FGTEEV FAMILY SLIME SOCCER MATCH! Super Fun Minecraft Game w/ Furby Crowd (6 Players)

go slime, you’re so chubby wise guy, huh, it’s FGTV What’s up everybody its FGTV dUDDY here and out with chase [what] why you so mad dude? Oh, my goodness chase just changed his skin to hulk Chick how do you adapt Magic powers? [Chasey] hulk man nice and look at me guys. I am [spider] Dunny Dun nun nun nun ne ne net. Oh, no. Oh my goodness, okay? I just broke the carpet. I’ll be right back Dude chase what is happening to your face? I know chase has like another reaction I Never ever thought that would happen What is that another blip Brick monster? What are you eating Golden blocks, no? , and we’ll call myself a hat oh No I’m eating enchanted golden apples, oh Cool [high-five]. Oh, sorry Alrighty so today all [my] empty devers. We have a giant soccer Stadium that we In my toilet yes – Pete you have a toilet in here dude Hey Chase. That’s you let’s see what you look like. I’m this [oh] Can we tell them why we’re here today? Why we’re here for a little game called slime soccer [really] quick before we get started we have a bunch of [furbies] that came here to watch [us] play. Hello [furbies] I just realized that they’re kind of trapped in it here case you guys need [some] air don’t be escaping [out] your hair now We need to go to the other side So the other [furbies] know it’s gonna rain [on] my fur bees with it when you when it rains an affirmative turn Gigantic everybody knows that [oh] no, I Stopped the rain for you, then good big man cuz last thing I wanted to see was a gigantic Gigantic Ferb hey, we’re trying to play a soccer game get out of here you so much help [I] thought he was shooting fireworks at me [alright] guys We need to get rid of Phineas and ferb you before we can play this game We’re so sorry for this lame introduction that just keeps getting prose code [I] told you not to let it rain on a furby bro serious business get outta here Good thing. Oh, what’s he drop? Oh cool? Furby controller Redstone Cyan wool and Arrow and Furby [pooh] We need to clear all that Doodoo out of here. Are you in a fight you [go] jump to creative? Hey chase man? Are you ready? You look really good as the Hulk? Do you like beat up people for a living? Yeah, oh cool Yeah So when we press this button it pops out a gigantic slime? And we’re gonna set it with a bunch of help because he is our soccer ball. What okay? Stop [Curiae] no I’m back at my goal now We can’t fly in the game. We can only walk and use our hands chase has to get it in my goal And I have to get it in the green go so chase why don’t you go to your green goal and get ready? you ready, I’m Gonna Spawn A gigantic slime What? No, come on. No farts so right now I’m gonna spawn a giant slime, right chase [you] ready and boom. Where is it boom there? It is but it doesn’t have enough health so we have to give a couple Commands here now. Let’s go double check it has a hundred and twenty [two] put it’s all the way on my side Yeah, go back [go] back to see chase. Hey go back to your goal. I’ll go to my goal [I’ll] give it a little faster by spawning there One two three [tucker] [all] right here. We go only using our fists no flying And we have to get this line into the other person’s goal. [oh] No, ah no, it’s going towards my goal. Stop it. We must get oh, thank you tasty [jttours] your goal Oh, thank you. You all you want me to win. Oh Yeah, it’s going to your goal, dude Don’t you punch it don’t punch it. Stop it. Don’t punch it. Towards my goal. I need to win no No, get back slide stop it Dear I think we’re Gonna kill it Die kick it in front of it Take it in front of it. Yes. Yes go back go [back] to my goal. Yes. I’ll see y’all Gonna win, no No fly you gotta go on the ground dude. I’m getting your goal You can’t be your own good. You can’t be a goalie There’s no goalie in this one No, come on. [this] slime is all making me like twist and turn out of my own seat come on. Come on Dude, I’m winning Chase Chase isn’t even stopping me. I guess I’m winning ladies and gentlemen I’m Gonna totally get the goal Okay, no no no no no tess get back here Don’t you do it oh, ha ha ha ha ha yes. No, where’d it go? dude Quit [it] Yes good. No going good. Go chase his goal. Yes. Yes. He turned around. Thank you slay me nick You slimy [no] go that way. Go that way slimy. He’s not cooperating. [why] can’t I have a don’t you punch it? What can I have a co-op [salmon] taste? Why can I have a cooperating slide? No no? Ha ha ha no no, he’s going through what can I run faster? Oh? [boom] boom okay. Yes. Yes. Go that way. I think we’re destroying the grass We’re totally not going Green here. We’re going the opposite of green This match is going on forever chase. You’re actually pretty good defense. What’s your strategy? Do you have? Yes, I’m waiting. [I’m] [waiting]. I win it now. I brought two go away This is going [in] it’s going in Tape chase fix the goal, so we had a we had a pause for a second, but [now] we’re back And it’s going in it’s going it lets go it Yeah [I] [thought] cheater [I] got the slime in [the] Cobweb, and you can’t stop me because I am Dead [I] wasn’t gonna say that but sorry sean we woke up Sean Sean always games with us But he like chills out in like his little cubby all right, so round 1 I 1 Minute why what are you gonna? Do oh, I see [okay]? I? Looked at your screen you do here right you got me All right, I’m Sokka [shun] you ready Let’s go. I’m Gonna get you. I’m gonna win Let me get that slimeball Shut-eye. How’s it going over there [Shawn]? How’s the guy you doing good? We’re Gonna Beat you, [ahh]? Turn turn turn oh man. Oh, man Thumbs out of those john you’re Gonna win. No, you’re not. I’m gonna beat you. I’m gonna be I’m saying almost there [hoes] there Got it ha ha ha in your face book baby. Ha ha did you I beat you in your face you What’s that mike? What’s up works? What are we playing? It’s like soccer Let’s go, okay. Oh my gosh [I’m] [mommy] what I’m good at so I’m just gonna try to get it. No no no [I] So my goal to the head one less Lexus goes the dark Green oh Yeah, oh yeah. Oh yeah I got it go 1 2 [3] go oh yeah life is already moving. It’s going on Wow, he’s coming towards me. [go] get [away] slut get away. Get away skinny win7 let’s get away get away Kelly away, oh wait. No no no Wi-Fi cheering for my go [haha], oh Where’s my glaad way ghetto is first? Oh? Oh? Oh, it’s Gonna be [zero] – Yes, yes, it is Zero to the Zero cuz I’m a hero hero Round three I got to win. Oh no no no no blue one two three let’s go. Oh My gosh, whatever doing. It’s going down back. I’m gonna know you’re going down No Wise guy, huh? Okay, I’m cheating I’m cheating [cuz] I was fine what? Click what just got disconnected from the world. [oh], wait isn’t right in front of your goal I think I have a shot getting this no no no no the other bible like I you are mighty fine Huh, [I] know he’s almost dead he’ll then he only had 66 help go go go go go Go go go go. I love go girl I’m gonna move for [go] [go] right now Give me Mirin survival, and we consider High school I’ve got three two zero cuz I’m a hero again. Yeah, oh zero to 300 I don’t know. Oh. Yeah, enjoy and thanks for watching

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  3. Fgveey is the best duddy and momy and chase and mike and Lexus from Harper bendy cupheae sonic and bendy your the best youths

  4. actually every time chase said your cheating he was actually he had a speed boost on him like if you noticed too

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