Finesse Mitchell on “Outmatched”

(funky music) Please welcome Finesse Mitchell (upbeat music)
(crowd applause) Welcome back, nice outfit. What are you, French? Yeah.
Get outta here! (Finesse yells)
(Wendy laughs) (audience applauds)
Hey! This day, Wendy, this day! I like your rose. Thank you very much. JB Clothiers hooked me up in LA. He is a big fan. You look very nice. Thank you so much. Let me give you some shoe cam. You wanna give you some shoe cam? (harp strumming)
Yeah, go ahead. Ferragamo’s.
Okay. I’m trying to do it.
Wow. Trying to get my Nick Cannon on, you know what I’m saying? (audience laughs)
(Finesse chuckles) I feel like I’ve known you for so long. Yes, Wendy, I believe that because, I don’t know if you remember this story, I had a book out your brother’s only, no, “Your Girlfriends Only Know So Much” and you were my first interview ever. I came to New York to do press. I came to your radio show, and as soon as I walked in, I just went up to you. And I was just like, “I’m just so excited.” Did you have a nice time? Yes, you treated me really nice. I was nervous.
Okay. (audience applauds)
I was nervous. You treated me so nice and then to this day, we’ve just had this relationship where it seem like it’s gone on for like, 10 years. Congratulations on the sitcom! This is big, Finesse.
(audience applauds) Thank you, thank you. The sitcom is big and I feel like just being on this couch is big. You’ve never been here, you’ve only been to Hot Talk panel. Yes, yes, and I feel like, wow! Somebody wants to interview me? Like, “Momma!”
(Wendy laughs) “I’m going on Wendy and she wanna talk to me.” “Wear a suit,” I said, “Yes, ma’am.” But look, so where do you film the sitcom? We’re in LA, we film off of Pico, 20th Century lot, the Fox lot. And it’s great because if you ever do multi cam life, you get a great schedule– We don’t know what that means. Multi cam is like on a stage platform. Where versus single cam, you’re out on location somewhere. But you start at a certain time every day, you’re done at a certain time every day. Nice!
And with my young girls, it’s great, I’m able to pick ’em up from school every day. Is everybody there a father?
Yeah. I know, Biggs is a father
Yes. Jason Biggs has two boys, Maggie’s single, Maggie Lawson from Psych. You know Jason Biggs from American Pie. Yeah, of course.
(audience applauds) Yes and the great Tisha Campbell is a– Who plays your wife?
She plays my wife. In my audition, Wendy, after it was done, She said to me, she whispered in my ear. She said, “You are the only one “that brought comedy out of me. “You made me want to be funny, it was so good. “So I hope you get it.” And so I was driving home like, “I better get it.” (audience laughs) And I got it!
And you got it. And I got it.
(audience applauds) So back to your family life ’cause then I wanna talk about SNL. I don’t even remember you from SNL, but I’ll get right to that. But your family life, okay. So Finesse is married to El DeBarge’s daughter. (Finesse laughs)
Uh huh, uh huh. Beautiful, beautiful girl. Now where’d you meet her? I met her on the set of Who’s Your Caddy?. I don’t know how many of you guys remember a comedy called Who’s Your Caddy?. I had long dreadlocks in the movie. And I did the best ad lib line ever in the history of a urban comedy when I stood up at a picnic and said, “The potato salad is a forgery.” But anyway, I just had to get that out. Because you know how black people feel about their potato salad.
Yes, uh huh. And she was working with the producers. And I just remember meeting her and just was like, “Uh, book? “No, she’s amazing!” And at the time, I wasn’t available. Did you know that she was a DeBarge? No, I just thought she was a beautiful girl. And so when my first marriage didn’t work out, you know– How long we married the first time? 18 months.
Okay, well things happen. Yeah, but we were together for a while, we were together. And then you know how you get married and sometimes marriage ruins stuff? Yes.
Anyway, it was so. But it didn’t work out. (chuckles) And my wife has this thing ’cause I was like, “Babe, how do you feel like we met?” And her version was like, “Well, I was on this spiritual fast “because I had just gotten my heart broken. “And I just needed to find a way back to heal “and I was looking for love. “And then your relationship didn’t work out “and you were looking for the heart “that was meant to love you.” And I said, “Wow!” She said, “What’s your version?” I said, “I saw you on Facebook “and your relationship status said single.” (audience applauds)
So I sent a message and I basically invited her to the Cheesecake Factory and she went– With the best menu you ever! With the best menu ever! What?
Spinach dip got her! Please.
What? So you know by the time we got through the spinach dip and the bread, we were just talking about what my next moves were personally for me. And I said, “You know what? “I really think that we can work.” I’ve just–
Get married Just this dramatic.
How long were you single in between the 18 month and her? Probably three years. Oh yeah, so you had time.
Yeah, I was ready And so how are your daughters with–? My oldest, Elle, here– Your oldest daughter’s name is Elle? Yes, well, my mother’s name is Elle Kate Mitchell and then her dad’s name is El DeBarge. Oh, this is meant to be. So we both told our parents like, “We named the baby after you.” (audience laughs)
You know what I mean? Yeah, how old is she? She just turned five, just had a big blowout party in the backyard. Nice.
