FIFA 20 – Celebrate The Season For Giving | PS4

It’s the season for giving. Don’t be greedy. It’s about coming together. Hey, not like that. Give ’em what they want. And don’t forget the card. Make ’em feel special. That’s the spirit. So let’s celebrate because it’s the season for giving. FIFA 20, Breaking New Ground. PlayStation,
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  1. See here they’re making a big thing out of the colourful light son the controller (thumbnail of video) , so why u getting rid of it on ps5 !!

  2. Nobody wants sports games anymore give it up.

    Your blatant greed has ruined what used to be great…2K games you're exactly the same nobody trusts you both anymore.

  3. In the process of getting my money back. I thought PlayStation would say no because it's over 14 day threshold & one played the download. I explained the constant delay/lag in-game & was advised to contact EA. If I can prove its not my end, PlayStation will refund money. I'll lose what I've spent on packs, but at least I'll get refund for game. EA now looking into my case as I've proven everything my end is fine. I happen to have the advantage of being a Network Engineer too, so been able to prove my ISP is fine, in house & outside.

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