Find Your Chesapeake: FAMILY FUN

(Music) My name is Ryan Kaiser. I’m a father of five children here in the Kaiser family. Since we are so big, we are able to entertain ourselves But in particular we really like enjoying interacting with the outdoor environment. Really, my favorite thing is to just go on hikes and just to be out and be active and get exercise while seeing cool things. You know, we’re away from all our to-do lists and we can just be together. I like to visit parks with my family because we learn things and it’s very fun. And we also, like, have quality time with family. That hike, there’s a nice little loop that goes up the hill and back down. It’s the perfect amount of time for our family. We check out the creek. It feels great. It feels like we’re
getting out in the wild and having fun. It’s a really great way to have educational
moments but without it feeling like school or like homework. I think my favorite thing
there is probably the different exhibits with all the different kinds of animals
and everything. I like the snapping turtle and I like the turtles because they look cool. When we’re there, we’re all together and we’re learning things as a family. With my dad being a teacher and
everything, we’re kind of “hands-on”. I always want my students to learn by
doing, by interacting with their environment. And while I was trying to teach my own children things about what they were seeing, they actually pointed out many things to me that I didn’t see in the many times I’ve been up there and learn about the environment in ways that I wasn’t able to teach them. Sometimes we do different things. We went to the Sultana, which is a ship. My children love getting on board the schooner Sultana on the Chester River just taking in the Sunday afternoon. It made me feel pretty happy that I was actually spending time with boys and actually get along with them. It’s just not something that we do regularly, so it was just like “whoa, this is cool” because it’s not…it’s out of the ordinary. We had a great time being part of that team, using the ropes and learning how to use the sails. It was fascinating my children to learn and really take part in by being there that day. Find your family’s Chesapeake, and just enjoy being together. (Music)

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