Final Bachelor Party!

– My brother’s getting
married in a few days. We’re at his bachelor’s party. Me and my brothers,
brother-in-law, some other groomsmen friends, they’re
gonna kick my butt, I’m sure, at dodge ball. (cheerful music) Today is my little
brother’s bachelor party. He’s getting married this weekend and it’s crazy for me to think
that my little brother– I remember when he was
born and I was there in the room when he was delivered. And to think of him now all
grown up and getting married. Dodge ball! Here we go, I’ll go on this side. I doubt this is gonna be pretty. I feel very honored to be
part of his wedding party. You know, there’s something about standing behind your brother at
his wedding and saying I support this, I’m with
you, I’m here for you, I’m like right behind you
while you’re doing this. Like I’m literally right behind you. And I, you know, I feel such an honor and this is gonna be special. And, at least for me. So at my brother’s wedding,
Dan, they had a big trampoline indoor foam pit type thing as well. And I have some very embarrassing
clips of me not being able to jump at all on there. I was not very coordinated. So I’m gonna try to redeem myself here at the last wedding of the Schmoyers before well, before all our
kids start getting married. (upbeat music) I am really out of shape so, one of the first ones out on this one. Got brother-in-law Michael
vs. brother, brother-in-law, and brother, he’s the one getting married. Oh no he’s not, I can’t
see it from over here. – [Man] That’s Evan. – [Tim] Yeah, that’s a friend. – [Brother] That’s my brother. – The guy getting married
is out already, I got it. Too tired from dodgeball to keep going, so we’re gonna play some laser tag. I’m gonna try to find a
place where I can just sit, quietly and just snipe, and relax. I think one of the main
reasons why this is going to be so special for me is because I moved out of the house when he hit around like six or seven years old. It’s kinda like when he was
starting to be at that age where he can start forming
memories and with me, it was about the time when,
he’s a lot younger than me, I was like 15, 16 when he was
born, so I moved out the house went to graduate school, moved
halfway across the country. And so, I have a lot of memories
with him, as a little kid, but he doesn’t necessarily have a lot of those memories with me, which I really, I don’t say regret it, because I kinda had to, I had to leave the house at some point. But I do miss that we
didn’t have that time to make a lot of memories together. And so, even though we’re both adults now, he’s getting married, I’m married, this is one of those times,
being in his wedding, and even doing the
bachelor party with him, where for me this is a memory
that we get to make together. I wish we could have done
so many more of these when he was a kid, when he was growing up, but as adults, better late than never. Pretty sure I rank
number one in this game, I just stayed up there, picked people off. We’ll find out here. Oh, I’m Kylo Ren. I fired 200, oh rank
number 3, someone must have out ranked me right at
the very last minute. I was kinda far behind, but everyone on our team
did better than you guys. Just saying. I got the award for best accuracy, and most vicious back stabber. (laughter) Does that mean I shot my own teammates? I just shot people in the back a lot. Mark will be the last sibling
of mine to get married. And so, after this, there’s
no more weddings for a while, in our family, until our
kids start getting married. Which, there will be a lot of weddings. I don’t even know how many
grandkids my parents have, between me and my siblings,
but I think there’s 30 some, maybe 40 some kids, so there’s
gonna be a lot coming up. This is you when you know a bunch of old guys are getting tired, ’cause everyone stands back up here, watching me up here. You just gotta like alright you guys, yeah, keep going, good job,
you got more energy than us old people who have lots of kids. Going forward, as all the
grandkids and nieces and nephews, and everything start getting married, there’s gonna be so
many more opportunities for our family hopefully to get together, and see each other a lot more than we have maybe the past few years,
with us being spread out all over the United States. Did it, no hands, well there
wasn’t anything to hold onto. I said I did it no hands, wait there wasn’t anything to hold onto. When you’re spread out like that, you kinda gotta wait for
weddings and funerals to kinda bring everyone
together unfortunately. Very much looking forward to being a part of a very special moment for my brother, when he stands there, watches
his bride come down the aisle, whose name is Hannah, so
there’ll be two Hannah Schmoyers, for a little while here,
’til my Hannah gets married, which will be awesome. Awesome that there’s two Hannah Schmoyers, not that my Hannah’s getting married. That will be very, very hard for me, but we’ll tackle that when it comes. We’re done there, now we’re
going out to eat real quick, before we gotta go home
and relieve the wives, they’re watching all the kids right now, because then they have the
bachelorette party tonight, and us guys are watching all the kids. We ran out of time to go to the
restaurant we were going to, ’cause we gotta get back
for the women to leave, and so we’re all eating at Culver’s. Fast food, quick burgers, real quick, ’cause then the ladies need a pick up. Make it fast. This is when we do the
changing of the guard, so I get the kids… – The changing of the babies. – And Dana’s gonna leave to
go to the bachelorette party for the evening and my brother and I are gonna watch our kids here. Are we doing anything fun? You had to clean up dinner. ♪ Squash can make you smile, ♪ ♪ If you like to waltz with potatoes, ♪ ♪ Up and down the produce aisle ♪ – This is how the dads babysit. The twins are actually
getting kinda fussy, so we’re like, let’s hook up and relax, watch some TV for a little
bit, I gotta feed Livy a bottle while mommy’s gone, let
them just kinda chill before getting them ready for bed, ’cause that’s always like,
chaos, ‘least for ours. (upbeat guitar music) I put Olivia down to
just have some, like to oh she’s gonna go, she’s
gonna go all the way. Her first time to roll
over, are you gonna do it? You’re trying so hard,
oh did I distract you? Sorry. (laughs) you’re laughing at me. (gasps) oh, oh, sorry, I’ll
try not to distract you. I’m giving up on Olivia
rollin’ over for now, time to get the kids in bed,
you guys like that movie? Wow, kinda made a mess down here. Alright, let’s get jammies on, ‘kay? – Cause you know why? – [Tim] Why? – Because we watched two. – You watched two?
– Yeah. – That’s a pretty special treat. Goodnight everybody. Goodnight Toby.
(laughing) alright, turn off the light, this one? Yep. Goodnight. So here’s the un-glamorous,
behind the scenes life of what it’s like to be a YouTube creator. My brother’s wifi, the only
stuff that he has access to isn’t fast enough for
me to upload the footage for our editor to work on
these vlogs for you guys. And so I drove up to this
school, this high school. I’m sitting out trying
to get off their wifi and I’m connected and now
it like, just gotta sit here and upload a whole bunch
of footage for you guys so that these videos can be ready for you. So, hopefully that their speeds here are fast enough this won’t take too long. Gotta run a speed test to see
what I’m working with here. So, not amazingly fast, hopefully it’ll take
about an hour I think. These are all our files,
click and drag to upload. See how this works. One hour left, yeah, so
approximately what I was expecting. But it was gonna take like a
few days at my brother’s house. So while I wait for it to upload, I can just think about
the wedding that’s coming and we’ll be sharing that with you soon. So if you’re not already
following our family’s story, we’d love to have you join us, we’re just all about becoming
a family team that works, serves, plays, does everything together, all the ups and down that go with that, so follow along and we’ll see you guys in our next set of
vlogs, see you then, bye.

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