FFXIV 4.1 1239 Seasonal: Starlight Celebration (2017)

and we’re back for another episode in
this episode we’re going to be doing the Starlight celebration for 2017 and 5 and
c14 and as always hello from every hello so we are here in awkward Anya at the
amphitheater at 10 9 and we need to talk to Amma Grande GA so the quest is called
stars and explosions and bears oh my so um needs your help to make a success
of this year Starlight celebration this quest is available for a limited time on
tea so at long last we meet again julia is named a’s providence that has
guided you to me it is my capacity as a starlight celebrant that i must ask for
your assistance the Starlight celebration is the most wonderful time
of the year especially for the little ones we strive to make each year’s
festivities more spectacular than the last yet there are those who would
undermine our carefully laid plans a spout of thefts have left many without
decorations several of my associates have been tasked with the investigation
and as a result we are understaffed will you help us I guess so
you will I knew we could rely on you please speak with my trusted comrade
bane failed in bent branch Meadows he will be grateful for any aid you can
provide these names are just yes I swear like the names of the characters it’s
like they put them in a random name generator you’ll probably have noticed
in hundreds of my episodes where I don’t even try to pronounce the name I’ll just
be like that dude ok so where is bane we its blood
okay let’s do this so yes I know we just wanna help with
the festival but what can I do my hands are tied so well I’ll be you’ll one that
what helped the Starlight Bell a while back to what do I owe the pleasure
oh it was a may asked you to come here was it I had a feeling she’d sent
someone full glad I am she did so she told you that all about the decorations
getting pinched terrible business I tell you one morning we woke up and found
them all stolen and the young guns run round here had only just finished
putting them up poor little tykes they was heartbroken they’re still down in
the dumps about it now I can’t blame him really especially after all the effort
they put in we’ve got people looking into the thefts
myself included but no one can take care of the saw light celebration itself here
in BAM branch can I do it a bear is flippin terrifying roar so I you’ll get
your chance you think you spend all your time practicing for nothing them young
wings will be grinning ear-to-ear when they see what you’ve got in store well
they want kid lunch so what’s that you don’t know what they’re saying well
suppose not everyone understand bears like I do
we’re glad someone nice is here to help us don’t what you worry we’ll have
little one smiling again in no time is what he was saying can’t you see he’s
written all over his adorable face of his totally so there’s me explaining bear speak when
I haven’t even told you what we’ll be doing these fre have been trained to log
these starburst sparkly and colorful they are like little fireworks they’ll
do the chucking all you got to do is ride them to the right place and maybe
show them where to chuck don’t kill me so that’s the spirit you’d think of an
explosion like that would sting a bit but the booms worsen the bike anyway
pick from Polaris cold child or they’re all good lads just go with the one
that’s easiest to ride okay that’s going with the middle one so this bear is just
right mole growl he said all right miss Ventura let’s go and cheer him up them
children you can see the determination in his eyes a steely resolve that he’s
scary so I can tell you two are gonna be just
get on just fine well I’ve got some investigating to do
I suppose you other two might as well give me a hand looking for the thieves
if you’re that good at sniffing out criminals as you are at sniffing out
grub in the pantry we’ll have them in no time
grower I’ll leave the starbursts to you and your new best friend now get out
there and spread some cheer okay right so I need to give just you there Soha taboo take this gift child so matrons
tears oh excuse my language I mean God’s be
good did that bear just throw a bomb ha ha ha amazing well that was great why
don’t you just show it to Taft he’s down by the chocobo stables okay do that the
talk of a stable right there or doesn’t mean Jack talk about stable it’s like Merry Christmas kaboom so you
scared me for a moment that bear threw that I guess that’s funny in a way roll
you’re trying to cheer me up that’s very kind of you
sorry I’m I guess I’m not having a very good day no matter what I say no one
will listen but you will won’t you I’ll tell you if you promise not to call
me a fibber okie dokie so you promise all right I suppose I can trust you you
heard about the decorations going missing didn’t you well I know who took
him I saw him do it but when I told the others they didn’t believe me they
called me a fibber it’s not fair I hate you but you’re not
like them you believe me right if I tell you who did it will you catch them and
bring back all the decorations I suppose next quests is called star lout I can’t
read star light stake out where we’ll get the
bear mount a decorated horn used to summon a bear specifically trained for
the Starlight celebration well toss testimony helps old the
mystery of the stolen decorations this quests available for a limited time only so you mean you’ll get all the
decorations back thank you so much miss so coach AB came looking for me and told
me to leg it back here everything all right you what this little never saw the
thief I did the Starlight tree nicked all the decorations and stuck them all
over itself poor the other one is got bells on we was robbed by a tree a bit
far-fetched don’t you think what do you make of all of this yeah that’s bollocks he’s telling the
truth you believe me I knew you won like all the others it really was a starlight
tree I saw I swear all right so unless slow down eh you sure you didn’t miss
see it or bit too much cheese before bed perhaps oh ho ho
this vigilant young man speaks the truth God God but it’s you you show up and
