It my choice to do the old man’s humor, who cares! If you push me like a bulldozer, how can I stand for that? I have a faith to live that if I live young, it keeps me young. Soon after we could see an infant JIN. Isn’t this question so silly? Why did you pushed out when I pushed? It was his part, he shouldn’t have pushed out so easily. It was about 2 secs. Let’s see on next rehearsal. Why did you drop my mic on stage? Why didn’t you go keep the promise to go to eat skewered food with me? Frankly speaking, I can’t tell who’s this, is it you? I’m sorry. For this issue, I thought the situation was over to not go out that night. Everyone who see my wink, they seems to hate it. You know what, you don’t need 30secs for this. You need to stop this bro. He always wink when he goes out for a meeting or meets new people. There is an misunderstanding here, I do not wink to stangers, I give them a Air-kiss.
You knew that I was on a diet but you ordered my black noodle! What? But he wanted someone to order his noodle. He would never know that we all knew his real intention. Current score, 3 for JUNGKOOK, 3 for SUGA. I always hit you lightly but why don’t you? They are intimate, it’s good Thanks for wrapping us nice therefore it isn’t true. Hey JUNGKOOK, why did you only gave me the present, were there just only me to you? I’m telling you why while we were talking about thus issue, we recognize that he only gave the present for JIMIN Everybody has birthday but he only gave JIMIN, don’t you think that we need an explanation? It was strange but we thought JUNGKOOK is now taking care of others. However it was a delusion. I won’t give you any limitation, please say anything you want For the first question, I’ll pass. Second one, I’ll keep in my mind to take care every members. Nononono., you always be nice to nice in general so you don’t need to keep in your mind, you can just do whatever you do right now. We just need some issues to talk, not to blame you. Some of us have these situations but we do also have touching stories,too. Let’s move on Touching stories, RAPMON, I sent him a an Air-Kiss he sent me back. JIMIN, It was a really busy day but he played a game with me V, He gave me a Figure which I was eagerly wanted to have. There are sometimes that he dumps things to me when he clears his room or come up a thing that he doesn’t need anymore. For now, let’s move for JUNGKOOK. Is this a compliment for him? I don’t think so. When JIN let me play games. RAPMON, he always dump clothes to me which is small to fit him. I’m not dumping, I’m just giving things which is not necessary for me.
The present which SUGA gave me and HOPE’s handwriting letter. Lately, I’ve shooted wearing your jean which you have dumped to me. JIN always sit next to me on flight, since our name is attached to each other, it’s not a big thing but he always take my stuff down when he put his bag down. RAPMON and I have a favorite character, a huge popularity which always sold-out immediately, one day I’ve bought 2 for him and I, however he also bought it two for me. We never talked to each other but we did it, it was quite touching. We care about each other when it’s a bed time. Go JUNGKOOK. If there’s a precious episode on the other hand there would be some sorry things, too. I always have sorry for all. Since I play the Game, I always use mic, it noisy. Recently we talked about this issue and solved by having a big conversation, it was a great time to have. When we went to Hawaii I have lost his earmuffs. Now I can tell you, I did it, Sorry. I have a thing to confess that it seemed to be very comfortable to lie down, so even if I haven’t wash my hair. I’ve used Hope’s shower and never turn off the water. And there were a healthy supplement in SUGA’s room, never asked took it. There was a big puppet in JIMIN’s room, I just hit it since I wanted to. When I say Love you say All BangTan Loves All~ One more to tell, I went to V’s room and there was a wet tissue so I pick one and through it away. Hey, everyone, it’s time to wrap up GGUL FM Nowadays since we’re touring abroad, we haven’t plenty opportunity to meet our domestic fans. Most of you would be sad for this situation. So I think it would be great if we tell our stories which touched our heart from ARMY. Our Fans sent us huge expectation for FESTA so we did our best to prepare also. We do recording Radio KKUL FM every special day of BTS for ARMY. I hope I want you to give us huge love. Thank you. It’s my turn. In May, we had full time preparing FESTA and Concert. Our fans were waiting the FESTA before a few months. V and RAPMON made a brandnew music for this. JIMIN did a cover with JUNGKOOK. I heard he did well, Jimin. We’ve prepared lot’s of thing for our fans, Please look forward to our festa. Especially for FESTA, too. The reason why I’ve worked with Taehyung was that he asked me if we could make some styles that he’d like to express. So the theme was made from Taehyung, hope everybody likes it. I always try to express thankful to our fans. Jung Kook told before, It’s grateful to me that we could share our memories happily here in this radio. And for you, thanks for being with us 4 seasons, always. Thanks for all of our ARMY for 4 years till now to be with us, and for the other days which will come, please still be with
us! Let’s get happy being together! Recently, I think memories are very important so I keep every memories very preciously. Thanks to all ARMYs and our
members who made me marvelous memories. RAPMON really contributed hard work and so did I. It was really fun, I hope you all like this, too. I always dream to make my circumstances working with music happy and joyful. Of course I always feel thankful to ARMY but try to not tied down to the results and be happy for working in music. Please anticipate for the home party. Being nominated at Billboard Awards, it is a miracle as it is. Because of you, we sincerely send our heart to you, thank you. We’ll never be tied down to the results, and enjoy whole celebration. Thanks to ARMY for being with us during 4 years, and please be with us forever. Thanks to our FM listeners, and love you all ARMY!!

