filipina-British Family:Great British Tradition ,Sunday Dinner @ Toby’s Carvery

we are on our way to the carvery.We will have Sunday Roast dinner today,I will try to vlog what is Sunday Roast dinner here in the Uk i will give you a short tour in this video,just like my previous vlogs I like to film how Uk looks like.Their sorroundings,styles of their buildings,architectures,scenery etc. We are getting close,only half an hour to go *kidding* btw we are passing by Winchester City, We are from Southampton We have arrived at Toby’s Carvery Amesbury.This vlog is about Sunday Roast in the UK.Its a tradition in the Uk every Sunday. We are waiting to be seated because we did not book our table prior to coming here. We are just taking our luck today ,(walk-in)customer,because Sunday is really busy day in the UK. This is Toby Carvery Amesbury this is how busy ,this is the quei today,i will show you

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