help us every saw like for celebration a wandering pilgrim come to see justice
is served I can vouch for the boys testimony as I to witness this heinous
crime with my very eyes but what say you adventurer what do your instincts tell
you Peter yeah it was a starlight tree the prime
suspect is none other than a tree on verily you have cut straight to the
heart of the mouth for the true criminal is not more than a common tree on draped
in wandering starlight celebration finery patria come to mention of it if
one of those made off with a load of starlight gubbins it might look a bit
like a starlight tree that is not all for what I saw not one but a whole cusp
of these culprits all similarly be spangled shambling their way south I had
a mind to smite the wretch a lot of them there and then but I realize that if my
hammer of legend were to strike down the fiends the decorations we seek to
reclaim would suffer the same fate another approach is needed methinks all
right we’ve got to find a way to nab those bark faced bastards without
breaking anything but how we to do that girl so if we love a bunch of starbursts
at the treants we can stubborn without damaging our stuff you say well for
trial reckon first we track them down if they’re headed south assault like
celebrant by Sal vant spire probably Sauron I’ll go ahead with the Bears and
have a word with the land station down there we’ll wait for you before making
our move interesting so hohoho a fine plan indeed all that
remains is to round up the troublemakers and make those darling children’s smile
once more now go adventurer May the raging flames of your righteous soul
spare not those who defy the will of nem a lime a a my oh my god a parlay cool
let’s do this I tend to switch between like kick seein and by Fenrir quite a
lot and I’ve got Chiron as well as my three main mounts wait so it’s just as
we suspected a whole troupe of them have been shuffling about by the merest plank
the Bears are in position on ready when you are when our quarry shows up have a
word with the Starlight bear handler to ride coach AB and start flinging them
starbursts once you’ve got him stunned we’ll take care of the rest
there might even be a few more venturers willing to join you just do whatever it
takes okey-dokey right yeah by here by here
let’s do this Wow okay so how far do we need to go
just here nice I’m going to assume there’s a fate or something if they’re
all standing right there so benefit told me all about the plan I’ve got Java
right here ready to throw some starburst good luck out there
kyoool so I’m going to assume the fate is right here so while we’re waiting for
the fate then a pause the recording and we will continue now okay so make sure
you level sync before doing this otherwise you won’t get any credit I’m helping if it did it’d be devastating I’m totally helping so you can see my presence only do like
10 damage each it’s kind of ironic for them to be
playing Chaka bone music when we’re riding bears at least they’ve tried to
do mute new music for this whoo done right so let’s go back and
talk to Taft that was fun it’s important to enable level sync
otherwise you won’t get credit towards the actually finishing the quest and you
might have to do the fete more than once love is in the air Danny O’Neill now I
gotta just teleport back to bent branch Meadows oh well silly me
yes silly okay it’s Taft that’s this Mountain cutscene are you
back how did it go we had a bear overtime get it
bear ah there you are great work we’re free you too cold job judging by the
amount of decorations we got back I’d say the treants have been dealt with we
could have done it with we couldn’t have done it without you so it’s after you
got anything you want to say thank you so much I knew you come through for us
I’ll make sure everyone knows what you did they may bless you miss good bye you know miss you’re just like one of
those Saints uh little helpers I’m gonna run away and get old now grower you
cannot run but somehow you sense he is saying it was a pleasure to fight
alongside you we are thrilled that the joy of the starlight celebration has
returned to Brent Branch meadows oh wow really that that’s you can’t be
something but somehow you know that he said all of this well okay I’ll take it
I’ll take it so you have my thanks as well course now that we’ve got to put
all the decorations back up but I’m sure the young guns won’t mind helping out
the Starlight celebrations been saved and it’s all because of you there’s
still a few odds and ends missing probably tangled up in some other trends
if you got time you can help us look for him the local young stars and the
terrific trio here would be right pleased if you did but as complete but uh so we got the achievement the
night bear before star lioness say uh little e no limit to how cheesy though
when I have the time but remember to fill it why’s this I got the cloud of
darkness God look anyway let’s see if we can actually like buy some stuff there
was a bear mount there is so it says unlike his wild cousins coach AB the
bear can be relied upon to delight folk rather than tear them apart
raised from the car by the celebrant been felled he has mastered the art of
starburst lobby as he’ll that proved useful in the hunting down of thieving
trees cool so now let’s quickly go back to gridania and I want to see what other
rewards you can buy with those presents and I’m assuming that’s why people are
standing around doing the Fae they’re probably just waiting I’m doing it over
and over again to just buy all the rewards straight away so a finet
amphitheater so let’s see where is the this person okay let’s see
so I guess to enroll we can get a painting which will be nice and then
free tabletop things so two four six okay eight for those and then just a
bunch of crap okay so these don’t matter is C so we want eight so I’ll go ahead
and do the fate three more times just to buy them all so anyway guys that’s it
for this episode thank you for watching and as always good bye from me and good
bye from me free bye guys

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