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hello, youtube friend the food we will eat today is Filipino dishes~ We were requested a lot for filipino food We are going to eat Filipino local food at first time today. We went to the Philippines many times to play. But I always ate the hotel food or Korean food without eating the local food. Today is our first experience. I will introduce the food from now on. The name of the food at the end is liempo It is a roasted barbecue that is rolled on the fire after putting on a thick skewer of a pork belly. It seems to be a food that is familiar to Koreans. The name of the second shrimp grilled dish is Hipon. It is a grilled dish with butter and garlic sauce. the third is Filipino gambas using tomato chili sauce. The name of this squid dish is pusit. This is a squid barbecue. Its name is banana turon This is a banana fry. The side thing is a mango slice. This is the first fruit pyori ate. she eat very much until now. The following is the food using pig’s head. It is chopped and roasted with onion and garlic. this food’s name is sizzling sisig this food’s name is kang kong This dish is using Morning Glory. It is a stir-fried dish with onion, garlic, pepper and pineapple. dad, Is this spinach? This is not spinach, but Morning Glory. dad, Is Mango a Filipino food? mango is not Filipino food. But Filipinos like mangoes. Then I am a Filipino. maybe… It is true that the Philippine mango is the best. The first mango that the pyori eats is also in the Philippines. There was sebu of the Philippines. suddenly… yum, yum, yum And she ate a lot of mango jelly that we bought there. The name of the chicken barbecue at the far end is manok. It is a barbecue grilled with chicken breast and chicken wings in Philippine sauce. This is something to eat in Korea, so it may be a bit different from the food you eat in the Philippines. but, this is our best in korea let’s enjoy meal bon appetite thank you for today’s food Let’s start with the vegetables that will bring out the taste. yes~ This is similar to the shape of Sarang’s favorite spinach. please give me a little. here~ let’s bring out taste with vegetables This seems to be a bit spicy for the children. a little little spicy Is this deliciously spicy or Tasteless spicy? deliciously spicy~ so delicious. This food is addictive. It’s a little spicy for me. let’s try this shrimp gambas~ I will take this tail. Take my tails too. eat flesh first. I’ll take what’s left. wait, there is flesh I’m sorry, I thought it was not left so delicious~ how is it? good really yummy is it? this fried egg is for you I’ll cut this in half and eat it together. i will take Egg yolk. this is for sarang i love egg yolk too, this is for yovely thanks~ where is dad’s?? i will eat what is here later. It’s all you eat. Let’s eat the squid leg that children are in love with these days. oh my god She’s hand is faster than her mouth. this is for you sarang here~ wow this squid is very good!! The barbecue sauce is very good. this is really yummy that’s right I was surprised. this squid is really delicious. for next, Let’s eat pig head meat dish. just a moment not bad thanks~ i will eat this myself it is like jelly this ingrediens is pig’s head please give me, fried egg please, cut for me here, again Let’s have a pork belly dish this time. here ~ sarang~ pyori~ let’s eat together It seems to be more delicious if we eat this bean dish together. this is so soft right, softly delicious i want rice too is this Filipino rice? so delicious? it is garlic rice i will help you garlic rice is so good I feel like I am now in the Philippines. I will dance to the Philippines. what??? so then, let’s eat chicken barbeque our babies loves wings Let us eat chicken legs. let’s eat this is for you this flesh is so yummy is it good? This has a lot in common with Korean food. I do not seem to be eating other country food now. It just feels like eating delicious Korean food. yummy~ So let ‘s finally have a Butter Garlic shrimp. I will give you shrimp without shells. i love this it is gambas. this will be good, too It is a seasoned food with your favorite butter and garlic. this is for sarang try this with chicken it maybe good how is it? it was delicious, so she went crazy. She stopped working. It is a still screen. is this good? not bad To be honest, Gambas is more delicious. i love gambas me too i will take it I will feed Eating dessert first is foul. But I can not bear to wonder what taste it. right!! banana turon What flavor is banana fried? Let’s eat it half-way, give this to sister. wow, you could not bear it. try it i will try really yummy This fry contains a whole banana. I guessed this to be a squashy. But it is very chewy. this is so yummy . Let’s raise thumb. i will eat this all I have seen this many times before. I thought that it would not taste for some reason. It seemed strange to fry banana in oil. i think so too but, this is really yummy This is reversal. i didn’t know, this is so yummy really yummy try a bite once thanks~ i ate so much, the leftover is yours thanks i ate so much, too, the leftover is yours this shrimp is really good From now on, let’s eat each food we want. can i eat mango? Let’s eat mango after meal. try this You ate my hand. please, wipe with wet tissue Squid body is softer than legs. Body is soft, legs are chewy. Two different flavors. what is this? fried banan please give me a bit i want to eat, too i want this too hurry up left is mine eat slowly here is for you dad, try this Dad did not eat this much. look at me I think the Philippine Gambas is more delicious than the Spanish Gambas. dad, try this, too how is filipino food? let’s toast let’s drink beer~ dad, let’s toast together i want to do this with dad dad ‘s water looks less here is a lot i will give you thanks wet tissue please so good Guangdong area of China is similar to the taste of food. last one chicken!! Let me share this with me last one is for mom so kind thanks try this wing oh yes I’m still eating this because I’m sparing it. Are you still eating it? Is this really a banana fry before that? She has been eating it a little bit since then. please, a bite~ a bite~ a bite ok, wait i love this kang kong bananan that bean side pork what is the name? It looked like a natto. please give me Why did not anyone eat it? mom, ate it dad what is the best among these? gambas I have not eaten it yet, but the mango is the best. second is gambas, third is banana turon me too forth is garlic rice this seems to be good for health. smell is so good too my fourth is egg is this egg?? Take this sauce and eat it. Wow, that makes the butter garlic shrimp go gambas. genius I will kiss you a hundred times. The taste is exactly the same. Make it for me sure hurry up i will remove shell I want to make it to dad, too i will do it please, hurry up give me one first wait, this is for dad dad said faster please me, first no, this is dad’s please me no I’ll give you one more, make it at the same time. here Would it be okay if I ate first? no, dad first sarang first? never I will make another one at once. wait five second where is mine? All disappeared. what??? so then, let’s try with squid It seems to be delicious too. Whose is the last banana fry? me!!!, me!!! it is mine! share and Take half the food. Ask your mother to cut it. I will cut it in half exactly. half exactly. give me first it is exactly so exactly try a bite mom, try this try this try You have not eaten. I know what you pretend to eat for me. Let’s eat mango with the last dessert. Mango should be given to pyori first. Mango is always pyori first. If it is broken, give it to me. here mom’s is the most beautiful. It looks like a hedgehog. Turn it upside down to make it look like an open flower. She eats without rest. it is ripened well very chewy really chewy really delicious it is like jelly all disappeared Sarah is chasing me. She ate from a year the same appearance. Then she seems to have eaten mango for an hour. please more more mom, try this sarang is so kind i am kind, too, but I can not yield Mango. You need not give up mangoes. leftover is yours eat this, pyori She had a mango spot on her face. mango spot is so cute pyori is so cute pyori eat so well we had a good meal today we will come back for more joyful meal see you next time bye bye~

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  3. you are such cool parents that your children are learned to share and not only think of themselves I really admire your children they are against everyone so they are so cute when I have little children I would really like them because such children Really do not often come to Greetings

  4. As a Filipino, i'm really proud that the foreigner loves to eat our main dish, please enjoy eating Awesome family❣❣❣

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