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  1. I didn’t realize that Namjoon is an atheist and everyone is just praying and he’s just sitting there looking around and it’s cracking me up so bad.

  2. 멤버들을 한번씩 대각선으로 보여 줄 때 그때만 봐도 방이 좁지 않다고는 느껴요.그리고 말이 섞일 때는 더더욱더 말 소리가 잘 안들려요. 여러번 보지만 말 속도가 느린  윤기오빠와 울리는 목소리 때문에 무슨 말인지 하나도 안 들리고요 내가 지금 뭘 보는 거지..라는 생각을 해요. 마이크를 채워 주시던지 아니면 안 울리는 공간에서 해 주시던지 해주셨으면 좋겠습니다. 1년에 한번 밖에 없는 방송인데 그래도 좀더 신경을 쓰고 해외 팬들도 신경을 써주면 좋지 않을까라는 생각을 합니다. 매번 4년 아미로 느끼지만 이때까지 꿀fm을 계속 챙겨본 결과 이 영상이 말이 너무 물리고 목소리가 큰 멤버들과 작은 멤버들 하나하나 다 말이 안들립니다. 이 말을 하는 이유는 제발 한 번이라도 마이크를 채워서 시뮬래이션을 해보시던지 아니면 목소리가 울리지 않는 공간으로 옮겨 주시기 바랍니다. 정확히 들리는 목소리는 남준이 오빠 목소리가 정확히 들려요. 호석이 오빠 같은 경우에는 그냥 목소리가 울리고요 윤기 오빠는 말 속도가 느리다 보니 울리는 것과 같이 물려서 잘 안 들립니다. 석진이 오빠가 말을 할 때도 너무 울려요. 정국이 오빠 목소리도 조금 안 들리고요.지민이 오빠는 말을 잘 않하지만 말이 울리고요, 태형이 오빠 목소리도 잘 안 들립니다. 아미들이 하나하나 피드백 한 것을 잘 봐주시고 좀 더 발전을 해가셨으면 하는 마음입니다. 아미들이 방탄소년단 오빠들을 좋아하는 만큼 빅히트 소속사도 많이 신경 쓰고 확인도 합니다. 그러니 방탄소년단 오빠들이 하는 방송들 같은 경우에는 많은 마이크를 끼워주시길 바랍니다. 피드백을 기분 나쁘게 여기시지만 않으셨으면 합니다. 빅히트라는 소속사가 더욱더 성장해가길 바라는 마음으로 아미들이 피드백을 날려주는 것이니 기분 나쁘게만 여기지 않으셨으면 합니다.(저 또한 포함) 늘 고생해주는 방탄소년단 오빠들 고맙고 앞으로 힘들지 않고 아미들과 행복하게 오래오래 백년돌(백년까지는 하는 아이돌)이 되도록 아미들이 응원해요. 힘들거나 고민거리 털어 놔도 되요 멤버들 뿐만이 아니라 아미들이 곁에서 공감도 해주고 걱정도 해주고 울어주고 웃어주고 하는 그런 인물과 같으니 늘 기대도 되요. 더 꾹 참고 감정들을 묵히다 보면 오히려 더 힘들어져요. 아미들이 언제나 괜찮다고 해주니 그냥 울어요. 웃기도 웃고 들뜨기도 하고 늘 이런 감정들을 공감하고 살아줄 아미들이 있으니 기죽지 말고!! 평생 행복하게 오래오래 살아줘요ㅎ.. 이 세상 반이 아미라면 그 아미들이 기댈 수 있는 인형과 같은 존재에요. 사랑해요 늘 아미들이 곁에 있어요 그것만은 잊지 말기를 ㅎㅎ해외 팬들을 위해 노력하고 번역도 해주는 우리 남준이 오빠힘들지만 열심히 춤춰주고 당당한 우리 석진이 오빠비록 다쳤지만 힘들게 올라오고 겉은 차갑지만 속은 따뜻한 우리 윤기 오빠아미들을 위해 그리고 멤버들을 위해 늘 희망을 안겨주고 웃어주는 우리 호석이 오빠멤버들을 사랑하고 진지하게 챙겨주는 우리 지민이 오빠자기만의 창법을 찾고 완벽하지만 부족하다고 생각하는 점을 고치려는 우리 태형이 오빠형들에게 장난을 많이 치지만 언젱 어디서나 멤버들 생각하고 아미들 생각하는 우리 정국이 오빠모두들 수고 했고 건강한 모습으로 아미들에게 와요ㅎㅎ

