Fifth graders make birthday gifts for less fortunate children

STATELINE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL LEARN ABOUT MORE THAN THE USUAL SUBJECTS OF READING… ‘RITING… AND ‘RITHMATIC. ((MIMI)) THEY’RE ALSO LEARNING ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY. AND BEING A GOOD CITIZEN. For the sixth year, 5th graders in Mrs. Stites class create birthday bags for local families in need . It starts with a schoolwide collection. Samantha Nevara/5th grade “Every classroom in the put them in the bin. Laura Stites/5th grade teacher “They just send home a little note saying ‘Hey would you donate cake mix, a frosting, sprinkles or candles?’ Then they go back a couple weeks later and collect all of the items from the classrooms. We kind of sort them out here, count what we have. Then I go shopping for the odds and ends and we put them together with one of each in a little lunch bag and we’ll donate it all to

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