We’re Alex and Marko the Vagabrothers and this series is about new Nordic cuisine We’ll be traveling across three Nordic Capitals exploring the culinary revolution that’s turned this region into one of the most dynamic food destinations on earth along the way, we’ll be meeting locals eating drinking and having a great time Hope you’re hungry In episode 5′ we’re discovering Finland’s capitol, Helsinki and experiencing a classic summer tradition Good morning guys how’s everybody doing? Hope you guys are doing well We just arrived in Helsinki, Finland after an amazing….. what are you eating dude? eating Finnish licorise dude because we’re in Finland now could you keep it down? I’m trying to vlog here! Anyways we had an amazing morning going through the Archipelago And we just got off the boat, checked into our hotel and we have an amazing couple of days planned for us what’s first on the list? So we are here because of the float festival and we are staying in a hotel right next to the three day long Flow Festival But first, we’re going to be doing some food stuff we’re going to have lunch at a Michelin starred restaurant go on a food tour and tonight we’re going to a Crayfish party, so it’s going to be fun Back on the coffee, we’ve got a lot to do today so I need my energy guys this is Elizabeth “Hello” She’s awesome, she’s responsible for putting together this amazing trip so.. She’s going to be hanging out with us the next couple of days and showing us all the great places in Helsinki Guys seriously this has to be one of my favorite cities in Europe It’s so awesome it’s got so many different influences it really feels like a place where east meets west It’s definitely one of the more quirky of the Nordic capitols I think a lot of that is what you said Because Finland had been part of Sweden for a while it was then taken by Russia and Helsinki is a capitol that reflects that you see it in the architecture, the food, in the style Because it really is kind of halfway between Stockholm and St. Petersburg exactly and that’s all reflected in a lot of elements of the city so.. It’s what makes it more unique, I think, than some of the places in Scandinavia and so we’re going to go check it out and we’re starting at Olo which is a Michelin starred restuarant right on the water front This is my first Michelin starred restaurant i’ve ever been to soo… It’s going to be nice I’m ready to feast let’s do it Right now we’re meeting Heidi and Heather and they are food bloggers in Helsinki Hello, i’m Alex “Heidi” “Heather, nice to meet you” Hi, Marko nice to meet you I’m Heather and i’m going to take you to some of the best places and some of the unknown places in Helsinki where you can try real Finnish food going underground going down Ok so we are back in the Torikorttelit, which is the market quarter of Tori Quarter and that’s where Olo is, it’s right on the sea front it’s a beautiful day, i’m ready for lunch this place looks nice This is a very special treat Michelin starred restaurant is not something we usually do but… the white linen, and some good food coming our way Heidi how did you get involved in blogging? basically, i’ve always loved cooking I ended up creating a blog so that I can like, you know, I could have all my recipes there As time went by, I realized that also other people, like my mother is actually reading it so then I really really got sort of into it Finger food to start What was traditional Finnish Cuisine? and how are you guys trying to reinterpret it now? I think the best way to do it, to start, is to rely on your memories maybe back home or what you’ve been eating when you were ? our country’s quite young we have to take influence from all over the world I think it is much easier because you don’t have any boundaries Basically you can do whatever you want so.. We’re just a little taste an appetizer and appetizer Now we are going to a brewery, which is a great thing to be doing at 1 o’clock in the afternoon Gotta love it So we’re going to try some Finnish beer ? Now we are going to Bryggeri to have some beer What you snapping there bro? What am I snapping? Guys you should totally follow us on Snapchat if you don’t Because then you don’t have to wait for the vlog to come out Every time you go to a new brewery, at least for me, I have to try the IPA Because if they do they IPA well then I know that all the rest of the beers are good that it’s a quality brewery we call it the IPA index You can start with the ? it’s the light and move all the way to the IPA and this guy is called Sahti and it’s the oldest form of beer and it’s like a highly traditional thing in Finland even nowadays all the grandmas in the central part of Finland They’re still making this one at home interesting the closest thing it tastes too is like a Belgian but it does have like a banana taste and there is not a lot of carbination that’s nice and we’re finished where we going next? Market Hall Guys the water front in Helsinki is popping off right now there are so many people here kind of like a little festival vibe Friday and the sun’s out people want to go eat and get some vitamin D This is the old Market Hall from 1888 we’re going to come and try some Finnish cheese from Helsinki and it’s very special because the cows also live in Helsinki So, let’s go This should be like foodie stop #1 we’re going to try bread cheese with possibly the best berry in the world it’s called a cloud berry you can really only get it in Lapland and it’s absolutely delectable and also a little bit pricey so we are in for a treat right now bread cheese, not to be confused with head cheese interesting kind of like in France, they do the Brie with raspberry on it well here it’s the bread cheese with the cloud berry I say this ones better ssshhhhh we be going for the raw foods, the raw vegan to have the cake man fast forward two hours we’ve showered, changed and we are about to hop on a boat to ? island we are going to go to a crayfish party, it’s a late summer tradition where you basically have a party, drink some schnapps, and eat some crayfish eat lots of crayfish they do it here in Finland and also in Sweden but it’s definitely like a celebration of summer and as you can see, it’s been an amazing day it’s a gorgeous evening and we’re going to feast right now oh ya fosho so let’s go do it we are meeting up with a local vloger named Jonas as well as some other cool people and we’re going to go dive into the tradition schnapps, schnapps! so you might remember from a couple days ago that we were at the spirits museum in Stockholm and we learned about these drinking songs so crayfish parties originated with the Swedish nobility that were here when Finland was part of Sweden so these are like drinking games you have to actually take a shot it’s like built into the song it’s like sing one verse then shot then six more verses this is about to get cray cray cray cray crazy so Alex what do you have to say? ladies and gents hopefully you enjoyed that vlog it’s day 1 in Helsinki we have a lot to cover in the next 2 days we’re going to be going to Tube Con meeting a lot of you guys so if you enjoyed the video make sure you give it a thumbs up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to Vagabrothers for new travel videos in the meantime remember, stay curious, keep exploring, and we will see you guys on the road but we got a lot of crayfish to finish! Peace I got so much crayfish juice in my eyes alright we’re signing out Peace

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  1. I just truly love the way you show Helsinki and Finland in your vlogs! Keep the good work up, it's great subscribing you guys! Greetings from Helsinki and welcome back again haha 🙂

  2. +vegabrothers I hope you take this as constructive because I really like your videos. . .
    The audio mix gets harder to listen to as the video goes on. The talking is low and the music is too loud in spots. Try listening to it without watching the video to hear what I am talking about.

  3. Great stuff and beautiful editing. But actually, cloudberries don't grow only in Lapland, you can find them even in Southern Finland .

  4. Guys, you are both super nice and charming young men. Your videos are just so upflighting, and I really like the way you share your positive energy. Can't wait to see more videos of Helsinki. And just in case, I have to remember, you are always welcome back to here. Hope you all the best 💪😊💗

  5. Wow, I don't know what to say. But guys it's beautiful what you do. Keeo doing the same job.
    Who is the wonderful owner of that song starting at 1:45 ?

    Thanks !!!!

  6. Just discovered you thanks to Donal as I love food! Turns out I love travelling just as much! Come to Geneva! It would be great to show you around 🙂

  7. I just wanna say you guys are great! You definitely capture the type of travels that I would love to tackle! Can I please get the song at 9:50?

  8. We have such a party in Sweden too 🙂 Frankly didn't know our neighbours did it too. Sorry Finnish brothers. XD

  9. Hello, friends! If you remember, say me, please. What is it track plays in 0:35? I will very fun, if you answer me

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