FIN FUN MERMAID TAILS – Clown Fish and Blue Tang Mermaids – Disney Finding Dory Robo Fish Water Toys

Hi guys, it’s me Emily>>and Evelyn>>from Two Sisters Toy Style and I’m a clown fish.>>And I’m a blue tang.>>We got this a new limited edition
mermaid tails from FinFun. They’re gorgeous. Look at them.>>They shimmer in the sun.>>We got this swimmer
bowl robo fish and now we’re going to go and swim with them
in the pool, yay. Thank you Zuru Toys
for sending this to us. For little mermaids
who are not good swimmers. FinFun has the mermaid skirt. We are [inaudible]>>You really can’t
that co-located. I hit my head very
hard out there see how swollen it is.>>He is smiling.>>Is there a way
to get us in there that involves swimming. I’m not a bird.>>Cutie Nemo.>>Hey guys, wait up.>>And Dory.>>Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming
swimming swimming.>>Hi. [inaudible] delivery. Thank you so much to FinFun for sending us
these amazing mermaid tails, and thank you to Zuru Toys for
sending us these awesome toys. So thanks for watching. See you next time. Please subscribe and>>Bye!

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