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-Hey, everyone. So the twins were at
cheer camp this week, and a littles didn’t know
what to do without them. So we teamed up with Crocs, my
go to for amazing summer shoes, to show you guys what we did
today to find our family fun. Step one. Prepare the water balloons. And while we were busy doing
that, Sean was helping some of the other kids learn
how to use stilts. -Wow, that water
was super ice cold. -But we just
couldn’t resist, dad. -I bet. -Whoa, look at my leg muscles. -I felt like I almost
went upside down. -I learned how to do this
trick in third grade, and I still got it. Oh, yeah. -I love watermelon. -How do you measure
whether or not you had a fun day
with your kids? I think this
picture says it all. And if any of you
want to find any of the shoes we had on
our feet in this video, including my super cute
wedges that are so comfortable and my personal new favorites,
you can find them at

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