  3. When BTS say a lot of stuff “————————————“and the sub titles say “be healthy, be happy”

    ArE yOU KiDdIng mE!?

  4. 36:01 여기 탕수육 너무 재밌어요ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 근데 소리가 너무 울려서 오빠들 목소리가 잘 안들려요ㅠㅠ

  5. 여러분 이거 울려서 잘 안들리신다고 하는데…..저도 처음에 안들렸어요 그래서 제가 이어폰을끼고 한번 들었는데 짱 잘들려요 울려서 제대로 못 보신분들 이어폰끼고 한번 보세요

  6. 1시간17분50초가량부터 울 석찌 우는건가여ㅠㅠ코빨개졌엉..추억소중히여기고 주변에 고맙다고말하는거 넘 이쁘다ㅜㅜ눈물나서 눈이 올망졸망해진것도 이쁨ㅜㅜ
    항상 감사할부분을 찾고 서로에대해서도 배려하는 방탄이들 예쁘고 멋있고 귀여워서, 덕분에 오늘도 영상 재탕하고 웃고가요♡
    아, 저도 이번영상 소리는 많이 울리는편이라고 생각했어요;ㅅ;허헣

  7. 우오아 징쨔 영어 자막 켰는데 자막도 못 알아듣는지 영어가 안떠요…;; 그러니까 자막 좀 달아주셨음 좋겠네여 ;;

  8. As a fan I don't care what religion they are, but as a Christian I loved how they all prayed at 5:08. Even if they aren't religious at all, it still makes me feel good.

  9. 늦덕인데 이제 처음 보다가 한줄 남깁니다. 방음 전혀안된 공간에서 촬영, 녹음해서 소리가 너무 울리고 저음이 부스트되서 귀피로도가 상당하네요. 심한사람(나)는 두통까지 옵니다ㅠ 이퀄라이져 프로그램 다운받아 음향 조절한 뒤에 겨우 듣고 있어요. 혹시 저같은 아미분들 계시다면 equalizer software 검색해서 다운받아 조정한 후 들으세요(250Hz 이하를 줄이면 좋습니다). 무료버젼도 있습니다!

  10. yall namjoon is not ATHEIST at all kay 😂😂
    he is AGNOSTIC,agnostic is where a person didnt believe in God,but they still believe all rules that exist in the earth

  11. oppalarım teoki gundae yeoleobun maeu severoooo(: aa neomu dalkom hae seuga oppa neomu salaghae naneun deo manh-eun hangug-eoleul mollas-eoyo(:

  12. This has been turned into a taekook and a jikook thing. But I watched this thing like 3 times and I do not see anything like that! All I see is baby kook being so sleepy that he’s just trying so hard to keep his eyes open! That goes for all basically. And the things that they put on those vids, alls I can say is there are very perverted minds out there. That’s why I ship no one together and I make sure I watch the original video also. And if there are no subs I do not dare to make some up that’s for sure! Lol. Glad they had a good time back then. They were all so fresh faced and handsome! Such beautiful angels to this day. You guys are 👍 keep it up, stay humble and become legends. To health love and happiness.

  13. 皆さま、元気そうでなりよりです。

  14. お久しぶりです。😀🌻

  15. 아 진짜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅠㅜ 사랑할 수 밖에 없는 사람들♥♡♥♡ 같이 뭉쳐있는 모습 볼때마다 덩달아 즐거워 질 수 밖에 없자나..♥♡♥

  16. 저 사무실에 혹시 저 테이블 말고 아무것도 없나 엄청 울리네 한글 자막도 있으면 좋겠다며 ㅋㅋ

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