FGTEEV MINECRAFT PE FUN! (Pocket Edition Father vs. Son Challenge Games)

Whenever you’re ready, let me [know] Whenever you’re ready we gots to go. I’m gonna shoot you with arrow then you probably say Oh No! Lap number minutes [watch] Jeep Jeepers, we’re playing in Minecraft pocket edition cuz you guys ready. Why don’t you guys play Minecraft pocket edition anymore, duddy? Well, we still do but not that really much okay, not that much really version 15 here it is. We are in an updated wall You created all these at my oh Those are my old worlds okay? So why don’t you show them? I’m gonna join chases world Chase has a new texture pack because there’s texture packs in this update. It’s called plastic I’m gonna go to friends here. There’s also realms we have two different screens here, so we could show you who’s ooh boom Thank you, sir um my texture [pack] is called City. Can you spell that? See phoebe good job alright. That’s how you spell city whoa look at that funky cow pig isn’t camping What hello mister moo moo boo-boo. That’s what I gave you you so there’s Chasey built this really awesome bedroom We’re gonna go check it out, but thank you yeah, but take a look at Diamond Lapiz Lazuli Torches alright, and that is it a bedroom [whoa] what I just want to go quickiy. [don’t] click it No, don’t get gonna Shrine it. I’m not trying to destroy it son. That would like to bring along Two of my friends one is called the stray and one is caught where is it? Where is it? Where is it? Oh my gosh, I don’t have it. It’s gone. I had it oh Oh the husk there it is [hooks] husk smash boom the husk The stray oh sorry have a good day stray Why are all the strays leaving me straight don’t believe me Thank you. Oh, so look at this guy this guy is the stray he’s so fancy. Oh my goodness you So creepy there are so creepy let’s push him in the wah wah [hey] Wah, wah? [alright], so let’s check out your house, bro. Take me on a little tour are those two air vents right there No, it’s baby from five nights at Freddy and then let’s click it in check Not scary. [I] doubt it’s bedtime We gotta go we gotta go alright get bed [boom] ha no creeper, no It’s like a bad nightmare you wake up you see a creeper. Just standing there. What are you a fire paper? No, alright, so that was your house, [dude]. I like your house dude this looks like a drawer. Do you have underwear in there? Let’s Check whoa It’s not a dresser. [oh] look at the carpet Have you guys ever I don’t know if [this] if this texture pack has been around? I’ve never seen it before are those uh those look like Marionette Torches, right Right yeah, right yeah, right yeah, [right] yeah, wrong. No left No up no down. Yeah covered all my bases home run oh Hey, which one wait? Where are they? Okay, tell us. What’s new so the boom heroes all of those tips bow and arrows? They’re all new and uh there’s a stick. I’m the carrot this is I’ll carry on a stick I see that nice what else ah? That’s all that’s not all that’s new [oh] and the other stuff right here. [oh] Red [stone] something red stone. Oh though the [pistons] the sticky pistons, right? Sneaky Snickers Snickers hissed ins yeah, I don’t know what that is alright So here’s what’s new Rums achievements resource packs pistons sticky pistons observer block horse armor carrot on a stick fire charges? nametags ledge tipped arrows wither Skeleton horse [spawn] mule telethons Ami horse donkey husks straight raw Mutton jungle Temples biomes based Villages and Pigs cannot be ridden saddles Gonna use the right pigs and horses? cauldrons and Hoppers can be stood inside Trapdoors don’t need blocks in any other sides to be placed dude. Let’s try to stand inside of a coal train It’s not a hot trend. It’s not a warm trend. It’s not even a cool drink. It’s a cold drink We’ll check a [Cauldron] later. What do you want to do in creative? Let’s do Cria. I’ll punch a sheep Okay Which [hole] shows a sheep ah my best six you’re besties You’re besties. Name is [yes] [you’re] my lip a little bit – sally. It’s okay. I forgive you. I just need to turn created Them cray this alright, so [we’re] back to graded because haha [to] me though. [why] not Where’s the Cauldron is that a Cauldron a Cauldron I? Can stand inside of a [kolchin]? Oh just like by doing this? Wow, would [you] [look] at that handsome Fella? Sitting in the cold rain. Can you light me on fire? Yeah, sure okay? Thanks ah? Not a real life someone’s cooking in the Cauldron His name is Empty GV. Dud and as a TV like cheese TV a cheese TV That’s a weird thing [oh] get out of here cow the cat wants to be cooked wait. What’s this? What is [what]? Oh, isn’t that cool. I’m going up high Hello, whoa. Look at me. I dance okay. I’m going far and you’re going to fart ike. Why are you gonna? Go too far to do it right here See you have to leave Silly kid doesn’t have [a] fart that’s it. Horsey eat this no eat it eat eat the Golden apple No Sorry, I didn’t mean to I was trying to give him a little golden apple. It’s like it Is that I don’t know how you tame horses? You’re bad you’re bad baby, and fine. It’s our Freddy’s you’re bad Yeah, you are bad, baby. Hello Mr.. Cow would you accept an apple from me? No, thanks? Well? That’s me It’s just an apple quick quick get all crazy see what you made me feel Cheeky Jinkies look velma said Jinkies and let’s [their] first clue. Oh Run [Roo] [Roo] [friend] of room. Oh creepy tape TV pig. He’s looking at me, huh? Huh? He’s looking at me don’t go stay still stay still No See nothing show them where were