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how about those kids from mermaid
secrets of the deep we have to give these custom tells the apex Arabia I
can’t wait right I’ll send them to custom tail couriers right now I bet
they come up with some great designs Wow
thanks Ben fun this is really amazing you can print off the scale color
however you want and bin fun will make it into a real mermaid tail who’s that what I’m gonna call it star
Brite town basically it has purchased stars and what might look like bite or a
teeth right now I’m coloring in the black Park and then I have my colors out so I’m gonna have it like black white
black white kind of like a zebra ish pattern we’ve had a few variations on it if you end up getting a design your own
thin fun tail we’d love to see what you may download our app and send us a video
under the auditions button you send a pic of your tail design to fin phone and
they send you the tail yeah John oh my god oh man whatever yeah
I do not believe that our create your own spin fun tales game but huh and it’s
in the air and so excited to open earth so this one is mine Oh
awesome that we have to eat this been funny ziplock bags
oh my gosh oh the tips are like dips or like
whatever they call it oh my god it’s just so crazy the quality it’s amazing
he’s just behind me oh my gosh the tips are definitely definitely protected I
don’t know if you can actually see the difference on the camera it’s just so
high quality what I drew on a page is on a scale and actual hail oh my god it’s
so hard to get my head around it just freeze you guys who designed a tail you
sent it to fit fun somehow they they may put on the paint and the sandbag it’s
crazy don’t don’t be afraid to let your
imagination go wild and in the comment section below please tell me what type
of hell you makers designs are awesomeness first mine yours look great Oh awesome better than I thought it’d be
oh wow can’t wait to test these out in the pool yeah hey I’ll race to the pool it’s gonna be toulouse ganja I could never and it’s all we spend I said
I just made my time to sleep
and remember bin Fahd is amazing and so are you come join our pots by down app
just click the link below and please subscribe by clicking the picture than
chlorine gear screen and like us by clicking the thumbs up button

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