And the new baby, I call it a new baby, her name is Eva. So it’s like I can say, “Raising Elle and deliver us from Eva.” (audience laughs) You have a really nice life. I’m so blessed right now. (audience applauds)
Yeah! I feel like, everybody, that the dots are connecting. How old are you about now? I’m about 46-ish. Yeah, no good, but you’ve been around. Like you’ve lived a lot, you’ve been around, you’re still young enough to have fun with your success, your money, your family, the whole bit. You wanna hear a quick, fun fact? What?
My first concert, when I was 12 years old was DeBarge and Luther Vandross. That’s a fun fact, so. I don’t even believe that.
It is. The Omni in Atlanta, the Omni Arena. Luther Vandross, The Deele and DeBarge was opening.
Not The Deele! The Deele!
With Baby Face? Baby Face and L.A. Reid.* “Shoot ’em Up”, bang-bang, The Deele. (audience laughs) Okay, here’s the thing. I really do not remember your three years at Saturday Night Live. I do not remember them. I don’t recognize you there in the bed with Kenan, dressed as a woman. I don’t recognize you. I had a ghetto girl character named Starkisha that I used to do.
Perfect. And I used to do anybody black. From Morgan Freeman. “I’m Morgan Freeman.” To any black female, because back then, you know, that was a big deal. I was the years where they were like, “Why don’t y’all just hire a black woman, “if you want a black woman?” But me and Maya Rudolph, we’d play anybody. any and everybody.
All he black people. And Kenan Thompson and I came in together in 2003 and Black History Month fact, Kenan Thompson is now the longest running cast member in the history of Saturday Night Live.
Yeah, he’s still there (audience applauds) And so did you end up leaving there? Or did they fire you like, what did you want? Did you want the party lifestyle? Why don’t I recall you? Because when I got there, I was super, super hot. When I got there, it was just like, stand up comic, on the Weekend Update Desk a lot. Then I had the– And you’re living in New York. I’m living in New York and then I just, walking down the streets of New York City– Were you single?
Yes. Damn!
I didn’t have a mentor. That’s what it was because I started partying and started trying to just hang out too much. And some people are professional partiers and professional workers. And what I found out about myself was that I was just a professional partier. And when I came to work, I kind of winged it a little bit and I wasn’t giving it my all. And by the time I realized, “Oh, I know what I’m supposed to be doing.” I kind of got a letter that said, “We’re not inviting you back.” But it all worked out.
It all worked out. But what do you think about Pete Davidson? Because you know he, Pete Davidson, he’s on SNL. You remember he dated Ariana Grande and you know, someone in Hollywood, the Gerber girl. He said he’s outgrown, he talked to my friend Charlemagne, hey, Charla. And he said that he feels as though he’s outgrown Saturday Night Live. That they always treated him dumb and stupid, and they give him dumb and stupid roles. And he, you know–
He said that? Yes.
On Air? He said it to Charlemagne and now it’s every place. Oh, yeah, well, yeah, he’s not coming back. That’s what I’m thinking.
(audience laughs) Is he fired this morning? They’ll probably let the season play out. Why? Why? That’s toxic behavior. How do you, no–
You know what, I’m glad you said that. I’m glad you said that because I definitely want to say this and this is a jewel for all the young people. Your talent, also is how you work with others. Yes
That is part of your talent. Professionally how you work with others. So if you come to work and you huffing and puffing or you just saying stuff out loud that’s gonna make the room uncomfortable. The writing is on the wall, you’re just not reading it. Well, he said that it’s a very selfish environment too. All the actors are out for themselves. There’s nobody supportive, the management is not supportive. It’s just like you go in there, you do your job and you feel the chill. He also acknowledged again to Charlemagne, he’s bipolar. He said that he’s always thought of himself as ugly, which I don’t think of him as ugly at all. As a mater of fact, we were talking about him and he looks like a grown Macaulay Culkin with permanent raspberry lips and you know, like that. And the bipolar, so you take your medication. But as far as talking about your job, he’s supposed to be fired this morning, forget– SNL…
(audience applauds) SNL is a place because one thing that people always stop me on when I’m touring doing comedy, so many people come to the show and say, “How do I get on SNL?” And I want to say, yo, if your psyche isn’t together, if your mental state isn’t together about yourself, SNL will expose you because they don’t care about the individual, they care about producing the show. So you have to be strong enough and what you’re funny is, what your characters are, what your standup is, to go in and write. And when they tell you, “No, it’s not going on.” You show up the next week and try to have a better attitude and try to get something else on. Because if you let them know it’s upset you, you take yourself out of the game. And that’s what happened to me. I went to work every Saturday not wanting not caring if I was on the show that weekend. So I was hoping somebody would write me in on a sketch instead of me just trying to figure it out and write a dope sketch that everybody would remember like a Debbie Downer, or, you know, Tracy Morgan–
You really didn’t care. No, but Debbie Downer was a dope sketch and everybody remembers that, it’s pop culture, people say that now. And Tracy Morgan with the, what was the, Brian Fellows. Everybody’s looking for that Eddie Murphy type of Mr. Robinson’s neighborhood. And I couldn’t figure it out, so I got to get frustrated– Well, you figured to out now. And before you know it– Give it up, everybody, Finesse Mitchell. (audience applauds) Which him in Outmatched Thursday nights at 830 on Fox. For more information on his comedy tour. He’s still touring with comedy. Go to wendyshowcom. (funky music)

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