your almost ran out of battery [luck]. I feel like this is not the right game. We’re playing So guys I’m buck [I] Run, but I Don’t know what to do on [Minecraft] pe anymore because we just like playing on the PC now So when you guys asked why don’t you play pe because I feel like It takes too much work to have fun on pe Is that a double-headed horse on out? I thought that was a double-headed watch. Oh No, way, this is a donkey [I] Got ready. That’s your Sorry He’s looking at me. How we gonna trap you. I’m gonna trap you wait what I can I can find it right? Oh, yay Yankee doodle went to town. I don’t want to tame you Just let me ride you into a strange blue ocean that is right near me. Sorry I am singing. I just want to ride this donkey, but he’s [a] [buddy] that [Rhymes] perfectly now it’s time to see a mule [ah] It’s a mule II see this mule likes me. Thank you mule. You’re the only mule that understands me I love mule so much. Hey That’s mean alright Zombie horse I’m not trying to I’m not trying to click you get out of here dry National zombie horse Are there’s a zombie horse alright? Anyways, let’s get back. I was trying to build a scent or oh You’re right. That is a toasted orbs boom ladies and gentlemen I made a centaur poopy [Newbie] said his name [wow] Hey, Chase look at my guy. He’s a sitting man. He’s doing the sitting man challenge That’s the sitting man challenge. I want to think of you I want to be your day the day that when they get when they’re Gonna March I’m crunched down so my head [just] get caught cut out of the video like this You but I don’t [okay] If your game is [on] give me Kabu [wow], [what] does that mean it means you go to bed, [okay]? Okay Oh, if I sit on my grand I was sleeping on my iPad [oh] hello. You look so peaceful You would in mind if I just grab the bucket of Lava oh [all] right, I don’t have to go to bed [do] I have a bow and arrow fight? Yeah? Let’s get a bunch of let’s put a chest wait How can we do it in survival? [oh] we have to get way I got it Let’s get [allow] Bone arrows put it in the chest So we [are] getting our chests prepared for our survival my God [with] tipped arrows Yes, that’s right. I pushed him over. I just walked up to the arrow. I was like hey How you doing, and he was like? I’m good. That was like Fell over get arrows what are those things? Oh my goodness? I thought it was a walking person with three heads I was like what kind of wither are you you don’t even look like a wither cow [alright] guys as our grand finale before. We say goodbye. [we’re] going to fight with arrows Okay, I’m going to destroy chase. No. I am but we don’t break your side whenever you’re ready you’re Probably gonna say the butt part right no I ament Are you ready to do this wolves go in survival [now]? We just have to get bone arrows good thing You can’t read because those are some awesome. Arrows, you’re giving me [then] no, it isn’t my chest. Oh Okay Era of strength regeneration Swiftness, I’m getting him poison Weakness fire Deafness I [wanna] gain the wrong ones hey, you’re good. You’re not getting the wrong ones You’re getting really one really good ones that are gonna hurt me so good a bad. I’m exhausted I don’t they I’m gonna be able to battle you are We ready now. [I’m] so gonna get [you] bro. I’m so gonna get you [God] bless you God [bless] you sneeze Sure, I’m coming in get ready to battle no no don’t get a head start you cheat cheat cheat sheet you ready on your marks get set Grab your grab your ears. I’m grabbing my ass. I’m grab my ears. You’re sure you want to take that long to grab your arrows I’m just Gonna go ahead and Fight oh yeah fight there. We go. It’s like. I’m winning Thank you. No, wait. Ha I wasn’t supposed to get that [ten] always giving you speed Miss everdene [coming] fight like a fire creeper man My baby’s famous you will I’ll give you deadness boom no. He’s gonna blow. Are you gonna blow? my game is glitching look at that thing and Take that Who so far have won so far? [I] have won. I’ll just shove it up his hit you with the bow good. Bye chase I’m gonna shoot that creeper in his face good. Bye chase that is so inte wait I’m just [my] arrow just fell down get back here Come on. I Oh yes, [I] stick it aiming. Where are you looks like I see a little name tag. Oh Hey, how’s it going? Hey Hey, what is that? What are you? How are you doing that [all] that’s it Battle mode battle mode let me just damage. You really quickly. [oh], God what fight stop by check What why to see what everything yes? You’re so nice and deathless and more death lots of poison I’m almost out of arrows and That’s it last one is just gonna be it. Oh yes. I collected an arrow Sweet out hey, where are you my iPads glitching not fair? [I] see your little tiny nametag boom [five] percent remaining, baby You know what happens when we run out of battery get jumpscared You can’t get up. I know how do I get up? Hey, did you give me potion of fatness where [I’m] so heavy? I can’t get up Why would you give me potion of chunkiness? Hey, what are you doing getting hit getting hit? Is that what you’re doing boom how’s my last Airway is last arrow, last arrow Last arrow, [oh] No last Harrah [oh] No, oh no, the battery’s almost the battery’s going out guys. Thanks so much for watching peace out [boo] [boo] [me] pop My dad is out. [so] my

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    Me: Quickly puts on Mask
    Bonnie: TIME TO BE ONE OF US DUDDY >:) Oh hi Foxy!
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